Manhattan Sales and Rental Projects Hitting the Market in 2012

CurbedJanuary 04, 2012
Did everybody make some good New Year's Resolutions? Not too ambitious, right? Remember, you don't want to be filled with disappointment and self-loathing one week into 2012 when your insanely rigorous three-tier cooking/exercising/reading plan falls to pieces. The trick is to create manageable goals involving things you already know how to do and that way you'll slowly build up confidence and by the time 2013 rolls around you might just be ready to accomplish something. For instance, our New Year's Resolutions were as follows:
1) Make more maps.
2) Compile information about Manhattan sales and rental developments that are going to go on sale this year.
3) Put it all on the internet.
And look at this—four days into the year and we've knocked down all three of those birds with one well-aimed stone. Guess we can take it easy for the next 11 4/5 months. (See a sales or rental project we've missed with an on-sale date sometime this year? Let us know.)