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Million Dollar Dogs: The Pampered Pooches of Luxury Real Estate

The Close // Nov 01, 2019

Forget iBuyers and AI. The perfect non-human real estate agent already exists. They’re smart, loyal, always positive, and like to chew on shoes—well OK, three out of four still beat the iBuyers!

That’s why we decided to take a break from our regular menu of lead generation strategies and cold-calling scripts to salute the very, very good boys and girls who help luxury agents and teams from across the country pitch more, list more, and close more.

Whether it’s by helping make new connections on Instagram, greeting office visitors, or providing some comic relief at open houses, these dogs more than earn their keep in luxury real estate offices across the country.

Can adopting a new Director of Snuggles or Chief Bark-eting Officer help take your business or team to the next? Read on to find out.

Dog’s Name: Stella
Title: The Dog Who Sells NYC Real Estate
Team or Brokerage: The Steve Snider Team at CORE Real Estate
Stella’s Instagram: @stella_inthecity
Favorite Snack: Kobe beef
Favorite Charity: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue (MAGDRL)
Job Description: “Stella is a 160-pound, 4-year-old Great Dane. She goes everywhere with us, which often sparks up conversations with unlikely strangers. As always in NYC, the convo ultimately leads to real estate. We began using her in our marketing campaigns and it didn’t take long before she became The Dog Who Sells NYC Real Estate (according to The New York Times and Brick Underground).”

Dog’s Name: Jax (short for Sir Jackson)
Title: Chief Officer of Snuggles
Agent’s Name: Kristy B. Naddell
Favorite Snack: Milk bones (small or medium size only)
Favorite Charity: ARF HAMPTONS (obviously have a soft spot for them because they rescued Jax after the Hurricane in Puerto Rico)
Job Description: “Jax is by far my most valuable team member! Also known as The Prince Pup of NOFO Luxury Real Estate, Jax is my secret closing weapon. Whether it’s landing a $3 million listing or getting a variance through the planning department, he always attends the meetings and seals the deal. I have yet to meet someone who can say “No” to his adorable little face! At the office, he helps my colleagues eat their lunches. Not a crumb goes left uneaten off the floor and if there are leftover sandwiches from an open house, Jax is always there to eat them up. He also offers moral and emotional support when a deal blows up. He is by far the best listener and always knows how to cheer the agents up!”

Dog’s Name: Abraham
Title: Chief Morale Officer, Remote Snack Tester for Theclose.com
Team or Brokerage: The Close and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Favorite Snack: Peanut butter ANYTHING
Favorite Charity: Cherry Land Humane Society
Job Description: “Little Abe, or as he’s known around the holidays, Abraham the Christmas Ham, is in charge of reminding all of us that life is meant to be enjoyed, peanut butter is meant to be eaten immediately, and that you’ll get a much better response when you’re door-knocking when you’ve got a chiweenie as your partner.”

Dog’s Name: Drake
Title: Director of Barks and Recreation
Team or Brokerage: Gabrielle Show | Aaron Kirman Group, Compass
Glamour Video: It’s a Hard Bark Life
Favorite Snack: Whatever my human is eating
Favorite Charity: My favorite rescue is Bark N’ Bitches because that’s where my brother came from!
Job Description: “Don’t let his size fool you, he’s got a loud bark and he always means business. Drake enjoys the finer things in life and tells it how it is. As a member of the Aaron Kirman Group, he rarely visits the office and spends most of his time finding creative ways to cover himself in filth (who doesn’t love a luxurious bath?).”

Dog’s Name: Lord Oliver of Salisbury
Title: CBO—Chief Bark Officer
Agent or Team: Jeanette Filipkowski
Favorite Snack: Animal crackers
Favorite Charity: ASPCA
Job Description: “Oliver is in charge of social media and generating leads. He is well-mannered and great with our public relations. His favorite hobbies are scouting out possible homes for sale and dog houses for his friends.”

Dog’s Name: Elvis
Title: CB Assistant and Mascot
Team or Brokerage: Danielle Dietrich, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Venice Island
Favorite Snack: Pizza crust and his ID food
Favorite Charity: Suncoast Humane Society
Job Description: “Elvis is the face of my real estate business; he goes everywhere with me and he is the ice breaker with many of my clients. He is a teacup Yorkie from Los Angeles, California, and is 6 years old. He’s been with me through a good part of my real estate career and he is my life! Elvis makes friends everywhere he goes.”

Dog’s Name: Ainsworth
Title: Chief Marketing Assistant
Agent or Team: Sara Goldfarb, The Alexander Team at Douglas Elliman
Favorite Snack: Fresh ground lamb tartare
Favorite Charity: ARF—Animal Rescue Foundation (East Hampton)
Job Description: “Ainsworth is the queen of Tribeca and East Hampton, splitting her time between both locations, so she’s very familiar with all of the luxury residences in Manhattan and the Hamptons. She is always super professional about her business, but finds time to make the day of people passing on the street (they always tell us so) with her sweetness. We always tell her she’s got some serious customer success skills, which is key in real estate. But, we tend to not get into a deep and likely heated discussion about the different professional fields of big business and their impact on various cities, because the Alexander Team is always way too busy marketing and selling some of the most incredible real estate in New York, Miami, and the Hamptons.”

Dog’s Name: Mercedes and Star
Title: Chief Executive Paw-fficers
Team or Brokerage: Denise Rubin Group with Coldwell Banker
Favorite Snack: Mommy’s popcorn
Favorite Charity: Humane Society
Job Description: “Mercedes (a teacup Yorkie) along with Star (a Maltese) enjoy real estate almost as much as their award-winning real estate agent mommy, Denise Rubin. Together, they are the ultimate purr-fessionals. Mercedes and Star light up their Coldwell Banker pawffice; agents just woof having them around! Other real estate agents can be found in their office providing them with their daily dose of pets and belly rubs. They can be spotted showing properties, at office meetings, listing appointments, or events.”

Dog’s Name: Buddy
Title: Buddy the Broker
Team or Brokerage: Andrew Kline | Compass
Favorite Snack: Natural Balance Jumpin’ Stix, Watermelon
Favorite Charity: NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) is Buddy’s favorite charity. We rescued Buddy from the San Clemente Animal Shelter, so this is a cause close to his heart. NKLA is an initiative led by Best Friends Animal Society, bringing together passionate individuals, city shelters, and an entire coalition of animal welfare organizations to end the killing of homeless pets in Los Angeles city shelters.
Job Description: “Buddy is smart, friendly, great with people, and always puts a smile on everyone’s face. I like to think we do the same at Compass Toluca Lake.”

Dog’s Name: Rooster
Title: Director of First Impressions and Team Morale
Team or Brokerage: Hughes Shelton Realtors, Coldwell Banker
Favorite Snack: Rawhide—he loves to chew!
Favorite Charity: Rugaz Rescue in Dunedin, Florida
Job Description: “Rooster is a friendly go-getter. He loves people and other dogs and is constantly looking to forge new relationships with those around him. Whether out on a showing or home lounging, Rooster is always in a good mood and while he is still young (just 1-year-old this August), his consistent happy attitude always brings joy to those around him. The perfect mascot, he is one-of-a-kind and lucky to be a Top Dog in Luxury Real Estate.”

Dog’s Name: Louie and Ziggy Eber
Title: The Eber Posse
Team or Brokerage: The Jills Zeder Group Coldwell Banker
Favorite Snack: Organic chicken
Favorite Charities: ASPCA, The Humane Society, and World Wildlife Fund
Job Description: “Louie and Ziggy Eber are Public Relation Stars for The Jills Zeder Group and have been credited in assisting in the closing of an $11.6 million sale. They have even been given their own business cards.”

Dog’s Name: Parker
Title: Accounts Retrievable and Overly-friendly Welcoming Chairman
Agent or Brokerage: Lauren Bates, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate—Venice Island
Favorite Snack: Popcorn!
Favorite Charity: Rescue Garage—North Port
Job Description: “This sweet boy is excited to be part of our real estate brokerage! He is a perfect fit for our Overly-friendly Welcoming Committee! He loves people and smiling all the time! He has many skills, including Accounts Retrievable. He is quite the expert at carrying his own leash right to the front door! What better way to get excited about entering your new home! He loves to show you when he carries his blanket around the house, and he is happy to bring you your shoes when it’s time to leave (without chewing them up)! This good boy gets 5-star reviews from all of his real estate customers!”

Dog’s Name: Zena
Title: Director of Relationships (friendly, sniffs inappropriately, and is so cute you don’t mind!)
Team or Brokerage: Corrie Sommers | Compass
Favorite Snack: Rachael Ray Chicken Savory Roasters
Favorite Charity: Inland Valley Humane Society
Job Description: “Zena embodies everything Corrie is—she’s warm, friendly, instinctively sensitive to other’s emotions, playful, and happy with a joy that is contagious. She wants to friend and play with everyone. She never gives up. She’s always trying again and again with anyone (person or animal) who is not ready. She is confident and able, and that truly embodies the spirit of real estate that Corrie has. Zena makes friends all over the neighborhood and enjoys hanging out either by the lake with the neighbors or playing in their yards.”

Dog’s Name: Sophie
Title: Chief Productivity Officer
Team or Brokerage: Gail Roberts, Ed Feijo & Team
Favorite Snack: Whimzees (a great snack and keep my teeth looking photo-ready)
Favorite Charity: Cease Canine Cancer
Job Description: Sophie uses her artistic eye to help stage and present properties, as she has a knack for recognizing and promoting the a luxurious lifestyle through branding. She assists our photographer in angling his shots, she pays close attention during home inspections, and she occasionally will co-host an open house. Sophie is an integral part of the team, and has helped teach our new assistant the tools of the trade. Gail Roberts, Ed Feijo & Team is very lucky to have Sophie, because she makes us smile and helps to relieve stress with kisses and cuddles when things may seem overwhelming.

Dog’s Name: Ellie
Title: IT (Investigator of Treats)
Agent or Team: Brianna Ottati—Douglas Elliman Southampton
Favorite Snack: Anything the agents are eating in the office
Favorite Charity: ARF—Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc.
Job Description: “Ellie loves everyone and loves being in the Douglas Elliman Southampton office. She is named after the Douglas Elliman’s awards—’The Ellies.’ She knows who is hiding treats in their desk and greets every person with a wagging tail. Ellie enjoys open houses on the weekends.”

Dog’s Name: Duke (pug) and Kitty Kat (pug mix)
Title: Grateful Duke, Kitty Kat the Dog
Team or Brokerage: teamCARMEmoves
Favorite Snack: Sojos Simply Beef Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats (keeping it safe and healthy)
Favorite Charity: Liberty Humane Society
Job Description: “Pet owners consider their pets members of their family, and as such, buyers’ homes and neighborhood choices are often motivated by their pets’ needs when house hunting. Having Duke and Kitty Kat keep me keen on those special needs when matching up a dog owner buyer and the perfect home. For some buyers who may not fully understand what those needs are, such as ample outdoor space⁠ and whether or not the yard is fenced in, pet washing stations, mudrooms, proximity to dog parks, and access to dog walkers and sitters are paramount when we look at homes. If you’re a pet owner and looking for a home to buy, teamCARME can help!”

Dog Name: Pashmak
Team or Brokerage: Sharona Farhadian | Compass
Favorite Snack: Cauliflower
Favorite Charity: Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission
Job Description: “He is assertive and works well with people.”

Dog’s Name: Simba and Stanley
Title: Paw Assistants
Agent or Team: Jason Walker Team, Douglas Elliman
Favorite Snack: Chicken Satay from Mr. Chow
Favorite Charity: No Dogs Left Behind, Rescue Paw Foundation, Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society
Job Description: “As part of the Jason Walker Team, Stanley, an English Springer Spaniel, and Simba, a mix, take part in all of the day-to-day business, including the morning routine of answering emails and calls before working in the home office. Often, they have client lunches at Sant Ambroeus, followed by client dinners at Mr. Chow. They are the greeters at open houses and sometimes have to jet off to destinations like Palm Beach to meet with potential clients and close deals. They even influence their friends at Doggy Daycare to have their parents use their dad for all real estate concerns. They hold down the fort when their boss, Jason, goes to China to rescue dogs from the Yulin Meat Trade. They understand, though, because Simba was rescued from Yulin.”

Dog’s Name: Jud
Title: Party Manager
Agent or Team: Samantha Boise, The Andrew Azoulay Team at Douglas Elliman
Favorite Snack: Salmon Cuts
Favorite Charity: ASPCA
Job Description: “Judy is the queen of all things related to parties and food, and she keeps everyone smiling! She closes about three deals a month!”

Dog’s Name: Gordo Charity-Hope and Responsibility Biggs
Dog’s Nickname: Little Man, King of Thieves
Title: Rob (Bobbie) Irwin Jr. or COP (Chief of Pets)
Team or Brokerage: The Jill Biggs Group at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Favorite Snack: Kettle Corn
Favorite Charity: Free food for all—especially canines! Dogs are people, too! And don’t judge me because I’m short! Or Make-A Wish Foundation!
Job Description: “Gordo is an independently positive part of the Jill Biggs Group Team. Always ready and willing to eat anything and everything!”

Dog’s Name: Rocko
Title: Chief Park Avenue Officer
Agent or Team: Tristan Harper, Douglas Elliman
Favorite Snack: Foie gras (on a brioche, if possible)
Favorite Charity: Posh Pets Rescue
Job Description: “Rocko is a perfect ‘bait’ and conversation item with Park Avenue neighbors while being walked in the area. Literally, I closed a deal with someone I met walking Rocko while they walked their dog of the same breed (Shih Tzu)!”

Dog’s Name: Lilli
Title: DE Mascot
Agent or Team: Ira Tamigian, Magnuson Tamigian Team
Favorite Snack: Arugula
Favorite Charity: ASPCA, Cavalier Rescue
Job Description: “She is our partner in crime. Travels with us when appropriate and attends office meetings. She’s specifically included in our marketing and social media, which in turn leads to more hits.”Dog’s Name:

Title: CBO⁠—Chief Barketing Officer at Douglas Elliman
Agent: Susan Cherney & Nicole Eskanazy Douglas Elliman
Miki’s Instagram: @miki.the.amazing.dog
Favorite Snack: Cheerios
Favorite Charity: Cause for Paws
Job Description: “I am a 3-year-old, 6-pound Biewer Terrier. I make frequent visits to the Roslyn Douglas Elliman office where we do lots of photo shoots of me running around the office. I love accompanying my owner, Susan Cherney, on listing and showing appointments because we all know that cute dogs help to sell homes! Susan has been a real estate broker for 30 years, and I love going to different houses with her, especially when there are big backyards for me to run around. You might know some of my good friends⁠—The Notorious D.O.G., Bark Twain, and Jimmy Chew. Everyone who meets me is in love at fur sight! I will also sit for rufferals! Follow my adventures on Instagram at miki.the.amazing.dog.”

Dog’s Name: Meatball
Title: Top Agent
Agent or Team: Ellis Bachman, The Eklund|Gomes Team
Meatball’s Instagram: @meatball_nyc
Favorite Snack: Popcorn
Favorite Charity: Shelter Chic
Job Description: “Meatball, a Shar-Pei and Beagle-mix puppy, regularly visits The Eklund|Gomes Team’s Manhattan office where he is known to draw people interested in buying and selling their homes. He recently attracted a seller whose property was listed and sold last week for $2 million. He’s working towards his spot as Top Agent on the team! Meatball enjoys spending family time with his two dads, Ellis and Peter, at the beach on Fire Island Pines. He is on Instagram as @meatball_nyc.”

Dog’s Name: McCoy
Title: All Paws Down…I’m the cutest!
Agent or Team: Greg Stephen, Germany Sears Team
Favorite Snack: Lamb Lung
Favorite Charity: Good Dog Foundation
Job Description: “Loves to appear at the office to meet all the staff as well as check all the garbage cans for snacks. Stars in several photo and video shoots showcasing our listings, love for pets, and connection to the neighborhood. McCoy is a black Lab affectionately known as McNoodle, as he is so cute and loves not only eating noodles but everything in sight. His favorite snack is lamb lung, which is offered at the vet’s office, and which absolutely drives him into a frenzy. For many years, McCoy was a therapy dog with the Good Dog Foundation, offering his playful and loving personality to patients at Bellevue Hospital and many other locations. Soon he will be seen in a team video highlighting our affection for pets.”

Dog’s Name: Kilo
Title: Love At FUR-st Sight!
Agent or Team: Germany Sears Team
Favorite Snack: Freeze-Dried Beef Liver
Favorite Charity: Good Dog Foundation
Job Description: “Loves to appear at the office to meet all the staff and sit in anyone’s lap for as long as possible. Stars in several photo and video shoots showcasing our listings, love for pets, and connection to the neighborhood. Kilo is a mini schnauzer sometimes referred to as Kraut Kilo since he is the self-appointed guardian and police officer wherever he may be. Is there an intruder at home—better go bark at them and protect! Is there a commotion at the dog run—better go bark and break it up! Do you hear a noise—let me go investigate! Kilo’s favorite treat would be freeze-dried beef liver—bizerk doesn’t even do justice. Kilo has also offered his charm around the office bringing cheer and love, as he loves nothing more than sitting in someone’s lap.”

Dog’s Name: Pepper Whalen
Title: Kindness Director
Agent or Team: Lisa Poggi Team
Favorite Snack: Mom’s homemade pumpkin peanut butter treats
Favorite Charity: Eleventh Hour Rescue
Job Description: “Pepper attends our morning video meetings and provides a light-hearted dose of happiness to each meeting. She reminds us to have fun during our stress-filled days. She barks when we go off topic or go past our 30-minute deadline, because she wants to go for her walk. She was adopted last summer after we had a tragic accident with our 3-year-old Lab mix that passed away from choking on a ball.”

Dog’s Name: Camden McKeon
Title: Naptime Operations Coordinator
Team: The Maria Babaev Team (Owner: Erica McKeon—Operations Manager)
Favorite Snack: Doggy Oreos from the Petco treat bar
Favorite Charity: Paw It Forward Pet Pantry (Long Island)
Job Description: “A purebred boxer, Camden comes from a famed bloodline of European Champions. Continuing their legacy, Camden is training to become an Olympic Gold Medalist in napping and snuggling (we don’t have the heart to tell him that those categories don’t exist⁠—everyone needs a dream to work towards, after all).”

Dog’s Name: Natalie Weinstein
Title: The Rescuer
Team: Team Cuteness; aka The Maria Babaev Team (Owner: Paula Weinstein—Senior Salesperson/Team Member)
Favorite Snack: Anything yummy like turducken, meatballs, and so on
Favorite Charity: Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter
Job Description: “Formally Franchesca Giovani, Franchesca was a performer in a well-known circus located in New Jersey. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to quickly “flea.” She is currently in the Witness Protection Program and living in Long Island under her new name: Natalie Weinstein.”

Dog’s Name: Dante Lancellotti
Title: Growling Founder and Expert
Agent or Team: The Maria Babaev Team (Owner: Jaclyn Lancellotti—Executive Assistant/Team Member)
Favorite Snack: Sugar pops (aka food)
Favorite Charity: ASPCA
Job Description: “Have an issue with a buyer, seller, or broker and need a quick answer⁠—call Dante Lancellotti, the Growling Founder and Expert. Don’t get fooled by his cute face and white coat of fur—once he has a sugar pop in his sights, he protects it like his own. Coming from Cuba, from the heat, music, and sensation, he can mambo and cha cha cha past anyone, with his quick feet and puppy-like energy. Though sometimes a bit of a threat, with his ‘devil-like demeanor,’ he can still be tender to those he loves, and can cuddle up with just about anyone within his household. A crowd pleaser!”

Original Article: The Close