Reba Miller: CORE

The Mann Report ResidentialSeptember 01, 2013
How long have you been in the business?
-As of next January, I will have been in the business for 29 years.

What made you decide to get into real estate?
- Helping someone sell or buy a home, the most important commodity one can own, is an extremely fulfilling experience. My gift of gab, my love of people and my curiosity of New York City all inspired me to get involved in the industry. Ultimately, my desire to reach the highest point in my career was answered by pursuing a career in real estate.

Who inspires you?
-The new generation of agents who are successful inspires me professionally to always stay current. I am also inspired by my 4-year-old son.

What pushes you to the next level?
-My inner self is very competitive. I am always pushing the boundaries further to test myself, experience more, and succeed.