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Ten: Christian Rogers

Agent Insight // Jun 09, 2011

Christian Rogers TEN
They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but Christian Rogers is the exception to this rule. He is the most impeccably dressed man I know, and always presents himself with a style that brings a breath of fresh air to any situation.

Shaun: What did you do before going into real estate?

Christian: Define “before”! I was an architect’s apprentice, a graphic designer’s apprentice, a graphic designer, an Art Director, a waiter, a photo-illustrator, a waiter, a percussionist, a waiter, an amateur investor in Silver, a waiter, and right before going into real estate…a Project Manager for a visual merchandising company. Did I mention I was also a waiter? In one way or another I have always been self employed and have always been in some form of service industry.

Shaun: Why did you go into real estate?

Christian: For a few years I had been working on several ideas for building my own business. I didn’t want to be just self employed for the rest of my life. Though sometimes the distinction is not always clear, as you well know, they are two completely different things. For a year or so I had been looking at real estate from an investment point of view and then a friend called and said: “I’m opening a new sub-office at my real estate company. I think you could do really well in this business. How would you like to work with me?” I jumped at the chance and I have never looked back.

Shaun: Who is your mentor?

Christian: I have several who have all had a profound impact on different aspects of my life and I continue to look for new ones, but certainly both of my parents have been great mentors to me. If we were playing fantasy mentor, I would pick Leonardo Da Vinci.

Shaun: What is your greatest daily challenge?

Christian: I have two. The first: remembering that my experience of any given moment is just that, my experience. It’s not my client’s, it’s not my colleague’s, it’s not my wife’s etc. So often the best results occur in my life when I remember this! In real estate terms it could be, as someone once said, “You can be right or you can be rich, but you can’t be both.”
The second greatest challenge: not eating all the chocolate covered raisins in the office snack area!

Shaun: What is the one value you admire most in a person?

Christian: Doing what you say you will do.

Shaun: Name one place you find inspiration?

Christian: The Adriatic coast of Italy at sunset.

Shaun: What is your favorite book, artist, or movie. Name just one.

Christian: Book – “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho. Laurence Fishburne is supposed to be starring and directing a movie adaptation of the book, so who knows it might become my favorite movie also!

Shaun: Why did you pick that?

Christian: Read it and you will find your answer. Hey, that sounded a little Coelhoesque!

Shaun: How would you like to be remembered?

Christian: I think it would be a great honor just to be remembered, but beyond that, as having made some sort of positive difference in the lives of all the people I encountered along the way.

Shaun: Do you have a question for me?

Christian: Yes – what do you want to be when you grow up?

Shaun: I never want to grow up!