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Ten: Nancy Whitehurst

Agent Insight // Apr 08, 2011

Shaun Blog Nancy Whitehurst

….has been working with me for over a year now, and  CORE (and I) are incredibly fortunate to have her. We are a better place because of her. She is our Executive Director of Operations, and has skill and talent well beyond her years. Personally, she is one of the most supportive, trustworthy, and dedicated people I have met – ever. She has taught me many things through her unique thought process and attention to detail.  A rare individual indeed, and she’s Fancy as well!

1. SHAUN: What did you do before joining CORE?
NANCY: I began my career in strategic/corporate communications at a boutique firm in New York, working with Fortune 100 clients across all industries on a diverse array of projects. I found it fascinating to peek inside some of the largest and most respected businesses and meet the people who were a part of them. I learned what made them tick and why, and what their challenges were and how they maneuvered through those challenges. I then moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of owning a flower shop and serendipitously became a part of a team producing some of the most innovative and creative floral designs and events in the industry. The shop itself was a space of timeless beauty which was curated largely through curiosity. I enjoyed some of my most inspiring and rewarding years working with an amazingly talented team led by a true dreamer. I find inspiration and satisfaction in harmony – no matter if it is in business, a beautiful floral arrangement, music or in life – I find I am constantly examining what works and what doesn’t to find those tweaks or adjustments that will lead to the creation of those precious moments of harmony.
2.SHAUN: Why did you join CORE?
NANCY: The literal answer is that my New Year’s resolution for 2010 was to say yes to any opportunity that life presented to me and trust that it would all unfold wonderfully – perhaps in a more beautiful way than if I had planned it. You called in February. Lucky me – thank you universe! And it felt right – CORE has all of the aspects of a business that excite me. CORE is a growing, innovative, entrepreneurial business enveloped by and exuding creativity and inspiration with a talented, dedicated team led by a visionary who is, most importantly, an exceptional human being. Needless to say, I am very fortunate to be a part of it.
3.SHAUN: Who is your mentor in life?
NANCY: Those who choose to see life through rose-colored glasses – who seek out laughter and the good stuff. I purposely say “choose” as it is a choice we each have every day and I am in wonder of those to whom it seems as though it has become as natural as breathing. I am fortunate to meet these people daily – even more fortunate when I am present and realize it – and am blessed to have a couple in particular in my life who have inspired me throughout the years, sometimes even lending me their glasses.
4.SHAUN: What is your greatest daily challenge?
NANCY: Not over thinking things, but instead trusting my gut. It can be a fine line between strategic thinking and paralysis by analysis.
5.SHAUN: What is the one value you admire most in a person?
NANCY: Sincerity in all aspects – especially in living one’s life authentically. To be in the presence of someone who is fully aware of who they are and committed to being completely honest and present in that – that is truly magnificent…it is remarkable.
6.SHAUN: Name one place you find inspiration?
NANCY: Any where I see flowers.
7.SHAUN: What is your favorite book, artist or movie? Name just one.
NANCY: “Three Cups of Tea“, by Greg Mortenson.
8.SHAUN: Why did you pick that?
NANCY: Greg Mortenson is an exceptional man promoting peace through education. He is a man who, instead of focusing on his failed attempt at climbing Pakistan’s K2 (the world’s second highest mountain), listened to a group of children he met while he was recovering in a small village there, made a promise to build a school and let life unfold in keeping that promise. Through his incredible perseverance, he has built almost two hundred schools in remote and often volatile regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan providing education so far to 68,000 children, 54,000 of which are girls. He has maneuvered through his journey with grace and by gut…he is truly a hero to me.
9.SHAUN: How would you like to be remembered?
NANCY: Smiling.
10.SHAUN: Do you have a question for me?
NANCY: What does happiness look like to you?
SHAUN: A sunset over the African bush, where the sky is deep blue, the earth dark red, and the animals, birds, and plants all know their place and purpose……. and live together harmoniously.