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Ten: Limor Nesher on Business, Life and Love

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

Limor Nesher has had a wide array of professions throughout her life: she is a  renowned real estate agent, of course, but also an artist, entrepreneur, star of HGTV’s Selling New York, and  fashion designer. The way in which she views the world is through the eyes of a successful real estate agent in a competitive market and as an artist who has a keen eye for beauty, granting her the ability to bond with her clients in a unique fashion. Here’s a glimpse into Limor’s outlook on life in TEN questions:

1. What did you do before you found this career?

For many years, I created art of many forms: music, paintings, digital editing and clothing.  In conjunction, I always worked in sales in order to12 copybe able to support my art. I made sure these sales jobs always had commission-based salaries from reputable companies where I’d be able to work short hours, but for very high commissions.

2. What has been the highlight of your career?

Working with CORE has made me want to step up, find creative ways to do business and continually find new methods to work with my clients. I feel that there is a great support from not only the staff at CORE, but also from my colleagues. Earlier this year, my nomination for REBNY’s “Deal of the Year” award for my sale at 251 East 110th Street was the highlight of my real estate career. It made me so proud to see that my hard work was something to be acknowledged.

3. What is your greatest daily challenge?

My greatest daily challenge is to find the best balance between my work, my family, and my art.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I want to be in a sunny place, surrounded by nature, happy and content. Well…that might take a little longer than ten years…

5. Where do you find inspiration?

Since I have worked in so many disciplines, I am very open-minded and creative. In my first years in real estate, I noticed that with my visual sense and aesthetic abilities, I can help buyers realize the potential of a space. I have an artistic sensibility inside of me, but I also know when I need to be tough. With this combination, I feel that I can sell anything if I believe in it.

6. Name one thing we might not know about you.

I am originally from Israel. As a child, my father worked for the embassy, so we moved to South America for about 4 years. Then we returned to Israel, but spent the summers in the United States. I spent time in the Israeli army and then moved to Australia for six months where I worked in the fashion industry in Sydney. New York City is truly the melting pot of the world, and I feel that because of my background, I understand and relate very well to people with here, with their many different cultures and ethnicities.

7. What’s your favorite movie or book?

Romeo and Juliet is undeniably both my favorite book and my favorite movie (the 1968 version, of course).

8. What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family in various venues in New York City. Of course, creating art is also how I spend my free time, because it allows me to find my peace.

9. What’s your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant in New York is Balthazar. I never get tired of their duck confit!

10. Tell me something about your home.

My home is my husband and kids. As long as we are together, it doesn’t matter if we are living in a tent in the desert or in a mansion in India. With them, I know I’m home.