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24 Hours With Deirdre de Risi

24 Hours With // Mar 29, 2016


’24 Hours With’ takes a look at a day in the life of CORE’s agents. Deirdre de Risi talks about a fulfilling day with a perfect balance of family time and hard work for her clients.

My day usually starts at 5:00am with my 10-month old son Luca yelping in his crib for me to come play with him. I quickly jump to it and move him into the living room where we play for about an hour so he doesn’t wake up his twin brother, Maxwell.  While playing I sneak some work correspondences in. Then around 6:00am I make bottles, feed Luca and wait for Max and their father to wake up. Max typically wakes up around 6:30am pleasantly (unlike his twin) along with dad and gets fed a bottle. Both boys play with dad and me while we take turns showering.

At 8:00am I make them an organic breakfast. During breakfast, their nanny arrives and I head out the door for a pilates session at Equinox on the Upper West Side. En route to the gym I check my e-mails again and correspond to any new messages so that I can disconnect from everything while at the gym and decompress.

Less than an hour later I am back on my phone replying to more work e-mails and rushing home to get my day started. I eat, dress and kiss my munchkins before heading to either an appointment or to the office. Every Tuesday our team meets at 11:00am and we go over what everyone is up to. Other days I am either taking out a buyer, showing an exclusive or doing paperwork in the office (exclusive agreements, writing descriptions, working on a board package, doing searches for buyers, etc).

I am usually in the office for 2-3 hours and out on appointments for approximately 1-2 hours. If I am not showing apartments, I am meeting with a painter, super or a window guy for some issue in one of my listings or an apartment one of my buyers is in contract for. Right now I have a listing in my building which is great because it allows me to stop home and see my boys during the day. I quickly say hello, help make lunch or prepare dinner or play with them for 30 minutes before I head out the door again for more appointments and showings.

Each evening I try to get home around 6:00pm so I can help with baths and give the boys their nighttime bottle before putting them to bed around 7:00pm. Once the kids are down, I call my husband and see if he will be home for dinner and start that whole routine. When a plan is set into motion for dinner, I pour a glass of wine and sip it while cooking or waiting for my Seamless order. Tonight, however, my husband and I are going to dinner with two clients that I have sold apartments to and then heading to the Beacon Theatre to see Seinfeld.

Everyday as a real estate agent is truly different and I enjoy that about my job. And having twins only makes my day that much more fun and interesting. I truly love the important role I play in helping people find their dream homes and I am most obsessed with my new job of helping shape my two boys into two gentlemen.

When I turn the lights off around 11:30-12:00pm, I can rest easy knowing I worked hard and did a great job for my clients and family.