CORE and StreetEasy Partner to Launch "CORE Control" to Revolutionize the New York City Real Estate Listing System

September 27, 2011
NEW YORK, N.Y. (September 27, 2011) – CORE is pleased to announce the release of CORE Control, the first listing and client management platform built in collaboration with StreetEasy, New York’s most widely-used real estate website. Unlike any system currently on the market, CORE Control is client-driven with tools that will increase listing openness while adding an important new dimension to client communications.

StreetEasy’s commitment to full disclosure and transparency in real estate information is built into CORE Control’s client features. CORE Control will streamline processes and benefit both consumers and agents alike with improved listings, search functionality and client management tools:

o Listings entered in CORE Control will be immediately displayed on the CORE and StreetEasy websites, and will soon after be fed to all major brokerages, listing and distribution services locally and nationally.
o CORE agents will have access to broker-only information on listings, such as commissions, listing expiration dates and CORE agent private notes.
o Agents have the ability to manage internal listings that aren't shown to the public.
o CORE Control offers agents the ability to link press coverage to their properties, as well as other relevant documents (such as exclusive agreements) for internal use.
o CORE Control offers the ability to create CORE-designed marketing materials in a clean and attractive format directly from StreetEasy.

Search Functionality
o CORE Control gives our agents the ability to search through listings from nearly every NYC brokerage, as well as listings from management companies, landlords and individual owners.
o CORE Control will generate branded comparable reports to help in property valuation and educated pricing.
o Agents will get daily updates for all new CORE listings and open houses as well as the ability to get updates for listings from any other source.

Client Management
o CORE Control offers the ability to collaborate with clients on listings, buildings and searches matching their desired criteria through the StreetEasy "Folders" interface. Clients and agents alike can show what they liked/disliked about listings and coordinate visits to different properties.
o Clients are also able to interact with agents, using the StreetEasy "Folders" interface, to show what they liked/disliked about listings and coordinate visits to different properties.
o Both agents and clients can receive email updates on price changes and new listings fitting their criteria so they are always informed about the market.
o CORE Control customizes printouts for listings of interest, with private notes, comments and listing details.

"CORE was the first brokerage to adopt StreetEasy when they began four years ago, and even then we recognized the similarities in our business approaches – we’re both small, nimble, forward-thinking companies. For those reasons, StreetEasy was the only company we considered partnering with to build this system. They fully understand the evolution of the real estate business ad how vital transparency is to the process,” says Shaun Osher, CEO of CORE. “CORE Control provides a tremendous advantage to our clients and agents in the way it streamlines their communication. It is far superior to anything currently in the marketplace. More importantly, the consumer has made StreetEasy their listing system with its transparent, user-friendly experience, and in my opinion it’s the best system available in New York City – so why not provide our clients with the best?”

“It is clear to everyone that the role of the broker is changing; it’s about service now. Consumers can access much more thorough information and often play a very active role in their searches. CORE was one of the first companies to provide full access to StreetEasy for all of their agents more than two years ago, so it was no surprise that they were ready to take the next important step to enable their agents to engage consumers in a very modern and open way,” says StreetEasy CEO Michael Smith.

About CORE

CORE is a real estate sales and marketing firm delivering the best in brokerage, communications and advisory services for the luxury residential segment. In addition, CORE’s elite group of highly experienced and successful professionals service developers who value efficient, no-nonsense results. CORE was founded by Shaun Osher as a full-service boutique firm with a strict adherence to the principles of integrity, efficiency and results. For more information visit

About StreetEasy is New York's most accurate and comprehensive real estate website, providing consumers detailed sales and rental information and the tools to manage that information to make educated decisions. The site has become the reference site for consumers, real estate professionals and the media and has been widely credited with bringing transparency to one of the world's most important real estate markets.

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