The Pros and Cons of Renting in a Brand-New Building

Brick UndergroundMarch 30, 2016

Renting in a hot-off-the-presses, buzzed-about new building seems like nice work if you can get it. Who wouldn't want the bragging rights to a shiny new apartment with fancy amenities?


But even if you can afford to rent in new construction, being one of the first-ever residents in a building has its pros and its cons. Below, potential pluses and minuses to consider before you splash out on a flashy new building:




The novelty factor: One of the biggest selling points of new construction apartments tends to be that everything in the building is, well, new. "Usually you have the 'wow' factor of having something new," says CORE NYC agent Adie Kriegstein. "Everything is new and spotless, and it looks amazing. Often, the ceilings are higher, windows span from floor to ceiling, and the apartment has top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures." (Crucially, this usually includes an all-important washer and dryer combo, as well as a dishwasher.)


"Everything tends to be much more top-of-the-line and much more modern, with all the latest technology," adds Compass agent Scott Sobol, who himself rents in a new construction building. And for some, there are other upsides to being the first person to reside in an apartment. "I love knowing that no one has used [the apartment's] bathroom before," says Sobol.


Expect extra amenities: In order to generate buzz (and justify their sky-high prices), new buildings tend to go all-out when it comes to amenities, from the basics like gyms and package rooms to fun extras like social events and lavish outdoor common spaces. "There's a sense of one-upsmanship," says Platinum Properties agent Jade Min. "What can a new development offer to differentiate themselves?" Right now, expect lots of event programming and other social perks, and in higher-end buildings, extras like restaurants and on-site spas. (The better to make your friends jealous when they come over.)


Staff that's eager to please: While you'd always hope for a friendly doorman or super, in a building that's just launched, the staff are often friendlier, and very willing to go the extra mile. "Because it's a newer building, the staff tends to be a little more attentive," says Sobol. "They're just starting out, and want to go above and beyond. Our building's employees care about the building more than in previous places I've lived." Kriegstein concurs: "[New building staff] have just been hired, and want to do their best so it reflects on them well."


Lots of concessions: Though concessions aren't always all they're cracked up to be, in a new building that's looking to fill its apartments with renters ASAP, you can expect lots of extras like waived broker fees, and a free month (or two) of rent, among other perks. "Buildings want to entice as many residents as possible, so they offer creative concessions," says Min, citing the new building 70 Pine, which is waiving amenities for current residents, meaning they can use the gym for free while the rest of the building's amenity complex is under construction.




Technical difficulties: Even in buildings that are well-constructed (not always a given), there are likely to be some hiccups as things get up and running, and you, as one of the first-ever tenants, will bear the brunt of them. "All new construction tends to have issues in the first year," says Platinum's Kyle Scholz, citing common problems like burst or leaky water pipes, issues with electrical work, and glitchy new appliances that haven't been used prior to your move-in. "And if the building isn't finished yet, you may have to deal with issues like that along with continuing construction (noise, dust/dirt, etc.)," he adds.


"[The problems] usually aren't major things, but you are going to kind of be the guinea pig, getting all the wrinkles ironed out for the developer and the landlord," says Andrew Sacks of Citi Habitats.


A long schlep from the subway: This one isn't a given, but with so many waterfront areas being newly developed (think Hudson Yards, Greenpoint Landing, etc.) and prime lots already taken and built over, oftentimes, new headline-grabbing projects are a significant distance from the nearest subway. (Hence, the recent popularity of commuter shuttles as an amenity.) "A lot of these buildings are on the outskirts and have attractive river views, but this can be a con, too, because they're more difficult to get to," says Sacks.


Missing out on the amenities: While developers might give you a break on amenity fees (as mentioned above), it may be because the perks aren't exactly ready for prime time yet. "There's no guarantee that certain highly desirable amenities will be completed on the date when they're expected," Min explains.


Sobol has experienced this issue firsthand. "We had our roof deck shut down towards the end of the summer because of leaks," he says. "And now they're telling us it won't be ready to use until mid-June." A first-world problem, sure, but something worth considering if you're moving into a small studio on the assumption you'll be spending lots of your leisure time on your building's roof deck or lounging poolside.


Don't expect a spacious spread: And speaking of a small studio, with space in this city at more of a premium than ever before, most new development apartments are surprisingly small in spite of the rest of the building's grandure. "You're not really going to get the prewar charm or size," says Sacks. "Developers have very savvy computer programs that can help them squeeze the maximum number of apartments into new buildings, so they're generally on the smaller side." But don't expect a price chop to come along with your downsize. "They're also pretty expensive," Sacks adds. "You do pay for everything being brand new, and you pay for the amenities."

LLC Buyers Not Missing a Beat Despite Treasury Crackdown

The Real DealMarch 30, 2016

In a town where buyers pay a premium for privacy, the U.S. Treasury’s plan to start tracing anonymous purchases of Manhattan real estate begged an immediate question: Would buyers tap the brakes?

46 New Construction Projects and Conversions Coming to a Manhattan Neighborhood Near You

Brick UndergroundMarch 30, 2016

Of course, New York City has always been a real estate developer’s playground, but it seems we’re truly in a building boom now, with hundreds of new apartments entering the market this year alone. Below, a selection of new construction and conversions ready (or soon to be) for renters and buyers on the hunt:


70 Vestry

Tribeca waterfront condo with 46 two- to five-bedrooms ranging from 1,900 to 7,000 square feet.
Address: 70 Vestry Street
Pricing: TBA
Opening: Spring 2016
Building opens: TBA
Developer/brokerage: Related Companies


The Residences at Prince

Nine units (seven condos, two townhouses). The building features a fitness area with internet-connected equipment, private yoga room, refrigerated storage for food and flower deliveries, a landscaped, private common garden, climate-controlled wine cellar, dry cleaning, and on-site bike storage, as well as a 24-hour attended lobby.
Address: 34 Prince Street
Opening: March/April 2016
Pricing: Starting at $7.74 million
Developer: Time Equities Inc. and Hamlin Ventures


42 Crosby 

A luxury residential condo (with a retail component) that will be designed by renowned architect Annabelle Selldorf.
Pricing: $8.25 million  to $10.45 million; the penthouse is $25 million
Opening: Fall 2016
Developer/brokerage: Atlas Capital Group, CORE



The Flynn

Thirty condo apartments, ranging from ground-floor garden residences to rooftop penthouses. Building features include a gym with a dry sauna, a common roof deck, a bicycle room as well as optional storage.
Address: 115 West 18th Street
Pricing: $1.35 million to $4.3 million
Opening: Closings expected summer 2016
Developer/brokerage: Izaki Group, CORE

Reine Okuliar: Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CORE

The Native SocietyMarch 30, 2016

Reine Okuliar joins CORE as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Before entering real estate, Reine co-founded Galerie E.G.P, a contemporary art gallery based in her native city Paris. Under her watch, Galerie E.G.P opened offices in London that Reine transferred to New York in September 2014.


A qualified lawyer in France and England, Reine’s keen understanding of clients’ needs and helping them navigate the modern and contemporary art market at an international level has helped her develop a great sense of living environments best suited for each client. Her proven taste for everything art and design matched with her keen negotiation skills, makes her the ideal person to find the perfect home for her clients.


Reine spends her spare time with her husband and two children. An art collector herself she has also been closely involved with non-profit organizations in New York. She is a member of the Children’s Aid Society Benefit Committee and a member of the Watermill Center Byrds Committee.


What do you do best?

Looking. My background is in contemporary art that I also eagerly collect. I have therefore developed a great ability to determine the potential of a space, the interior design features that would be best suited for it the same way I would with an artwork.


What makes you the best?

I am a native Parisian and I lived in London for six years before moving to New York. These international experiences and changes in cultures have made me very adaptable and capable of understanding the needs of all clients. Coupled with my legal background (I'm a qualified lawyer in France and in the United Kingdom, and studied at Columbia Law School), I can make the process of buying or selling extraordinarily smooth.


What are your aspirations?

Professionally, I want to continue helping people find not just a place to live but a home they love. Co-founding an art gallery is an incredibly helpful experience in this respect having helped people for years find personalized art for their living space.


Biggest Success?

To have found the right balance between being a mother and an active professional with a demanding job. How do I weigh this success? When my son tells me "Je t'aime Maman" when I tuck him in at night. 


Most Challenging Moment?

I've been through lots of transitions all linked to my expatriations. Each of these transitions is quite challenging because you know what you're leaving behind but have no idea of what's truly coming next. Yet it is also exciting and has proved tremendously rewarding.


Favorite Motto?

Wherever you go, there you are.


Favorite People?

My family.


Favorite Places?

Being from Paris, having lived in London and now in New York I have three amazing cities that I can legitimately call home. Aside from these wonderful places, my husband and I love traveling so I have been to a great number of wonderful places including New Zealand, Bora Bora or Tanzania. But if I could tele-transport myself to a place right now it would either be my favorite pub, the Wells Tavern, in my London neighborhood of Hampstead or at Cip's by the Grand Canal in Venice.


In New York City, I love going to see the art galleries in Chelsea and the Lower East Side and I love getting my bread at Eric Kayser for a little taste of home at home.


Favorite Products?

I am a big fan of all things stationery so one of my favorite products are notebooks. I particularly like the ones by Smythson.


Current Passions?

Contemporary art is my all-time passion that evolves with the various encounters that I make and the perpetual discoveries. My latest obsession was the Fountain Archives by Saâdane Afif and the ones we acquired for our collection are now going to be part of his museum exhibition in Berlin.

The Week in Luxury: A Map of NYC’s Priciest Apartment Sales

The Real DealMarch 28, 2016

An interactive look at where the biggest deals were struck, plus total overall sales and average prices for the week. This week, CORE's new development at 15 Renwick made the cut for listing #704. 

Tim Crowley: Director of New Development, CORE

The Native SocietyMarch 28, 2016

Tim Crowley is Director of New Development with CORE, where he oversees project management, research and sales teams. From pre-development to sellout, his team provides developers with market expertise and strategic direction on design and sales to maximize investment of each project. In this role, he also manages the incoming new development pipeline for CORE.


Most recently, he was managing director at Flank and founder of Flank Brokerage, the former a design and development firm and the latter a full-service real estate brokerage platform employing a wide range of expertise to create a custom experience for buyers, sellers and developers of high-value real estate assets. In this and previous roles, he worked in on-site sales, marketing and project management for a number of notable new developments in New York City and Florida.


Having worked at several top brokerages in NYC in new residential development, Tim brings over 13 years of industry experience to CORE. He attended the University of South Carolina where he studied History and Real Estate Finance.

Walls of Windows in Chelsea

Luxury Listings NYCMarch 25, 2016

Emily Beare's penthouse listing at 456 West 19th Street was included in the March/April 2016 issue of Luxury Listings NYC.

New NYC Apartments Hitting the Market: Spring 2016

CurbedMarch 23, 2016

The weather is turning warmer and flowers are finally in bloom, which can only mean one thing: spring has arrived. And that can only mean one thing: it's time to look at the many, many, many apartments—both rentals and condos—that will be hitting New York's real estate market in the next few months. Across more than 40 developments, there are starchitect-designed condos (your Selldorfs, Sterns, and Pianos among them) and super-pricey, family-friendly apartments, along with under-the-radar outer-borough rentals and apartments that are deemed "affordable luxury." It's a lot to take in, and as always, if we missed anything, the tipline is right this way. 


Check out three of CORE's new developments featured below including 70 Vestry, The Residences at Prince and 42 Crosby.


70 Vestry


There are very few details still on this Robert A.M. Stern-designed building, but what we do know so far is that it will stand 14-stories tall and have 46 condos. The Related Companies-developed project is expected to be ready for move-ins sometime in 2018.


The Residences at Prince


The condo conversion at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School has been teasing itself out for a while now, but will finally hit the market within the next month. The Residences at Prince are comprised of seven condos and two townhouses asking from $7.74 million. Word has it one of the townhouses will ask a whopping $25 million. Time Equities Inc. and Hamlin Ventures teamed up with Marvel Architects to remake the Nolita corner, and have thought of everything. Each of the seven townhouses will have unique floor plans, and all residents will have amenities like a gym with web-equipped machines, private common garden, climate-controlled wine cellar, dry cleaning, on-site bike storage, and refrigerated storage for flowers and grocery deliveries.


42 Crosby


A Soho parking lot has given way to Annabelle Selldorf's latest downtown project, a seven-story building with a facade of steel developed by Atlas Capital Group. The Landmarks-approved building will include 10 apartments ranging in size from two-bedrooms to penthouse units. Although pricing has yet to be formally announced—previous estimates pegged units at asking between $8.7 and $25 million—42 Crosby has made the news for its million dollar parking spots. Other building amenities include a porte cochère, a courtyard, and a lobby with terrariums and sculptures by artist Paula Hayes. Expect listings in early May.

28 Contracts Inked for $4M and Up: Olshan

The Real DealMarch 21, 2016

The Manhattan residential luxury market saw 28 contracts signed for pads asking $4 million or more, according to Olshan Realty’s weekly luxury market report. CORE's listing at 23 East 22nd Street was included in the mix.

Gabrielle Wuhl: Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CORE

The Native SocietyMarch 21, 2016

My NativeAdVantage:

Gabrielle Wuhl joins top producing broker Emily Beare as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson to support her sales and marketing initiatives. Responsible for creating and executing one-of-a-kind marketing strategies, Gabrielle’s creative skills and innate understanding of one’s needs ensures each client and property is uniquely approached.


Inspired from an early age by the ever-evolving culture of each New York City neighborhood, her passion for real estate came naturally. Gabrielle graduated Cum Laude from New York University and has since remained a Downtown New Yorker. She currently resides in Nolita, where in her free time she may often be found in the Elizabeth Street Garden with her rescue dog, Toby.


What do you do best?

I’d like to think I’m best at keeping track of the little tasks and nuances, but also sight of the bigger picture.


What makes you the best?

When it comes to marketing, I offer fresh perspectives and ideas and a “yes” attitude. As for sales, I know New York City like the back of my hand so not only can I speak to a building, but also the neighborhood culture, offerings and character. I probably even know the coffee shop and dog run around the corner.


What are your aspirations?

I hope to be known as a loyal co-worker, professional, friend, daughter and sister. My aspirations are always changing, but my character remains the same.


Biggest Success?

The best is yet to come.


Most Challenging Moment?

There are never enough hours in the day!


Favorite Motto?

Your personality is your business card and how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you is your trademark.


Favorite People?

Anyone who is different than me. I’m always intrigued by those who have lived and thought differently – whether across the world or in my backyard.


Favorite Places?

Off the beaten path, wherever the locals are. Otherwise, Prince Street here in New York and Rue du Bac in Paris.


Favorite Products?

Reformation clothing, Catbird jewelry, Outdoor Voices active wear, Glossier skincare and diptyque scents.


Current Passions?

Meeting new people and growing closer to the old, The Sunday New York Times, Hamilton, Adam Platt food reviews in New York Magazine, Derek Blasberg culture reviews in Vanity Fair and hard work.

Roxana Rafatjah Kessler: Real Estate Salesperson at CORE & Founder of

The Native SocietyMarch 21, 2016

My NativeAdVantage:


Whether seeking, surveying or selling property is the goal, Roxana Rafatjah Kessler applies her understanding of consumer behavior, partnerships, negotiation and marketing strategies to connect buyers and sellers for successful transactions. Roxana is also the founder and president of ROXIontheROX, LLC, a marketing, events and branding consultancy. Residential, commercial and investment properties are each treated uniquely with a customized approach by Roxana and her abilities to effectively attract the right buyers and best offers. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with CORE, Roxana is dedicated to sharing her passion for New York City, where she has lived for 10+ years, building strong networks in various industries including real estate investments.


Roxana has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Boston University, with a minor in Economics, and has also completed Digital Marketing coursework at NYU and a summer program at FIT. A humanitarian at heart, Roxana is on the leadership council for the Resolution Project, is an animal lover and avid gym-addict.


What do you do best?

I’m a problem-solver. Whether that means finding a client an investment property, selling a home, striking up a mutually beneficial brand partnership, or producing a flawless event, I like to fill gaps and connect opportunities. It comes naturally to me, so I always enjoy it.


What makes you the best?

I’m genuine. And I don’t necessarily mean that others may not be genuine. But I can be proud of everything I say and do when I’m connecting people and creating opportunities because I strive to always be authentic to my own intentions and the intentions of my clients.


What are your aspirations?

Personal: Owning and investing in properties nationwide and maybe internationally

Business: Building businesses so successful and widespread that they impact the world in some great way.


Biggest Success?

My biggest success always lies ahead of me!


Most Challenging Moment?

Making the decision to work for myself. But this has also been the most rewarding experience.


Favorite Motto?

Go big or go home.


Favorite People?

What an odd question! I appreciate everyone in my life for all sorts of different reasons! If I had to pick one -- my 7-pound shorkie, Bibi.


Favorite Places?

In NYC, anything in the West Village. I love trying out new places. On the west coast, I love Santa Barbara for relaxing and the most delicious Mexican food in the country. Internationally, I have fallen in love with Rome, Paris, and the most peaceful place on earth, the Chapung Sebali in Ubud, Bali.


Favorite Products?

Vinylux nail polish – it lasts chip-free for 2 full weeks! And you can take it off with regular nail polish remover, unlike gel. You’re welcome ladies. Coconut oil – for cooking, and for moisturizing - Double whammy! My TimePassages app – for astrological charts… Gotta time those successful deals! 


Current Passions?

I’ve always been passionate about real estate. Before I ever had a real estate license, I would help friends find their apartments just for fun. Now, this passion has just grown and expanded. And baby animals. I’m pretty obsessed with baby animals.    

Lisa Graham: Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at CORE

The Native SocietyMarch 21, 2016

My NativeAdVantage:


As a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker with a decade of experience in residential sales, Lisa Graham brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and authenticity to CORE. Lisa specializes in the luxury market representing a wide range of clientele, including first time buyers, foreign investors and real estate developers. Her strong referral business and loyal client base are solidified by her attention to detail, keen discretion, integrity as well as her attentive and intuitive nature. In addition to being a native New Yorker, she is also a member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), and has appeared on several episodes of the HGTV series Selling New York.


Having an athletic edge, Lisa was an NCAA Division I scholar athlete for the Radford University women’s soccer team and graduated with a B.S. degree in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising. She received her certification as a holistic health counselor while studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and traveled to India to further her studies in Ayurvedic healing. Lisa enjoys a health-conscious lifestyle and merges her passions for real estate and wellness to her clientele who are open to the idea of creating a healthy home environment.


What do you do best?

I am best at going above and beyond, and getting the job done whether it’s finding the perfect home for my buyer, selling my clients home or representing a landlord to rent out their investment property. My strength is listening, communicating with a collaborative approach and maintaining my composure in challenging situations.


What makes you the best?

My unwavering work ethic and the ability to intuitively understand and respond to the needs of my clients.  


Biggest success?

Having built solid and authentic relationships and a very loyal client and referral base.


What are your aspirations?

Personal: To finish writing my first book which is about healing autoimmune disease naturally with alternative healing therapies.

Business: To double my real estate business in the next couple of years, continue to stay inspired, positive and grateful. Always play to my strengths and follow my passions. 


Most challenging moment?

The downturn of the market in 2008.


Favorite Mottos?

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Dr. Wayne Dyer


Favorite People?

My seventeen month old daughter and my husband, family and friends.


Favorite Places?

Some of my favorite places are Amalfi Coast, Turks & Caicos, Paris, and South Africa although, I always love coming home to NYC.


Favorite Products?

Pratima skincare from the Ayurvedic Spa located in Soho and DoTerra essential oils for wellness and diffusing in the home.


Current Passions?

Motherhood, health and wellness and clearing clutter. 

Alfa Development And CORE Present “The Future Of Boutique Condominiums” At 199 Mott

citybizlistMarch 21, 2016

On the morning of March 11th, Alfa Development and luxury real estate group CORE,welcomed brokers and real estate executives for a lively breakfast and panel discussion titled, “The Future of Boutique Condominiums.” Topics included the projects that now epitomize the city, the ever evolving real estate market and what’s next for New York’s neighborhoods.


The panel featured some of the leading names in New York’s boutique condominiums including Shawn Katz of KUB Capital, Jon Kully of FLANK, and Roy Stillman of Stillman Development. The discussion was moderated by Tim Crowley, Director of New Development with CORE.


The event was held in Residence 2, one of the final remaining homes at Alfa Development’s 199 Mott Street, an 11-unit boutique condominium located in the heart of NoLita, and hosted by Emily Beare, a top-producing agent with CORE, who Alfa recently tapped to exclusively sell the home. It is currently listed at $7,775,000. 199 Mott is the fourth building in Alfa’s Green Collection of sustainable residential developments and features various locally-sourced and sustainable materials.

Cute Seafoam Apartment Offers Two Bedrooms in Harlem for $699K

6sqftMarch 18, 2016

Located just across from the northern edge of Central Park, the Park Lane Condominium is a prewar building in Harlem that’s been turned into a boutique condo development. This two-bedroom unit has been renovated nicely — it retains that spacious prewar feel (the foyer is large enough to house two harps!) but has been upgraded with a new kitchen and bathroom. The apartment last sold in 2011, likely before the renovation, for $435,000 and now it’s priced for a profit, asking $699,000.


In the foyer, you have a washer/dryer and a spacious closet to your left. It’s a nice flow from here into the open living and dining area, and it looks like the space is large enough to store some very large musical instruments. There’s oak hardwood floors throughout the apartment.


The kitchen is completely open, lining one wall of the living room. There’s not enough room for a breakfast bar, which means a buyer will have to use some creativity when it comes to sitting down to eat. The kitchen was upgraded with white cabinets and countertops, as well as chrome appliances.


The bedrooms are located across from the kitchen, on the other side of the living room. The second bedroom isn’t huge and looks like it’d work best as a nursery or office space. The master bedroom, of course, offers a lot more space to spread out.


118 West 112th Street is a beautiful, red brick building and it’s location across from Central Park makes it even lovelier. Other perks that come with this so-called boutique condo? A renovated lobby, package room, fitness room, bike storage and a common courtyard for residents.

Restaurateur Serving Up $1.2M Chelsea Pad

New York PostMarch 17, 2016

Restaurateur Julie Taras Wallach, owner of the Tipsy Parson eatery, is selling her apartment at 219 W. 14th St. The fifth-floor unit is asking $1.2 million.


It was designed by her brother, the architect Jeffrey Taras.


The best part of the one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 636-square-foot apartment — beyond its private rooftop — might be its chef’s kitchen.


We can just imagine her restaurant’s chef, “Top Chef” star Ty-Lor Boring, dropping in to make his signature shrimp with grits and buttermilk biscuits.


The apartment features ceilings more than 11 feet high and a wood-burning fireplace.


A pocket door leads from the living room to the bedroom, with custom floor-to-ceiling closets and a built-in counter/desk.


There’s also a spiral staircase that leads to that 450-square-foot private, landscaped roof deck with city views.


The listing brokers are Henry Hershkowitz, Cartwright Lee and Heather McDonough, of CORE.

Suburban Sprawl

New York ObserverMarch 16, 2016

Jim St. Andre's combined two-unit listing at 101 Warren Street was featured in the New York Observer's "Opener" section.

How Do NYC Apartments Stack Up Against Irish Castles?

Luxury Listings NYCMarch 16, 2016

Everyone’s favorite alcohol-soaked holiday – St. Patrick’s Day – is tomorrow! To celebrate CityRealty has put together a very useful/depressing infographic pitting Ireland against New York City, to show us just how much further money goes in basically anywhere but NYC.


For example $7.2 million in the city could bag you the very respectable #PH1B at 205 East 85th Street. The four bedroom, four bathroom duplex has two terraces and 2,433 square feet of internal space.


But in comparison, take your pennies to Ireland, and the same amount could get you the 700-year old Glin Castle, which comes with 21 bedrooms, 20,000 square feet and a 380-acre estate.


Likewise, $11.6 million (slightly less in fact) could get you a penthouse at the very pretty 456 West 19th Street, which has 2,800 square feet of indoor space, 1,200 square feet of outdoor space, three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and a lot of very lovely windows.


But over the Atlantic $11.6 million will get you the ocean-front, Victorian, Inniscorrig Castle. Spread over 5,773 square feet, it has six bedrooms, a boathouse, and views to die for. Take a look at the infographic below.

Townhouses: The New, Extravagant and Over the Top

New York ObserverMarch 14, 2016

Super high-end condos may grab the headlines, but single-family homes still retain their classic appeal. 


“It’s a unique buyer that buys a townhouse versus another condo or co-op,” Corcoran broker Timothy Scott said. “That’s what makes townhouses special—there are only a handful of them.”


“It’s a fixed asset class,” agreed Core broker Jim St. Andre. “The limited supply makes it infinitely more interesting.”


As the ultra-high-end market sees some frothing, price has become even more important. “You’ve seen some compromising on pricing from sellers, but I think the market in general got too enthusiastic at one point,” Mr. St. Andre said. “Anyone who owned a townhouse that was 20 feet or wider downtown in the Village thought the house was worth $20-something million immediately!”


“The townhouse is the most stable part of the luxury market—it’s much less influenced by international buyers than the condo market,” Douglas Elliman broker George van der Ploeg said. “The townhouse market is dominated much more by well-to-do New Yorkers.”


Check out a list of the best townhouses currently on the market where CORE's 38 Prince Street was included in the mix. 

Advertising Big Selling Chelsea Penthouse for $11.45M

New York PostMarch 10, 2016

Brandon Ralph, founder and executive creative director of the design and advertising firm Code and Theory, and his wife Adriana Biasi, co-founder of interior design firm Braga Biasi, have put their penthouse duplex at 456 W. 19th St. back on the market — this time for $11.45 million.


Code and Theory’s clients have included Mashable, Vogue, Dr. Pepper, The Daily Beast and Lenny Kravitz. Ralph bought the unit for $6.77 million in 2011 — down from its $7.5 million asking price — and then, two years later, put it back on the market for 2013 for $11.75 million.


He stuck with that asking price until now.


The high-style penthouse is currently listed with his third broker, Emily Beare, of CORE.


The Cary Tamarkin-designed home is 2,829 square feet and comes with three bedrooms, and 3½ bathrooms. It also boasts 1,200 square feet of private outdoor space.


Inside, the home features a double-height living room with 20-foot ceilings and a gas fireplace.


There’s also an open chef’s kitchen, an upstairs breakfast terrace in the master suite, which also has a spa-like bathroom and views of the Empire State Building.

On the Scene at W Fort Lauderdale Reveal in NYC

The Real DealMarch 10, 2016

Related Companies unveiled the redeveloped W Fort Lauderdale at a cocktail reception in New York City last week. CORE's Cassie D'Agata, Sergio Zuluaga, Cameron Culver and Mike Fruman were in attendance.

Nolita's Ritzy Church-to-Condo Conversion Reveals Interiors, Pricing

CurbedMarch 09, 2016

The former St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School is on its way to becoming a fancy condo complex.


A little more than a year after the first renderings appeared for the condo conversion at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School, a full website for the development has launched, revealing both pricing for the project, as well as a plethora of new renderings. Those images show off the interiors of the project's seven condos, as well as those for the $25 million townhouse that will sit at the complex's northeast corner.


And even more tantalizing for real-estate gawkers: The website has full floorplans for the complex's seven condos, as well as that schmancy townhouse. As previously reported, no two apartments have the same floorplan; but each unit is quite large (the smallest, 3B, measures 2,616 square feet) and comes with a number of amenities, including en-suite bathrooms and plenty of storage space. Most are duplex or triplex units, and nearly all come with private outdoor space.


As for the prices, the cheapest ("cheap" being a relative term here) apartment—a 2,734-square-foot corner duplex with three fireplaces—is asking $7.74 million, and the most expensive is a duplex penthouse, which has three terraces and is asking $13.1 million. The townhouse, which is a whole other thing in terms of amenities, is asking $25 million. So not inexpensive by any means, but we already knew that. Sales are expected to launch later this month.

The Women Shaping Our Skylines

AmuseMarch 08, 2016

To celebrate international women’s day here are 11 women shaping where we live.


Architecture has long been a man’s world. It’s hard to believe that the Pritzker Prize, the most sought-after award in architecture, hadn’t been won by a woman until 2004, a whole century after the first female architect was recorded. (She was called Louise Bethune and she designed The Lafayette, an impressive 19th century hotel in Buffalo, New York.)


But rather than remind you what more there is still to do for women globally, here is a celebration of just some of the women who’ve triumphed in a man’s world – and in doing so have shaped the way we live through buildings and space.


Annabelle Selldorf – 42 Crosby Street by Selldorf Architects

Annabelle Selldorf is the New York-based architect behind a number of iconic properties on the Manhattan skyline. Born in Germany, Annabelle studied in New York where her restrained and elegant designs became a firm favourite with artists and galleries. Hauser & Wirth, David Zwirner, Jeff Koons and David Salle have all called on her. Selldorf Architects’s latest designs include the Abercrombie & Fitch flagship stores in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Copenhagen and Tokyo, as well as a new residential building in Manhattan.


Zaha Hadid – 520 West 28th Street by Zaha Hadid Architects

The British-Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize. Zaha is the Grande Dame of architecture and the only female architect to gain worldwide acclaim in her own right. Her designs—often described as ‘neofuturistic’ mimic the ebbs and flows of nature with bold curves and elegant lines. Most notably in Zaha’s design for the Heydar Aliyev Centre in Azerbaijan, which won her numerous awards. Her latest project is the first residential design byZaha Hadid Architects, a space-age block of flats overlooking the Whitney Museum in Manhattan.


On the Market in New York City

The New York TimesMarch 04, 2016

Sutton Area Co-op • $750,000 • MANHATTAN • 320 East 57th Street, #11F


A one-bedroom one-bath in a full-service prewar elevator building. Jill Libman, CORE (917)439-9840;


MAINTENANCE $1,727 a month


PROS This south-facing unit has been meticulously renovated, but maintains prewar details including original moldings and herringbone floors, which have been refinished. The bedroom is roomy with two exposures. The foyer is big enough for a dining table.


CONS The bathroom is reached through the bedroom or kitchen, and lacks a tub.

If These Walls Could Talk

Manhattan MagazineMarch 03, 2016

In Manhattan Magazine's March 2016 issue, what's old is new again in NYC real estate. We take a look at the regal past made de rigueur in cool residential conversations. Patrick Lilly's new development townhouse at 38 Prince Street is included in the mix. 

New York Luxury Real Estate: "A Dent, But No Crash"

Deutsche WelleMarch 02, 2016

German-speaking agent Tony Sargent lent his expertise on the current market to German network, Deutsche Welle. In his interview Sargent discussed how New York will always recover from crises and that the value of real estate will continue to increase over the years.

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