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CORE Story

Our Evolution

Our Story

Our Properties

Property Tour: 91 Central Park West PH-A

Property Tour: 520 West 28th Street, 22

Property Tour: 305 West 16th Street

Property Tour: 107 East 31st Street, 1A

Property Tour: 136 East 19th Street, PHW

Property Tour: 60 White Street

Property Tour: 45 East 22nd Street, 28B

Property Tour: 10 Madison Square West, 4G

Property Tour: 7 Hubert Street, 7C

Property Tour: 71 Laight Street, 5E

Property Tour: 355 East 19th Street

Property Tour: 257 Berry Street

Property Tour: 180 East 93rd Street, 2

Property Tour: 224 East 52nd Street, 11

Property Tour: 52 Park Avenue, 4th Floor

Property Tour: 58 Reade Street, PH5

Property Tour: 15 West 20th Street, PH

Property Tour: 25 Bond Street, 2E

Property Tour: 38 Prince Street


Lori Ben-Ari: #workwithme

Matthew Cohen: The Client Experience

Steve Snider & Lisa Blumencranz: #workwithme

Mike Fruman: #workwithme

Jessica Chestler: #workwithme

Dex Lipovic: #workwithme

Brett Caspi: #workwithme

Maggie Kent: Living to Potential

Patrick Lilly Team

Emily Beare: An Agent’s Intuition

New Developments

550 West 29th Street: The Terrace

550 West 29th Street: The Bathroom

550 West 29th Street: The Stairs

550 West 29th Street: The Duplex

550 West 29th Street: The Penthouse

550 West 29th Street

King & Sullivan: The Commute

King & Sullivan: The Village of Red Hook

King & Sullivan: Meet the Developer

King & Sullivan: Townhouse Tour

The Flynn: Our Results

The Flynn: 155 West 18th Street

93 Worth: Launch Event

93 Worth: The Creative Process

Wood floor

93 Worth: From Factory to Luxury Lofts

93 Worth: Tribeca’s History

93 Worth: Bespoke Features

The Odeon

93 Worth: Tribeca’s Gem