Everything New is Old Again

New York ObserverSeptember 30, 2013
The early 21st century has proven to be very exhausting. Days are spent navigating traffic on a CitiBike (or a bespoke version), reconciling quinoa with a gluten-free diet, and trying to Lean In. All of which is enough to make even the most indefatigable New Yorker want to run home and curl up in her favorite chair. But you can't really curl up effectively in a fiberglass Hans Wegner shell chair reproduction.

A yearning for the warmth and comfort of yore is sending many New Yorkers' design styles time-traveling back to a bygone era, when chairs were composed of horsehair rather than plastic, when actual books were stored in bookcases, and kitchens were safely hidden behind doors. The decorative elements and architectural details commonly associated with the pre-war period are making a comeback.