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CORE Named #1 Boutique Brokerage

The Real Deal // Jun 13, 2012

Society continues to classify achievements by category. We create hierarchies and measurements like The Biggest, The Richest, The Strongest, The Longest, and the list goes on…

The Real Deal is the only widely read trade publication for real estate in New York, and every year they publish their brokerage rankings with data they collect. This year CORE was named the top boutique firm in the city, and while I don’t pay too much attention to awards or other companies’ business models, I must admit that it is rewarding to be recognized in the industry. Especially in the category that compliments our business model.

When Jack and I started our company in 2006, our business model and objective was clear and simple: Build the best real estate company in the city! Best by our standards meant a company with the highest ethical standards, professional conduct, creative marketing, and productive team of agents. We went about building a company that was designed for the agent (and having been a top agent for many years, I had a deep understanding of what I needed to support and grow my business, and what I felt was missing). We continue to grow CORE as a company with resources designed to build and support our agents’ business under the umbrella of our brand.

I am grateful to my incredible team of agents, and the smartest, hardest working management and support team in the city. I’m really looking forward to continuing our mission.

Shaun Osher is the founder and CEO of CORE.

Original Article: The Real Deal