How To Prepare For 2015

20 November, 2014 posted by: Martin Eiden


Last night I held a seminar for anyone considering in buying or selling in 2015 at the CORE Chelsea office.

The speakers, crowd and overall energy were all great. To sum it up, it was an exchange of honest, direct information in an open, caring setting…not usually  what first comes to mind with the topic New York  Real Estate. The takeaways:

Real Estate Market, by yours truly:

  • Manhattan used to be described as uptown or downtown. Now it is subdivided by neighborhood, property ownership-type and level of fit and finish.
  • Brooklyn is the new downtown Manhattan and recognized worldwide as brand of cool. As such, the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights are now more expensive than many Manhattan neighborhoods.
  • Queens is the new Brooklyn. The city is planning to rezone the wide boulevards of Queens for medium density housing. A new development, the Aston, is selling 1-beds $625,000-$800,000.

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Good To The CORE

10 November, 2014 posted by: CORE

Tough Mudder

This weekend, Team CORE tackled a Tough Mudder in Kissimmee, Florida. Shaun Osher, Michael Rubin, Steve Snider, Sean Attebury, Ben Jacobs and McKenzie Foster – led by team cheerleaders Lisa Blumencranz and Bryan Baltimore – took on 12 miles designed to test strength, stamina, teamwork and mental grit. Over the course, the team ran through grass fields, grazing pastures and swampy mud to finish.

Congratulations to our Tough Mudders! Take a look at more photos of the team in action below. You can donate to Good To The CORE and the Wounded Warrior Project here.

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Related Companies Invests in CORE, Both Firms to Collaborate To Expand New York’s Leading Boutique Brokerage

23 October, 2014 posted by: CORE

Shaun Osher_Jeff Blau 10.23.14

Related Companies, one of the nation’s most prominent real estate firms, today announced that it has acquired a stake in CORE, the leading boutique real estate brokerage in Manhattan, to further expand CORE’s brand and offerings throughout New York City.  

“This is an incredible opportunity for CORE to align ourselves and work alongside one the most respected developers in the United States,” said Shaun Osher, Founder and CEO of CORE. “Our teams share a similar vision and commitment to quality, design, lifestyle and innovation. This is a game changer.”

Jeff T. Blau, CEO of Related said, “Related and CORE both have creative, collaborative, customer-focused cultures and share a commitment to great design and best-in-class product. Shaun Osher has built a great brand and assembled a strong management team and group of talented agents. We saw an attractive opportunity to help fuel the growth of the platform, invest in great talent and optimize opportunities throughout the city. Related has an over $6 billion pipeline of new condominium developments, and with this investment we will be able to bring real-time market knowledge and customer feedback even closer to our development teams. In addition, we have built over a dozen condominiums in New York City and we saw great synergies to better serve our clients with direct involvement in the resales in those buildings.”

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Post-Graduate Life, the Arts and Winter (The Dog)

23 October, 2014 posted by: Shaun Osher

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

McKenzie Foster has quickly begun to move up the ranks as one of CORE’s youngest agents. Getting an early start in the industry, her talents go beyond just real estate, making her a quintessential Jack of All Trades. Here are McKenzie’s answers to Ten questions.

1. What did you do before you found this career? McKenzie Foster TEN
Real estate is actually my first career and I always knew this was the industry I wanted to be in. I started working in commercial real estate in high school, got my license when I was 18 and have been working in real estate ever since. It’s really what I love to do.

2. What has been the highlight of your career?
I can’t say the highlight of my career has happened yet, but it will soon, and it will be big!

3. What is your greatest daily challenge?
For me, there is a lot of day-to-day commotion in this business, so I just have to constantly remind myself of the big picture and continue to work towards my long-term goals. Also, leaving my apartment with everything I need for the day is a major challenge and pretty much impossible for me.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself successfully selling and investing real estate in New York, writing history books and living it up in a loft with my Shiba Inu, Winter. I hope to have a vacation home where I can swim and enjoy nature on my time off.

5. Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration when I go to the studio, put on music and just dance for several hours. It doesn’t matter if I am wearing point shoes, sneakers or just barefoot– it’s when I am the most relaxed and feel the greatest sense of freedom. Read the rest of this entry »


Embracing Development on Renwick Street

20 October, 2014 posted by: CORE


The Wall Street Journal featured a profile on the long-hidden block of Renwick Street, a single block situated between Spring and Canal Street’s in Hudson Square. Home to four new developments under construction, Renwick Street’s storied history as a location for a number of horse stables has recently undergone a business and residential face lift, as the neighborhood experiences a new wave or development and growth. “I would venture to say that Renwick Street is probably the most changed block in New York City,” says CORE CEO Shaun Osher. At the forefront of the neighborhood’s latest residential development, CORE is managing the sales and marketing efforts at 15 Renwick, a 31-unit residence slated for completion in 2015.


#COREbarks Takes on the Flatiron District

17 October, 2014 posted by: CORE


Today’s Photo of the Week captures man’s best friend in front of one of Manhattan’s most iconic architectural locations, The Flatiron Building. Adie Kriegstein captured this shot of Makey, her Labrador Retriever, during a stroll through the Flatiron District. From digging up ancient dinosaur remains to taking a stroll with her dog, Adie is a well-known lover of all animals. Makey can be found volunteering as a service dog throughout NYC and on his Instagram, @BigCityLab.

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Exploring NYC’s Five Boroughs

16 October, 2014 posted by: CORE


Attracting over 54 million visitors so far in 2014, New York City is at the forefront of the nation’s tourism scene. In an effort to encourage both residents and out-of-towners to explore the boroughs outside of Manhattan, NYC & Company, the marketing and tourism division of New York City, has launched a three-month campaign highlighting the best neighborhoods of Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Called “See Your City,” the idea is to encourage residents to “go somewhere new for a change,” says Fred Dixon, the chief executive of NYC & Company. The vibrant campaign will make use of several visual mediums such as stylized posters and videos to communicate its message, which began yesterday.


36 Hours of Koons

15 October, 2014 posted by: CORE

Jeff KoonsCreditCourtesy of Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Marking the end of a celebrated era at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the museum’s acclaimed Jeff Koons‘ exhibit is preparing to end it’s four-month-long run this weekend. Entitled The Retrospective, the popular showcase has attracted tens of thousands of visitors, which features almost 150 of his most prolific works. To celebrate the conclusion of this series, the Whitney will be hosting “36 Hours of Koons” from October 18th to the 19th, a culmination of the final 36 hours of the exhibition, prior to the opening of its new building downtown. “This will not only give more people an opportunity to see the Koons retrospective, it’s also a chance for some to say goodbye to the Breuer building as it was,” says Adam D. Weinberg, director of the Whitney.

To purchase tickets, please visit the Whitney’s ticketing page here.


Notes from the Field: Navigating Manhattan’s Real Estate Market

14 October, 2014 posted by: Keren Ringler


Photo courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek

With New York ranked as the world’s most coveted location for real estate investment, I have personally witnessed a seemingly historic influx of international buyers vying to get in on the city’s frenzy of real estate activity. Considering the complexities and local nuances associated with buying in Manhattan, overseas buyers are sometimes caught off guard by the process of buying in the city. After several years of working in this market, there are five primary areas of consideration foreign buyers should take into account when looking to purchase a home or investment property:

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