House Call: 129 North 3rd Street, 133

14 April, 2017 posted by: CORE


Lic. Associate Real Estate Broker

Laura Hirsch Chilton

Lic. Real Estate Salesperson

Offered at $2,650,000, this 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom condominium townhouse spans four floors and is located in Williamsburg. Featuring bright light and immaculate finishes, this condo additionally offers ceiling heights ranging from 9 to 11 feet and a 400-square-foot private garden with built-in barbecue. Don’t miss the chance for an open house tour of this Brooklyn home on Sunday!

Sunday, April 16, 2:00– 3:00pm


Hot Topic: The Art of Staging

12 April, 2017 posted by: CORE


Did you catch agents Tony Sargent and Steve Snider in The Real Deal last week? Both were interviewed for a story on the value of staging a listing and offered examples of how it’s helped move a property and sell it above ask. Click the link below to read more insight from Tony and Steve!

Click here to read the full article: Staging for the starter apartment


CORE 10: Doug Heddings

11 April, 2017 posted by: CORE

Me Relaxed

Welcome to CORE 10, an off-the-cuff interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to learn more about this week’s guest, Executive VP of Sales Doug Heddings!

Who is the living person you most admire? David Innocenzi. He’s our Manhattan Sales Manager with whom I’ve worked for nearly 10 years. He’s a dedicated and awesome husband, an unwavering, loyal father and a present and supportive best friend! He’s smart with an incredible work ethic. I can count on him always and we share a bond for which most could only hope. We have no secrets, we can be brutally honest without fear of hurting each other’s feelings and if we do hurt feelings, we are quick to make amends. Most importantly, we share lots of laughs! There is only one other with whom I share a greater bond, and that is my wife.

Who is the most interesting New Yorker you know? Without a doubt, it’s Kevin Sheekey. Although I haven’t seen Kevin in years, my now teenage son went to nursery school with his twins. As often happens, we have lost touch, but I admire him and his family from afar. Kevin is liked by all, friends with so many and always shares a once-in-a-lifetime type story about some celebrity who he’s recently had the pleasure of meeting. A former campaign manager and then Deputy Mayor for Bloomberg, Kevin would totally have my vote if he ever decided to throw his hat into the New York Mayoral race. One can only hope!

What is your earliest New York memory? I had never even visited New York prior to moving here in July of 1989 from the suburbs of Baltimore. I arrived via bus into what was then the very grimy and dangerous Port Authority Bus Terminal. The walk through the terminal, including all of the sights, sounds and unpleasant smells, still resonates with me, as does the trek from 42nd Street and 8th Avenue to 10th Avenue and 51st Street where I first lived. I was in complete awe even as I questioned what I was doing here.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Embrace yourself! All of yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly. Your history makes you who you are and life is all about perspective. On any given day I could write down the same ten items on a piece of paper and depending on my perspective, I could call it a “Gratitude List” or “Burdens List.” I do my best to remain grateful on a daily basis. Definitely an imperfect practice.

What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? I really believe that I am an excellent father. My kids are my greatest teachers. They are windows into my soul and show me my strengths and most definitely my defects so that I can change to become a better person. The irony of fatherhood is that while you are making every effort to raise fantastic children, they are influencing the father and the man that you are becoming. In essence, they are “raising” me.

What are your three most treasured possessions? My wedding ring has only been off my finger ONCE when I dropped it in a crashing wave. Miraculously, I sprung to the “sparkle” in the sand as the wave receded and scooped up the ring. As a child of divorce, this ring symbolizes so much more than just my wedding vows. Our home is a sanctuary and since we renovated to create a space that we cherish, I frequently prefer to cocoon at home in front of the fireplace rather than spend a night out on the town. My daughter has an authentic Pittsburgh Steelers football helmet signed by Hall of Famer “Mean” Joe Greene. It’s technically hers but I bought it and love looking at it on her book shelf. I touch it every time I leave her room. I don’t even think she knows that.

Name a movie, book or work of art that changed your life. It may sound bizarre, but Top Gun changed my life’s trajectory in a way that I never could have imagined. Long story, but shortly after seeing Top Gun in 1986, I joined the U.S Navy Nuclear Engineering program in an effort to maneuver my way into the U.S. Naval Academy. I had applied in high school and despite receiving the necessary congressional nomination from then Rep. Helen D. Bentley, I withdrew my application out of complete fear of the unknown. Six months into training, I experienced a spontaneous pneumothorax that landed me in the ICU and eventually received an honorable discharge after serving only 8 months and 8 days. After that, I did a short 8-month stint at the FBI in Washington, D.C. and ended up as a bartender at a very trendy hotel bar in Baltimore City, where I met the person who brought me to New York in 1989. Three years later I met Kate and the rest is history, as we have built a beautiful life together. Who knew that Maverick and Goose would have such an impact on my life?

What’s your greatest extravagance? I try to get a 2-hour massage every week. It doesn’t always happen, but it is something I do for myself that is a 2-hour escape into pure mindfulness.

What’s your secret talent? Those who know me will tell you that I have no SECRET anything. I’m an open book with limited boundaries (I continue to work on that…hahaha). But I guess if I had to choose something that not everyone knows, I’m a decent actor and I can do a few impressions, with my favorite being Jimmy Stewart lassoing the moon for Mary in It’s a Wonderful Life. I also dabble with a guitar but would hardly call it a talent.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Get out! No really. Get out!” “Awesome.” “Oh my G*d!” Just about anything that evokes drama! With a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!


True Gotham: Mindfulness Matters in Work & Play

10 April, 2017 posted by: CORE

Central Park East from 1280 Fifth (1)

Reporting from the front lines, Douglas Heddings brings us “True Gotham” – your source for NYC real estate tips, advice, anecdotes and general market insights that aim to inform and enlighten.

I just returned from a family vacation where I decided to truly drop off the grid. I left both my smartphone and my laptop at home and decided to focus on relaxing and spending quality time with my wife and two teenagers. I believe that it was for this reason that I would rank this vacation as one of my top three of all time. Coincidentally, my boss and the CEO of CORE, Shaun Osher recommended that I read Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It was an appropriate read on the beaches of Mexico, where it is quite easy to eliminate noise and be in the now particularly when you’ve decided to “unplug.”

As the Director of Sales at CORE, I’m often pulled in so many directions that at the end of a day I lack any real sense of accomplishment. All too frequently I seem to get caught up in busy work and simply spin my wheels. The doing “less but better” mantra in this book appealed to me. Who doesn’t want to simplify their lives in an effort to become more productive?

Essentialism lays out a road map of exactly how to eliminate the noise from your life, both business and personal, in an effort to live a more meaningful and mindful existence. We have the ability to choose that which we focus on and McKeown does a fantastic job of illustrating how the choices we make, including the things that we consider yet eliminate are all part of the voyage toward a better and more productive life. The author discusses things like the necessity of implementing play in our lives as a means of stimulating creativity and clarity. Play is not just for kids. He also illustrates that an essentialist is not one who simply cuts things out of their lives but rather someone who considers all options in an effort to choose the best and most productive path.

If you are feeling stretched at home or at the office, this is a must read. Being busy does not necessarily equate to being productive and trying to be all things to all people can be overwhelming and unhealthy. As someone who has some experience with meditation, Essentialism provides additional tools to help anyone on the journey to true mindfulness. I have already begun to implement strategies from the book that have helped me to focus on the task at hand whether it be a project that needs my attention at the office or a meaningful father-daughter conversation during an evening ride to soccer practice. The relatively simple act of determine what is most important and productive to you is incredibly liberating!


House Call: 124 West 23rd Street, 15A

07 April, 2017 posted by: CORE


Maggie Kent
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker
Licensed as Maggie A Moore
Lic. Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed as Jim E St. André
Lic. Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed as Stephanie Clegg

Offered at $4,495,000, this 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom condo features over 2000 square feet of indoor space and two private terraces facing north and south. Stunning floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the home in southern light and offer panoramic downtown views. Located on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, one is not far from neighboring Flatiron and Madison Square Park. Be sure to book an appointment and stop in this Sunday for an open house tour of this Chelsea condo!

Sunday, April 9, 12:00– 1:30pm (By appointment only)


An Evening at 60 White

06 April, 2017 posted by: CORE

Emily Beare, Shaun Osher, Veronica Mainetti

Emily Beare, Shaun Osher, Veronica Mainetti

Veronica Mainetti, President of Sorgente Group-America, joined CORE’s Founder & CEO Shaun Osher and broker Emily Beare for an intimate evening to celebrate the completion of the environmentally-conscious and expertly designed 60 White Street. VIP guests enjoyed one-on-one tours of the property in addition to fare and specialty cocktails, courtesy of  the thought-provoking food pop-up wastED and Blue Hill on the Road.

Click here to learn more about 60 White Street: CORE Developments: 60 White


Hot Topic: Market Analysis in the Wall Street Journal

05 April, 2017 posted by: CORE


Last week, Founder & CEO Shaun Osher was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a feature on the first-quarter performance of the Manhattan apartment sales market, as it was the second strongest performance for a first quarter since 2008. Click the link to learn what Shaun had to say about the current state of the NYC real estate market.

Click here to read the full article: Manhattan Apartment Sales Are Rebounding


Best Apartment I Ever Sold: Matthew Cohen

04 April, 2017 posted by: CORE


Best Apartment I Ever Sold invites our agents to share the unique story of their best selling experience to date. This week, learn why Matthew Cohen‘s sale at 77 Reade Street, 5E is his best one yet.

It is quite difficult to pick the “best apartment I ever sold,” as I love each and every one of my listings for different reasons. Every apartment has a story to tell, and I love using the details of each one to figure out how I am going to tell it. If I had to choose, I would say 5E at 77 Reade Street. I always enjoy selling lofts, as their living areas consistently generate a “wow” reaction out of buyers, but there is something indescribable about selling a manicured loft.

This is what 77 Reade is all about. Ever since the beginning of my career, I wanted to sell in the building because of the true conversion details. The developer who converted the building to condos wanted to mix the old with the new. Lofts that appeal to buyers who like open space and clean details. Nothing describes my personal and professional taste in real estate more: minimalism with a mix of pre-war and modern.

Everything from the exposed brick to the white Canova kitchen to the wall of windows, 5E is a property that will always have a special place in my heart. There is no better feeling than when the property’s story mixes perfectly with the energy of the sellers, therefore creating the perfect aesthetic. 5E made it very easy to come up with a story, the sellers are some of the most wonderful people on earth, which equated to a gorgeous apartment. I sold the loft over the asking price in only two weeks.


Commercial Basis: HQ Strategy

03 April, 2017 posted by: CORE

DSCN6434 (1)

Commercial Basis explores how technology, branding and demographic preferences are shaping office and retail real estate in New York City. As these forces break down the barriers from where we live to where we work and shop, Lead Commercial Specialist Alex Cohen assesses the impact on real estate values and opportunities.

Last month Snapchat’s parent Snap, Inc. issued perhaps the largest and most significant initial public offering of 2017. One of the interesting aspects of this IPO was that Snapchat identified its lack of a corporate headquarters as a risk that could potentially undermine its growth and future revenue. Snapchat’s founders started the company in a Venice beach bungalow and have grown the business in scattered Venice and Marina del Ray locations. These are communities with a very constrained supply of available office space. Management has not articulated any plans to bring Snapchat’s staff together in a headquarters or even consolidate into fewer locations. A diffused workforce presents a challenge to collaboration, creating a consistency of culture and overall productivity, particularly in the innovation-based environments of TAMI (technology, advertising, media and information) companies. I previously wrote about how many TAMI companies like Google and Apple developed comprehensive and expansive workplaces filled with amenities that are intended to engage as well as attract and retain employees and embody the firms’ cultures (see:

In New York City, Snapchat’s one principal office location is sited in the former The New York Times building west of Times Square. Here its growth has been haphazard as well, with new staff filling in virtually every available square foot leaving meeting and collaboration space virtually non-existent. One could argue that Snapchat’s apparent lack of a real estate strategy reflects the exclusion of real estate from overall business strategy. And this is not a common problem endemic only to new or fast growing firms.

Traditionally, the corporate real estate function has not occupied a position of prominence within most companies. As office space is typically the second largest corporate expense after payroll, most firms characterize real estate not as a platform critical to revenue and productivity, but as a cost to be managed and economized (even in growing firms) through measures like consolidation and densification (reducing square footage occupied per employee). The individuals who implement corporate real estate within a company are frequently perceived to be “order takers” and are often isolated from the actual C-Suite-based decision making process.

Truly progressive firms are starting to incorporate real estate within the C Suite, creating Chief Solutions or Chief Innovations Officer positions with principal responsibilities to rationalize a company’s real estate portfolio and integrate work place planning with the company’s overall business strategy.

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