CORE 10: Limor Nesher

14 March, 2017 posted by: CORE

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Welcome to CORE 10, an off-the-cuff interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to learn more about this week’s guest, agent Limor Nesher!

Who is the living person you most admire? My husband and best friend, Eran. As for his family, he’d go through wind and fire to get everyone safe on board again.

Who is the most interesting New Yorker you know?  Lucia Kaiser. I ran into her by a funny coincidence and we became “Broadway pals ” for a little while and stayed connected. Her story and character are very interesting, from the Johnny Carson show to her love story and marriage to the German Kaiser. She’s a truly unique character and strong woman.

What is your earliest New York memory? I was a little girl visiting New York City with my dad in the ’80s and it was early morning, but at one point around 8 or 8:30AM, the streets became flooded with people walking up and down in a seemingly 80s amazing order – all wearing suits and big hair. It looked like a big factory.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? As a little girl, I was once told by a friend of my parents that “I shouldn’t be so worried – as much as I am growing my problems will grow too” so “have some perspective.”

What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? Buying our first apartment in New York City, then selling it with great profit.

What are your three most treasured possessions? My talents, skills and knowledge.

Name a movie, book or work of art that changed your life. The book “Sophie’s World,” opened a whole new world for me as a young adult to the mystical, philosophic and spiritual side of life.

What’s your greatest extravagance? My participation in one of New York’s Fashion Week’s events with my newly formed fashion brand, Inspired New York.

What’s your secret talent? I write songs, compose music, sing and play music with my husband.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Really?”


New York’s Finest with Limor Nesher

01 September, 2015 posted by: Limor Nesher


The creativity and variety of New York’s architecture is what makes this city unique and special. ‘New York’s Finest’ shares some of CORE agents’ favorite NYC landmarks, buildings and architectural structures.

Alwyn Court, located At 180 West 58th Street, is a 12-story landmark building. It was built between 1907 and 1909, and was designed by Harde & Short in French Renaissance style, with elaborate terra-cotta ornamentation that is covering the entire facade. It has an interior courtyard that also has a painted architectural facade by artist Richard Haas.

I love this building because of its unique ornamentation that resembles lace fabric from some points of view. It exemplifies craftsmanship from every angle. To me it is pure art!


Limor Nesher Discusses “Try Before You Buy” Trend With Fox News

05 November, 2013 posted by: CORE


Last week, CORE’s Limor Nesher was featured in this special real estate segment on FOX-NY. Discussing the growing popularity and benefits of the latest “Try Before You Buy” trend, cameras followed Limor, her client Shira Gavrielov and the seller of her East Harlem listing, located at 158 East 100th Street. “Basically, without the pressure of a broker, the buyer can come to the home, stay a few hours, even stay overnight, and just tryout the apartment,” Limor said.

The home’s seller, Richard Bost, is extremely confident in the effectiveness of this trend among potential buyers. “We realized this ‘try it before you buy it’ is a great way to showcase all the great things about the neighborhood and the apartment,” he said.

Check out last month’s segment of Good Morning America, featuring Limor and CORE agents Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon, as they offer more insight on this trend.


CORE in the News

28 October, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.


Innovative Ways to Market Real Estate
Epoch Times
Shaun Osher, Tom Postilio and Tony Sargent discuss the importance of innovative marketing among real estate professionals. “While we can’t create the market and we don’t know absolutely what a property is going to sell for, we can make sure it is perceived by the marketplace as well as it possibly can,” Tom says. Tony’s listing at 444 West 19th Street is featured throughout this piece after undergoing a complete staging transformation, allowing the space to be better presented to potential buyers.

Multi-lingual Brokers on the Rise as Apartment Sales to Foreigners Top $2B
Real Estate Weekly
Limor Nesher is featured in this trend piece, discussing the benefits among brokers who speak a second and third language when relating to clients. “It’s important for them to have someone they can trust,” Limor said. “Sometimes, foreign buyers come with English-speaking brokers and they just don’t understand each other.”

Top Residential Dealmakers Turn Out for 25th Annual REBNY Awards
The Real Deal
Reba Miller, Tom Postilio and Doron Zwickel are featured in this event recap. Held at the Pierre Hotel, REBNY’s annual residential Deal of the Year awards ceremony drew some of the most noted residential firms and brokers in New York City.


CORE in the News

21 October, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.

Paul Pierce_90 Franklin

Paul Pierce Nets $35K Per Month NYC Apartment
New York Post
NBA star Paul Pierce has inked a lease at 90 Franklin Street. The newest small forward to join the Brooklyn Nets’ roster, Pierce purchased the apartment for $35,000 per month, listed by Oliver Brown.

May I Have a Price Check? Multi-Million Dollar Cuts on New York’s Trophy Apartments
The New York Times
Emily Beare comments on the reduction in price of ambitiously priced trophy listings.  Emily’s listing at 15 Central Park West was recently priced at $70,000,000 after an initial asking price of $95,000,000.

“Try Before You Buy” Gains Traction With Home Hunters
The Real Deal
October 11th’s ‘Good Morning America’ segment receives additional coverage. Exploring the growing trend of “Try Before You Buy,” the piece featured CORE agents Tom Postilio, Mickey Conlon and Limor Nesher providing agent insight regarding this interesting new opportunity for home buyers.


CORE in the News

15 October, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.


Real Estate Agents Let Perspective Buyers Try Out New Homes
ABC “Good Morning America”
CORE agents Limor Nesher, Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon discuss the recent “Try Before You Buy” trend with correspondent Sara Haines on America’s most watched morning television show. The segment features a prospective buyer who “test drives” Tom and Mickey’s Upper West Side townhouse listing at 135 West 69th Street.

From Warehouses to Penthouses, Tribeca on the Rise
New York Post
Shaun Osher and Emily Beare’s Tribeca listing at 45 Walker Street is featured in this “Luxe Listings” piece. Located in the heart of Tribeca, this full-floor, 4,781-square foot condominium loft features 14 oversized windows, exposed columns, high ceilings and an open floor plan, making this true loft, bright and airy.

Luxe Listings: 143 East 63rd Street
New York Post
Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon’s Upper East Side townhouse listing at 143 East 63rd Street is featured. Owned by legendary singer and Ambassador for the Great American Songbook Michael Feinstein, this beautiful Upper East Side home has played host to many of our generation’s most well-respected icons in show business, politics and literature.


Try Before You Buy With CORE On “Good Morning America”

11 October, 2013 posted by: CORE

Ever wish you could test-drive an apartment before you buy it?

A new trend in real estate is encouraging potential buyers to do just that. They’re getting the opportunity to spend quality time in the home before putting a penny down. It might sound a little odd, but it can also help a buyer make a more informed decision — and possibly save them from buying the wrong house.

This morning, on ABC’s number 1 morning news show, “Good Morning America”, 5.3 million viewers tuned in to watch CORE’s Limor Nesher, Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon discuss this controversial topic with correspondent Sara Haines as well watch a prospective buyer “test-drive” a beautiful Upper West Side townhouse at 135 West 69th Street.

True to CORE’s vision to innovate and evolve the business of real estate, these brokers think out of the box to sell the unique listing. By allowing a buyer to spend 12 hours in the property without the pressures of having a broker or homeowners there, the potential buyer is truly able to experience “living” in the home and determine whether it’s the right property for him.


Photo of the Week: Uptown Artistry

20 September, 2013 posted by: CORE

limor art

Taken in the heart of the Upper East Side, today’s “Photo of the Week” features a stunning mural painted on the side of a nearby building. The shot, taken by CORE agent Limor Nesher, was captured as Limor was on the rooftop of her newest listing, located at 158 East 100th Street. “East Harlem is so rich in culture,” says Limor. “If you are in the area, simply look up. Art is very much alive here.”

An artist herself, Limor is skilled at spotting the beauty in all things visual.  This summer, Limor was featured in an episode of Selling New York, where she worked with the owner of an art gallery in East Harlem.


Photo of the Week: Harbingers of Autumn

23 August, 2013 posted by: CORE


Not that we’re wishing summer away, but who would expect to see apples growing from a tree in the middle of New York City? This image was captured by Limor Nesher in Harlem’s Strivers’ Row, three rows of townhouses in western Harlem on West 138th and West 139th between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Each of the Strivers’ Row houses is a designated landmark, and they are collectively recognized as a gem of New York City architecture. Who needs the Farmer’s Market when you can pick produce fresh right outside the door of your New York City townhouse?


Ten: Limor Nesher on Business, Life and Love

31 July, 2013 posted by: Shaun Osher

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

Limor Nesher has had a wide array of professions throughout her life: she is a  renowned real estate agent, of course, but also an artist, entrepreneur, star of HGTV’s Selling New York, and  fashion designer. The way in which she views the world is through the eyes of a successful real estate agent in a competitive market and as an artist who has a keen eye for beauty, granting her the ability to bond with her clients in a unique fashion. Here’s a glimpse into Limor’s outlook on life in TEN questions:

1. What did you do before you found this career?

For many years, I created art of many forms: music, paintings, digital editing and clothing.  In conjunction, I always worked in sales in order to12 copybe able to support my art. I made sure these sales jobs always had commission-based salaries from reputable companies where I’d be able to work short hours, but for very high commissions.

2. What has been the highlight of your career?

Working with CORE has made me want to step up, find creative ways to do business and continually find new methods to work with my clients. I feel that there is a great support from not only the staff at CORE, but also from my colleagues. Earlier this year, my nomination for REBNY’s “Deal of the Year” award for my sale at 251 East 110th Street was the highlight of my real estate career. It made me so proud to see that my hard work was something to be acknowledged. Read the rest of this entry »

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