Hot Topic: South Bronx Investors

22 March, 2017 posted by: CORE

Sebastian Oppenheim

Looking for the lowdown on the current state of the Bronx market? Earlier this week, CORE’s Sebastian Oppenheim was featured offering his expertise on options for buyers on the hunt for real estate in the much-discussed South Bronx market. According to Sebastian, now is a smart time to make moves to invest, before even more investors flood into the borough.

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Hot Topic: An Art Deco Masterpiece

15 March, 2017 posted by: CORE

DBOX_MP_OWS_Hero_120 Broadway_instagram

Did you catch One Wall Street on The New York Times last week? Macklowe Properties tapped CORE to market the condominiums at its $1.5 billion residential conversion last year. The New York Times featured a behind-the-scenes look at one of Manhattan’s lesser known Art Deco masterpieces, particularly the landmark building’s lobby, the Red Room. Check out the link below to see more of this downtown development!

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Photo credit: DBOX


Hot Topic: Loft conversion in SoHo

08 March, 2017 posted by: CORE


Did you catch Todd Lewin and Michael Rubin‘s listing at 284 Lafayette Street, 4D on The Wall Street Journal last week? This stunning Soho loft, originally built in 1892, features a captivating 65-foot-long wall of windows. Check out the link below to read about the top to bottom renovation at this 3,000-square foot home!

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Hot Topic: 1860s Tribeca Loft Reimagined

01 March, 2017 posted by: CORE


Did you see Emily Beare and Shaun Osher‘s listing at 60 White Street, PHE featured on designboom? The duplex penthouse atop one of Tribeca‘s smartest and most environmentally-conscious boutique condominiums was highlighted for its high-end design, careful selection of materials and commitment to the building’s architectural history. Check out the link below for more information on this truly one-of-a-kind property!

Full article: 1860’s Loft Building Reimagined as a Biophilic + Passive Edifice in Tribeca, NY


Hot Topic: The “Average” Foreign Buyer

22 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


Brokers Adie Kriegstein and Keren Ringler were interviewed for story on the “average foreign buyer in NYC” on Brick Underground. Adie and Keren agree that most foreign buyers are often either using NYC real estate as an investment, looking for an apartment to use as a pied-à-terre or purchasing a home for a child who is studying or working in the city. Check out the link below for Adie’s mention of Related Companies’ 15 Hudson Yards too!

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Hot Topic: Kee Gets Creative

25 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

132_West_22nd_Street_8_01 (1)

Looking for creative ways to minimize a home’s flaws and get it ready to sell? CORE’s Elizabeth Kee was featured in The New York Times last week offering tips on how to make low ceilings look and seem much higher. To make the ceilings at her listing at 132 West 22nd Street, 8FL look higher, she added floor-to-ceiling curtains. Click the link and discover more innovative ways to deal with the quirks found in some New York City homes.

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Hot Topic: Luxurious Loft Living

18 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

650_Sixth_Avenue_2F_01 (5)

Did you catch last week’s Observer? Adie Kriegstein and Michael Rosser‘s listing at 650 Sixth Avenue, 2F was featured for its versatility and “distinctive personal touches.” The 2-bedroom home is the definition of luxury loft living and is located in the heart of the coveted Flatiron district. Take a look at the story and find out what else Adie and Michael had to share about this stunning property.

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Hot Topic: New Beginnings

11 January, 2017 posted by: CORE


Looking for a fresh start in the new year? Last week, CORE broker and holistic health coach, Lisa Graham was featured on Brick Underground offering her expertise on how new apartment owners can rid their homes of negative spirits. Graham recommends staging and setting intentions for a new home, while also prescribing the use of essential oils to cleanse a space. Here’s to new beginnings in 2017!

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Hot Topic: Co-ops vs. Condos

04 January, 2017 posted by: CORE


What is the latest on the topic of Manhattan luxury co-ops? Before the New Year, Bloomberg reported that the favor for co-ops has fallen since 2015, while buyers’ preference for newly built condos with amenities and without strict board rules has grown. CORE’s seasoned broker, Emily Beare was quoted offering her knowledge on the subject. She stated that even though many buyers reject co-ops, others are still interested in having their neighbors vetted. While opinions shift, many stay the same!

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