About the Neighborhood

All brownstones, mom-and-pop butchers and bakeries, stoop hangouts and sidewalk cafes, Cobble Hill is close to the Brooklyn immortalised in books and film. The area’s Italian heritage lives on in the likes of Lucali (the ultimate Brooklyn pizza joint), and there’s a family-friendliness evidenced by fancy kids’ menus in restaurants and top-notch grade schools. One visit to the classic Cobble Hill Cinemas inspires hope that the neighborhood won’t ever change.

It’s a treat to see the 3pm rush of schoolchildren excitedly walking home.

Brooklyn Farmacy’s an old-school soda shop (think egg creams and root beer floats).

Cobble Hill Cinemas is so old school, they ask you to silence pagers pre-flick.

Ride a Citi Bike along the Columbia Street Waterfront.

Razor scooters haven’t given way to hoverboards here.

Flower-filled planters and broad, leafy tree canopies make Cobble Hill Park a natural respite.

Christ Church’s four 70-foot steeples make it a neighborhood anchor.

88% of calls from New York’s 15,000 fire alarm boxes are false alarms.

Lucali, Brooklyn’s ultimate pizza joint.

Henry Street’s brownstones, bakeries and bars can’t help but charm.