About the Neighborhood

There’s arguably no more coveted object in New York than a key to Gramercy Park. The Eden of the East 20s and the city’s only private park, it can be accessed only by those lucky enough to have apartments or townhomes in the vicinity (or a room at the northerly Gramercy Park Hotel). That kind of exclusivity doesn’t end at the park gates: the surrounding neighborhood is a trove of cozy, candle-lit restaurants with weeks-long waiting lists (or hours-long walk-in waits).

Few New Yorkers get past the gates of Gramercy Park.

The National Arts Club’s mansion of a HQ.

Catch a gig in a 1970s-era rock venue.

Gramercy’s townhomes are some of the city’s coziest.

Iron lamps on tree-lined sheets lend Gramercy elegance.

Coffee-shilling street carts are everywhere in the East 20s.

A hotel that’s both bohemian and over the top.

Queue for brunch at this lane’s eponymous café.

1800s-era actor Edwin Booth immortalized in Gramercy Square Park.

Painter Julian Schnabel also designed the Gramercy Park Hotel.


Core Exclusives in this Neighborhood

  • 305 Second Avenue, 728


    305 Second Avenue, 728

    1 Bed / 1 Bath


  • 201 East 17th Street, 11J


    201 East 17th Street, 11J

    1 Bed / 1 Bath

    Open House:Sun, Feb 26th, 2:00 - 3:30


  • 247 Third Avenue, 202


    247 Third Avenue, 202

    2 Baths


  • 247 Third Avenue, 502


    247 Third Avenue, 502

    2 Baths