House Call: 425 West 53rd Street, PH3

03 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


425 West 53rd Street, PH3

Jeffrey A Smith
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

Offered at $3,350,000, this spectacular 3-bedroom Midtown West duplex penthouse offers a desirable layout, floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning southern views from a private roof terrace. Stop in this Sunday to get a tour of this beautiful home!

Sun, Feb 5, 12:00 – 1:30


CORE 10: Armen Meschian

02 February, 2017 posted by: CORE


Welcome to CORE 10, an off-the-cuff interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to learn more about this week’s guest, broker Armen Meschian!

  1. Who is the living person you most admire? I would lie if I didn’t say my father. An accomplished architect and a musician with tremendous legacy.
  2. Who is the most interesting New Yorker you know? I am truly stumped by this question. I know many and from all walks of life. 
  3. What is your earliest New York memory? Looking at the New York City skyline from the New Jersey side of the Hudson upon arriving to the United States as a 15-year-old immigrant. Fear, excitement, hope, dreams: it was a barrage of feelings at the foot of a new beginning in this country.
  4. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Whatever job you do, have a clear definition of how you personally add value in your field. 
  5. What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? Becoming a father. It’s hard to top that one.
  6. What are your three most treasured possessions? My three main guitars. 
  7. Name a movie, book or work of art that changed your life. I was obsessed with Led Zeppelin when I was in high school, particularly Physical Graffiti, so much so that I turned down an art scholarship to pursue music instead. Every decision or move in life I have made since then, including coming to New York City and how I came into real estate, has been affected by that one crossroad.
  8. What’s your greatest extravagance? Travel.
  9. What’s your secret talent? I am a regularly performing guitarist/singer/songwriter here in New York City.
  10. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? The word “merit” is often on my tongue. I use it frequently and aspire to have as much of it as possible.


Hot Topic: Dancy Does Renwick

01 February, 2017 posted by: CORE

Hugh Dancy Photo Credit should read: Sasha Maslov for Observer; Grooming by Shay Garcia; Shot on location at 15 Renwick, PH4 listed with CORE

Did you see actor Hugh Dancy made a visit to 15 Renwick? Last week, the Observer did a special feature on the talented actor and shot photos at our gorgeous listings at 15 Renwick, PH3 and PH4. Be sure to check out the link below to read the entire story and see more photos of Dancy at two of 15 Renwick’s stunning penthouses.

Click here to read the full article: Hugh Dancy, Hollywood’s Handsome Contradiction

Photo Credit: Sasha Maslov for Observer


CORE 10: Maggie Kent

31 January, 2017 posted by: CORE


Welcome to CORE 10, an off-the-cuff interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to learn more about this week’s guest, broker Maggie Kent!

  1. Who is the living person you most admire? Gloria Steinem.
  2. Who is the most interesting New Yorker you know? Gloria Steinem.
  3. What is your earliest New York memory? Gustav Mahler performing at Lincoln Center.
  4. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? “Don’t take any wooden nickels.” 
  5. What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? One would certainly be immigrating to New York City, which changed my life.
  6. What are your three most treasured possessions? My dog, though I don’t think of her as a possession, my home and an heirloom from my mother.
  7. Name a movie, book or work of art that changed your life. Viva Las Vegas, the movie. Insert long story.
  8. What’s your greatest extravagance? Foreign travel. And then there’s my favorite frozen yogurt, pretty much every day.
  9. What’s your secret talent? Whistling.
  10. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “I’ve gotta go. Can you take the dog out?”


“In Like Flynn”

30 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

What does it mean? It is a slang phrase meaning “having quickly or easily achieved a goal or gained access as desired.”

Where did it come from? A celebration of the freewheeling lifestyle and cinematic feats of 1930’s movie icon Errol Flynn. Our building embodies this spirit.

What does it look like? For CORE, it looks like this…


True Gotham: Social Media and Doing Right by Our Clients

30 January, 2017 posted by: CORE


Reporting from the front lines, Douglas Heddings brings us “True Gotham” – your source for NYC real estate tips, advice, anecdotes and general market insights that aim to inform and enlighten. 

This past September I decided to take a break from social media, specifically Facebook. While I missed the pictures of my sister’s kids, the posts from my nephews, in-laws, my mom and many of my friends, I did not miss the political posts that contributed to my considerable loss of faith in a segment of our nation. Even more aggravating than the nonsensical diatribes on our political climate, I noticed a huge surge in the amount of egocentric posts by some of my very own real estate colleagues. Facebook Live posts from the backs of taxis, poorly acted vignettes created under the auspices of showing the social media sphere how one runs their business and even inflammatory and highly offensive personal political views are attacking many of the New Yorkers whom we serve.

We were drowning in a perfect storm of self-produced “reality” TV shows, easy access to broadcast ourselves to the masses and an epidemic of unbridled narcissism. We utterly and completely missed the point of why we do what we do – we find homes for the men, women, friends, families and children who make up the greatest city in the world.

Have we forgotten that the customer is ultimately whom we serve? In these posts, I see no mention of them, no appearance and rarely a word about them, unless it’s in effusive praise of the agent. Many may think this is funny coming from the guy who introduced the guided video tour to the Manhattan market in 2006. Yes, there were times when I was shooting where I lost sight of the fact that the video was about the property and ultimately doing my job for the customer. Fortunately, I had videographers who always brought me back to reality (real reality) to maintain focus on the task at hand: doing right by my homeowner.

I’m back on social media now. As much as some of the content remains an irritant, I see many ways in which video, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram and the like can play a positive role in servicing the client and raising the bar in the real estate industry. Some are doing it right but most aren’t, in my opinion. There is a better way and I have to believe that those of us who are committed to doing right by our clients will find it.


House Call: 15 Renwick, TH3

27 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

15_Renwick_Street_TH3_03 (1)

15 Renwick, TH3

Doron Zwickel
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

This stunning multi-level 3-bedroom home located in the coveted Hudson Square neighborhood is offered at $5,900,000. The residence offers an open flow living room, 18-foot ceilings, private yard and a recreational room. 15 Renwick is located on a single-block street, one of only a handful in the city. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch a glimpse of this awesome property!

Sun, Jan 29, 2:00 – 3:00


VoiceAmerica with the McDonough Hershkowitz Team

26 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

H&H 2

Earlier this week, CORE’s Heather McDonough and Henry Hershkowitz were guests on “Good Morning New York, Real Estate” with Vince Rocco discussing the key elements of creating a successful New York City real estate team. Heather and Henry spoke to the importance of setting up an efficient team structure, solid communication between all members and staying motivated and focused. Click the link and listen to the full interview to learn more tips and advice on how to manage a team as well as tips for buyers and sellers.

Click here to listen to the entire episode: Heather McDonough and Henry Hershkowitz on VoiceAmerica


Hot Topic: Kee Gets Creative

25 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

132_West_22nd_Street_8_01 (1)

Looking for creative ways to minimize a home’s flaws and get it ready to sell? CORE’s Elizabeth Kee was featured in The New York Times last week offering tips on how to make low ceilings look and seem much higher. To make the ceilings at her listing at 132 West 22nd Street, 8FL look higher, she added floor-to-ceiling curtains. Click the link and discover more innovative ways to deal with the quirks found in some New York City homes.

Click here to read the full article: Selling a Home in the City? Turn Those Quirks Into Assets


Best Apartment I Ever Sold: Adrian Noriega

24 January, 2017 posted by: CORE

15 West 20th Street 9-B 01

Best Apartment I Ever Sold invites our agents to share the unique story of their best selling experience to date. This week, learn why Adrian Noriega‘s sale at 15 West 20th Street, 9B is his best one yet.

I think every property has an interesting story behind it or something that really stands out, but one of the “best apartments I ever sold” has to be 15 West 20th Street, 9B at Altair 20.  The moment I stepped into the residence, I knew it was special. The sellers’ design aesthetic was inspired by their affinity for Asian culture, resulting in a colorful and inviting space that reflected that region of the world. While it was exquisitely decorated, it was very specific to the sellers’ taste so I immediately knew that selling the property was going to have its challenges.

The bright colors throughout the home were so distinct, I predicted it would be a distraction for potential buyers as they walked through the space. For the most part, buyers would step off the elevator that entered directly into the residence and instantly comment on the bold colors. After several showings, I panicked on how I was going to approach my client who had just spent a significant amount of money decorating her “dream” apartment and ask her to undo it all. Thankfully, I didn’t have to.

After a few weeks on the market, we were presented with two strong cash offers and ultimately the buyer that won the property ended up buying most of the furniture because they, too, loved the design aesthetic. Our buyer appreciated the quality and craftsmanship of the fixtures, finishes and the inspiration behind the space. They said the ambiance of the apartment made them feel at home.

In short, I chose this as the “best apartment I ever sold” because I learned to not always be quick to react or adjust things. There are always a number of factors to consider when listing your client’s home. Each client should be approached uniquely because in the real estate industry, it is not a one-size-fits-all type of market.

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