Spotlight on Sports Illustrated

17 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


Congratulations Elizabeth Kosich! CORE’s Chief Marketing Officer’s swimsuit line, Elizabeth Kosich New York, is featured for the 7th time in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The classic metallic Betty bikini is worn by model Hannah Ferguson. In previous issues of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Elizabeth’s designs have been featured on models Heidi Klum, Chrissy Teigen, Brooklyn Decker as well as professional surfer Anastasia Ashley! Additionally, the 2017 issue features the return of supermodel Christie Brinkley and is the second year plus-size models have been included in the magazine. Model Kate Upton also lands her 3rd Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover this year. Check out the link below to see the feature and more of this historic issue!

Click here for the full feature: Model Hannah Ferguson Wears Elizabeth Kosich New York


House Call: 27A Harrison Street

17 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


27A Harrison Street

Shaun Osher
Founder and CEO, Lic. Real Estate Broker

Emily Beare
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

Offered at $7,495,000, this 3-bedroom, 3-bath home is the largest historic townhouse on Harrison Street. Renovated by Dean/Wolf Architects, the townhouse features four levels of living space, not to mention a magnificently designed custom staircase. If you’re in TriBeCa this weekend, be sure to check out this meticulously restored and maintained home!

Sun, Feb 19, 1:00 – 2:00


Hot Topic: West Chelsea Masterpiece

15 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


Last week, Daniel Amell and Emily Beare‘s listing at 100 Eleventh Avenue, 19A was featured on CBS New York’s Living Large. Daniel and Emily gave CBS reporter Emily Smith a behind-the-scenes look at the spectacular home within Jean Nouvel’s West Chelsea masterpiece. Check out the link below for a one-on-one tour that features jaw-dropping views of the Hudson River!

Click here to watch the full segment: See Yourself In This Sitcom Star’s Home


Best Apartment I Ever Sold: Patrick Mills

14 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


Best Apartment I Ever Sold invites our agents to share the unique story of their best selling experience to date. This week, learn why Patrick Mills’ sale at 305 West 16th Street, 2H is his best one yet.

While I of course appreciate beautiful design and homes that make you say “wow”, I am motivated more by the relationships I build with my clients and sometimes even their dogs! With that said, when I reflect on the best apartment I ever sold, it’s no surprise that I immediately think about 305 West 16th Street, 2H and the people who sold and purchased it and of course, the dog that lived there.

Apartment 2H at 305 West 16th Street was my 60th transaction in the building and although beautifully designed and well decorated, I really connected with the newly married couple who were selling it. Furthermore, I also found a friendship in the couple who bought it and were just about to get married. And then of course there was Mousse, the sellers’ chocolate lab who was the mascot for this great Chelsea home.

The aesthetic of the apartment was very warm and worldly, decorated with pictures from the sellers’ travels across the globe. A certificate for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was prominently displayed, and simply being in the space gave a sense that the sellers lived a very full life. On top of all this, Mousse, the sweetest chocolate Labrador you’ve ever met, brought the home to life and filled each room with love.

It was fitting that a lovely couple, just a few months from getting married, came to the first open house and immediately fell in love with the home and Mousse. There was no doubt that the pair felt the warmth and love the sellers had brought to the home. The couple wasted no time and quickly submitted a full ask offer. We closed 45 days later. Since then, the buyers have made this apartment their own and even brought a new mascot, their golden retriever, Bailey!

This was an extremely quick and easy transaction, but it was the people and Mousse that left a lasting impression on this seasoned broker.


Trends & Tides: Buying or Selling a Manhattan Co-op

13 February, 2017 posted by: CORE

UES R2 078

Trends & Tides’ takes a look at the ever changing environment of New York City real estate – past, present and future – by offering observations, analyzing perceptions and challenging myths, while giving a dose of reality along the way.

A simple question posed on social media last night made clear that many still long for an explanation of the co-op buying process in NYC. So I am re-sharing this TrueGotham post from November 2009:

Here is a step by step guide of what to expect from the point a contract is sent to a buyer’s attorney until that glorious day at the closing table. And don’t forget to review your closing costs early on in the process so you have no surprises.

1. A contract is sent to the buyer’s attorney from the seller’s attorney from a boiler plate form with attached suggested riders

2. The buyer’s attorney does their due diligence for their client which consists of but is not limited to reading of the Co-op Board minutes, reviewing the building financial statements, offering plan, proprietary lease, and house rules.

3. The buyer’s attorney then marks up the contract with suggested changes and it goes back and forth until both attorneys agree on language.

4. Once the contract is finalized, the buyer will sign and provide a 10% deposit check to be delivered to and deposited in your attorney’s escrow account until closing.

5. The seller will then sign the contract.

6. Once the contract is fully executed (signed by all parties), it is delivered to the buyer and they have typically 30 days to submit their application to the Board with their mortgage commitment letter.

7. The seller’s real estate agent reviews the board application and almost always has to request additional documentation or changes which takes approximately 1-5 business days.

8. Multiple copies of the application are made by the real estate agent and delivered to the managing agent.

9. The managing agent then takes 1-2 weeks to “process” the application running credit reports, etc and then they disseminate to Board members.

10. Board members then review the purchase application and all supporting documentation to determine if they will interview. Members may choose to review and give their opinions via email, they may require a discussion to take place at a set monthly meeting time, or they may decide to review packages together on an as needed basis.

11. Assuming they find the application acceptable, a notice of interview date can come anywhere from 1 week to month after Board receives package from management (this is where a seller can reach out to board to kindly request them to expedite the process).

12. Board interviews buyers

13. Typically approved within 1-3 business days but some buildings take longer.

14. Closing is then scheduled to take place approximately 10-14 days after approval or as stated in the contract (most Manhattan deals NEVER close on the date specified in the contract).

Lastly, it is imperative to mention that banks are also slowing the process considerably these days with tighter lending standards.

So realistically, one should expect a closing of a Manhattan co-op to take approximately 2-4 months from the time a contract is sent out. Having said that, things like holidays, vacations of Board members and other pressing business that a Board may have to address are all factors that can lead to further delays.

Hopefully this will help to manage the expectations of all who are venturing into the sale or purchase of a Manhattan co-op.


Quoin: A Look Into Bathroom Trends

13 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


What one feature do 66% of CORE buyers value above any other? This month, Quoin explores bathroom trends in New York City real estate. It might seem strange to some but the smallest room in your home can either make a sale – or sink it. Subscribe below to not miss an issue!


House Call: 284 Lafayette Street, 4D

10 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


284 Lafayette Street, 4D

Todd M Lewin
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

Michael Rubin
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

Offered at $5,850,000, this 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath loft is truly one-of-a-kind! The extravagant home recently underwent top to bottom renovation. It’s meticulously designed with soaring ceilings and 65 feet of west facing views through ten large windows overlooking one of Soho‘s best streets. If you are downtown this weekend, come check out this unforgettable home. You won’t want to miss it!

Sun, Feb 12, 1:00 – 2:30


VoiceAmerica with Sid Whelan

09 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


This past Tuesday, CORE’s Sid Whelan was a guest on “Good Morning New York, Real Estate” with Vince Rocco discussing whether or not buyers should hire a lawyer during the purchasing process. While there is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer, some agents believe it’s best for their buyer to have one on hand. Sid also covered Harlem’s real estate market with CORE’s Matthew Cohen during the show. Click the link below to hear what Sid has to say regarding both topics.

Click here to listen to the full discussion: VoiceAmerica with Sid Whelan


Hot Topic: West Side Wonder

08 February, 2017 posted by: CORE

171_West_73rd_Street_2_02 (1)

Did you see Jasmin Abrol and Patrick Lilly‘s listing featured in The New York Times last week? This adorable Upper West Side home at 171 West 73rd Street, 2 was highlighted for it’s brick walls, wood floors, renovated kitchen and convenient location to Central Park. The duplex also offers an enormous outdoor garden. Check out the link below for more information on this desirable property!

Click here for the full article: On the Market in New York City


Dwell Diaries: 455 Central Park West, 18C

07 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


Dwell Diaries provides a peek at a “day-in-the-life” in one of CORE’s exclusive listings. From master suites to neighborhood hotspots, our diary doesn’t spare a detail!

Waking up at 455 Central Park West, 18C is nothing short of perfection. A morning in this white-glove condominium begins as you’re awoken by sunlight pouring in through the windows. Why not extend this blissful wake-up by indulging in a spa-like bath with sweeping Central Park views directly from the soaking tub and glass shower? After a relaxing bath, it’s time to enjoy a coffee and bagel from one of the best bagel joints in New York, Absolute Bagels, located right around the corner. Who can resist this morning ritual?

One of the best parts about living in this Upper West Side residence is getting to live the best of both worlds. While it’s located in a quiet residential area away from the hustle and bustle, you are still close to every convenience. For example, Columbus Square is just a short walk away, providing one-stop shopping for those Sunday morning errands. Once the errands are completed, head across the street to the Great Hill, the most lovely spot in Central Park for picnics and ‘Great Jazz on the Great Hill’. Once the music comes to a close, walk down to The Pool, an area surrounded by grassy banks and weeping willows. The Pool flows into the Ravine, which feels like a forest hidden from the Manhattan skyline.

After a fun day of activities and relaxation in the park, enjoy a delicious Italian meal from Macchina followed by a fantastic dessert from Silver Moon Bakery. When it’s time to return home to 455 Central Park West, 18C invite some friends over and take advantage of the open living room layout, grand dining room and spacious kitchen, all making the home the ideal place for entertaining. A day-in-the-life at 455 Central Park West, 18C will truly make you feel like you are living in a castle by the park.

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