Real Estae Listings: New York Apartments that Cost as Much as Luxurious Storage Spaces

Realty TodayJuly 03, 2015

In recent statistics, it was found that some towers and super luxury buildings offer storage spaces that have the same price as many New York starter homes. Bloomberg listed different storage spaces that are way pricey to live in. These storage units are reportedly used by billionaires to pile up their belongings in. Some of these storage units can be even more expensive than some listed apartments in the city.


First on the list is the stage place offered in 56 Leonard St., which has a price of $300,000 or $1,500 per square feet. According to New York Curbed, for this price, one can already buy a one-bedroom apartment in a newly redeveloped building in Elmhurst, Queens. 


At 157 West 57th St., the storage place of a $100M apartment costs $216,000 or about $4,000 per square feet. In Brooklyn, one can already find a 500-square-foot one-bedroom apartment in Fort Hamilton for this price. The place reportedly has a beautiful balcony and only asks for $220,000.


The storage units in 432 Park Ave have prices around $190,000 or $2,500 per square feet. There is a studio that is listed for the same price on East 63rd Street and Second Avenue.


For less than $160,000, there is also a spacious renovated studio in Forest Hills. There is also a brand-new looking studio located in Spuyten Duyvil near Manhattan with an asking price of $109,500. This is almost the same price as the storage units offered at 252 East 57th Street.


The cheapest storage unit offered on the list is at 93 Worth Street in a Tribeca building which opened back in 2013. For $65,000, one can already have their own storage unit. Apartments this cheap can be seen in the Bronx that is listed for $64,500.