About the Neighborhood

Like many parts of New York—and indeed, many New Yorkers—the East Village has lived many lives. It was an expanse of the Lower East Side; its higgledy-piggledy walk-ups housed various beatniks (like Allen Ginsburg, who lived on East 12th Street for 20-odd years); and it birthed an arm of the punk rock movement as Joan Jett and The Ramones cultivated a counter-culture out of CBGB. Million-dollar starter homes prove it’s come a long way, but there’s still a special sort of buzz about this side of the city, where there’s always room for artists and thinkers—and increasingly, food lovers: It’s hard to choose between the likes of Momofuku’s noodles, cakes and pork buns and Artichoke Pizza’s creamy, cheesy pies.

The Alamo cube sits pretty in Astor Place.

Throw calorie counts to the wind with a gooey slice.

Nurse a pint on McSorley’s sawdust floors.

In trouble? Call the area’s “Fighting 9th Precinct”.

Ippudo is up there in the local ramen rankings.

A street for sensory overload.

Get the lamb dumplings at Xian Famous Foods.

New York taxis make 485,000 trips a day.

There’s a good gig every evening at this music venue.

Find your favorite pub in the area’s array.


Core Exclusives in this Neighborhood

  • 236 East 6th Street, 1EB


    236 East 6th Street, 1EB

    2 Beds / 1.5 Baths


  • 170 Second Avenue, 11A


    170 Second Avenue, 11A

    2 Beds / 1 Bath


  • 217 East 5th Street, 5


    217 East 5th Street, 5

    1 Bed / 1 Bath


  • 229 East 2nd Street, 1/2


    229 East 2nd Street, 1/2

    3 Beds / 2.5 Baths


  • 236 East 6th Street, LE


    236 East 6th Street, LE

    Studio / 1 Bath


  • 645 East 11th Street, 5F


    645 East 11th Street, 5F

    Studio / 1 Bath