About the Neighborhood

Home to some of the city’s most charming narrow streets, Nolita (short for North of Little Italy) is a place for sauntering, drinking coffee and eating Italian food. Sandwiched east of Soho and west of the Lower East Side, it’s chockablock with sidewalk cafes, red-sauce joints and high-end boutiques—and the fashiony types that frequent all three. Between Torrisi Italian Specialties, with its inventive arancinis and gnocchis, and McNally Jackson, the city’s best local bookstore, Nolita’s not short of places to linger in.

Vespas are just the thing for scooting through Nolita’s skinny streets.

New York authors rub shoulders with readers on Prince Street.

Just try to resist A.B. Biagi’s gelato on Elizabeth Street.

Quiet respite comes in the old St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Nolita’s cream-stuffed cannolis are worth the sugar splurge.

Pick up fresh rolled stogies at Mulberry Street Cigars.

Café Gitane makes a simple and stylish breakfast spot.

At Mulberry Street’s Parm, get the ice cream cake for dessert.

Mott Street overflows with coffee shops, juice bars and boutiques.

The Supreme boutique on Lafayette draws skateboard savants from all over.


Core Exclusives in this Neighborhood

  • 38 Prince Street


    38 Prince Street

    7 Beds / 7.5 Baths


  • 25 Bond Street, 2E


    25 Bond Street, 2E

    3 Beds / 3.5 Baths


  • 42 Crosby Street, 3S


    42 Crosby Street, 3S

    3 Beds / 4 Baths


  • 42 Crosby Street, 2S


    42 Crosby Street, 2S

    3 Beds / 4 Baths


  • 42 Crosby Street, 4N


    42 Crosby Street, 4N

    3 Beds / 3 Baths


  • 284 Lafayette Street, 4D


    284 Lafayette Street, 4D

    3 Beds / 3.5 Baths


  • 10 Sullivan Street, 6A


    10 Sullivan Street, 6A

    3 Beds / 3.5 Baths


  • 242 Lafayette Street, 3S


    242 Lafayette Street, 3S

    2 Beds / 1.5 Baths


  • 11 Prince Street, 5A


    11 Prince Street, 5A

    1 Bed / 1 Bath