About the Neighborhood

North of Madison Square Park and south of Midtown, Nomad only recently emerged both as a proper noun and a sought-after neighborhood. That’s thanks largely to two hip hotels that have attracted a bunch of cool restaurants, shops and cafes: The Ace Hotel, The Nomad and their ilk work weirdly well between the hodgepodge of wholesale shops, tech start-ups and cast-iron buildings that fill this area’s streets. More excitement lies to the west, where hockey checking, pop-star crooning and three-point shooting happens at Madison Square Garden.

As much of a hangout as it is a hotel.

Enjoy the Knicks; watch out for the kiss cam.

Get Stumptown brews plus three eating options in the Ace Hotel.

Perhaps the city’s most stylish small hotel.

What makes NY hot dogs so hard to resist?

The Empire State reigned as the world’s tallest for 40 years.

New Yorkers just love their postage-stamp-sized Madison Square Park.

A chorus of thick NY accents cheers at Madison Square Garden. 

A hub of action thanks to chic hotels on either side.

While away the weekend in Madison Square Park.