How New York wants to attract "hipsters" in Manhattan

Le FigaroDecember 10, 2014

The construction of a large complex called 15 Renwick intended for "rich hipsters" a stir in New York. Location: Hudson Square neighborhood whose activity has been increasing since 2009.

Make Hudson Square - Manhattan neighborhood that is a triangle between Tribeca, SoHo and the West Village - a residential area for ". * Rich hipsters" These are the words of Dan Oelsner, vice president of the company IGA-USA, responsible for conducting the project construction 15 Renwick, currently a lot of talk in New York (and social networks). Originally this project, the architect Ismael Leyva and Harry Jeremias, real estate professional prominent in New York.

The identity of this complex neo-Victorian decor or Victorian-industrial: the literary movement steampunk - which can be translated into French by retro-futurism - in which the action takes place primarily in industrial settings nineteenth century. For example, the Space Mountain attraction from Disneyland Paris recreated an atmosphere that can amount to several levels steampunk style.

Yet this Hudson Square neighborhood is not the most practical of Manhattan to live; it was even one of the last to have escaped the gentrification. It was not until the 2000s that people have chosen to settle there, says the New York Post Ellen Baer, responsible for the economic development of this area. "It is only 5 years since we had our first pharmacy!" She insists. Today, start-ups and other innovative companies has multiplied: since 2009, is about 40,000 advertisers, communicators, designers or journalists who asked to pack their bags.

The question is whether this project will type in the eye of the target. "The sale began only a month ago and returns are already impressive," says Dan Oelsner his side.

* A hipster can be likened to a person living in the fashionable districts of large cities, and frequent trendy places there.