93 Worth: Pioneers in TriBeCa

31 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


With the development of 93 Worth, CORE became the proud pioneers of the residential corridor on the hinge of Broadway in TriBeCa. CORE’s team recognized that there was a potential market to be pursued in this neighborhood. The team created high-end homes at 93 Worth, a 5-star, full-service loft conversion with gracious floor plans, 20-foot ceilings and luxury finishes, all of which offers buyers more space at better value.

Within the first 7 months, 75% of the building sold out. In total, there were 737 showings and the price increased 32% from first release to last sale. 93 Worth is a testament to the belief that if you build it and understand the market, buyers will come.


House Call: 309 West 86th Street, PH

28 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


309 West 86th Street, PH

Ben Jacobs
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

Douglas Heddings
Excutive V.P. Sales, Lic. Real Estate Broker
Licensed as Douglas L Heddings

Offered at $3,295,000, this exquisite 3-bedroom Upper West Side penthouse features a sprawling private rooftop oasis. The generously sized listing also boasts a wood-burning fireplace and enormous windows with northern, western and Hudson River views. Don’t miss your opportunity to see everything this charming pre-war home has to offer!

Sun, Oct 30, 12:00 – 1:30


Hot Topic: Renovation Reinvented

26 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


Want to add value? Try subtracting! CORE’s townhouse specialist, Jim St. André, was featured last week in The Wall Street Journal providing advice on how to increase the value of a townhouse by reducing floor space. His experience has revealed that when it comes to renovations, sometimes less is more!

Click here to read the full article: When to Subtract a Home Edition


Best Apartment I Ever Sold: Emily Beare

25 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


Best Apartment I Ever Sold invites our agents to share the unique story of their best selling experience to date. This week, learn why Emily Beare‘s sale at 39 Fifth Avenue, PHB is her best one yet.

The best apartment I ever sold is easily 39 Fifth Avenue, PHB. This home is particularly special to me not only because the clients are dear friends of mine, but also because I’ve had the pleasure of selling the property to them several years ago and then listing it for them when they decided to move.

After originally selling my client the home of his dreams in the West Village, his growing family inspired him to search for a one-of-a-kind three-bedroom in a pre-war building nearby. We agreed that the neighborhood of lower Fifth Avenue, particularly the blocks around West 11th and West 10th Streets, had a distinct magic and was the ideal area to find his and his family’s forever home. In a unique twist, the apartment that stuck with them was a three-bedroom duplex penthouse at 39 Fifth Avenue, which happened to be my listing. The home evoked a special feeling, something we couldn’t quite explain – but it was there. Since my clients needed more space than this apartment provided, I reached out to the owners of the one-bedroom next door and asked if they might be willing to sell. Sure enough, they were. I was able to sell both neighboring units and my clients were once again able to create the home of their dreams. This made for a true labor of love – for both my clients and myself.

To represent a home of this caliber, so beautifully designed, meant a lot to me professionally and personally. When it came time to move on and sell, I had the pleasure of showing the home to the most interesting people from across the world – all of whom appreciated the same feeling we experienced years ago. I trust the new owners now enjoy creating their own stories and memories at 39 Fifth Avenue, PHB. More than anything, it was so gratifying for me to see my client’s family and home evolve and be a part of that journey from start to finish.


True Gotham: Practicing Professionalism in Polarizing Times

24 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


Reporting from the front lines, Douglas Heddings brings us “True Gotham” – your source for NYC real estate tips, advice, anecdotes and general market insights that aim to inform and enlighten. 

Those who know me know all too well that I have been a very active and engaged participant on social media almost since Facebook’s inception. So, it was shocking to some to discover that I abandoned Facebook back in September because I found much of the content that I was reading to be more of an irritant than a joy. Yes, I’m referring to the polarizing forces in our current political environment. I am definitely a sufferer of election anxiety and many of my friends and family share my pain. “So what?”, you say? This current dilemma has me asking myself, my family, friends and agents: How exactly do we continue to behave in a professional manner and do our jobs while maintaining and holding true to our personal convictions? Is it possible to maintain a level of professionalism and support a business or person who is so diabolically opposed to your fundamental beliefs?

I have worked with countless people over the last quarter of a century. Most of the people I have helped have been interesting, intelligent, sophisticated and pleasant. Some, not so much. But I never chose not to work with someone based on their personal views or beliefs. In fact, some years back, I was the real estate agent for a very prominent campaign manager who is currently front and center in the news. We definitely did not see eye-to-eye but in the many months in which I worked with this person, we shared a mutual respect and sometimes heated yet comical banter over significant political issues. Our inability to see eye-to-eye did not cause either of us to waiver from our convictions. Unfortunately, despite having a contract in hand for a gorgeous Manhattan home, a mansion in the suburbs trumped city living (see what I did there?). That said, there is a very fine line that determines the ability to tolerate the person whose views are so diametrically opposed to your own. For some, it is simply business and anything goes in the name of making a buck. For others, differing opinions on topics like abortion, immigration, and women’s and minority’s rights, make the prospect of working with someone absolutely unpalatable.

The one thing I think we can all agree upon is that, while difficult at times, rising above is the only way forward.


House Call: 305 West 16th Street, 4H

21 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


305 West 16th Street, 4H

Patrick S R Mills
Lic. Real Estate Salesperson

Offered at $2,175,000, this incredibly sleek Chelsea apartment features carbonized bamboo flooring throughout, top-of-the-line appliances and large windows with southeast views. The home is at the crossroads of Chelsea, the West Village and the Meatpacking District, making it one of the most sought after locations in New York City. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see this beautiful home!

Sun, Oct 23, 1:30 – 3:00


VoiceAmerica with Elizabeth Kosich

20 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


Elizabeth Kosich, CORE’s Chief Marketing Officer, was this week’s guest on Good Morning New York, Real Estate with Vince Rocco. As a seasoned and successful marketer, Elizabeth works closely with CORE’s agents to help create their personal brands and differentiate their listings in a crowded marketplace.

In the interview, Elizabeth offers effective agent branding tips and techniques by highlighting the importance of building a smart strategy, identifying your audience, balancing style & substance and ending with a powerful call to action. Take a listen and discover her winning formula for successful agent marketing campaigns that stand out in today’s competitive market.

Click here to listen to the full interview: Elizabeth Kosich on Good Morning New York, Real Estate


Hot Topic: Mother Nature On The Mind

19 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


What is better than a super chic home with high-end design? One that’s environmentally-friendly, too! Last week, Metro featured Steve Snider and Lisa Blumencranz‘s listing at 151 West West 20th Street, PH5D not just for its gorgeous interior, but for the home’s environmentally-friendly wash room, low voltage lighting and energy efficient washer and dryer. This rare 2-bedroom Chelsea loft won’t just make all of your dreams come true – it’ll make Mother Nature’s come true too!

Click here to read the full article: Inside Look: Live an Enviormnetally-friendly Existence in these NYC Apartments


Dwell Diaries: 151 West 17th Street, 3G

18 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


Dwell Diaries provides a peek at a “day-in-the-life” in one of CORE’s exclusive listings. From master suites to neighborhood hotspots, our diary doesn’t spare a detail!  

Waking up in the expansive master bedroom at 151 West 17th Street, 3G never gets tiring – especially when it’s the size of most New York City studios. Footsteps away, you will find an en-suite marble bathroom with a soaking tub and separate glass shower. Who needs a spa day when you can find peace and relaxation so close to home?

Should you desire a quiet breakfast at home, it’s easy to do so in this loft-like Chelsea home. Floor-to-ceiling windows accompany a spacious chef’s kitchen – perfect for experimenting your culinary skills with a decadent petit déjeuner. There’s no shortage of coffee shops and breakfast bars too. The Commons Chelsea, just around the corner, is the perfect stop for a coffee and croissant when on the run.

Galleries galore dot the Chelsea streets but other cultural gems like the Rubin Museum are a must for a weekend afternoon. The Monumental Lhasa is just one of many exhibitions to see into the New Year. Afterwards, take a detour on the way home and gather easy inspiration for dinner at the Union Square Greenmarket. Organic and local vegetables, specialty seafood and homemade baked goods are just a few of the items to peruse while navigating the lively outdoor market.

For those who prefer to end the day with a casual bistro dinner, it’s an absolute must to dine out at longtime neighborhood favorites like Le Singe Vert or Le Zie. Fancy authentic Greek fare instead? Periyali on 20th Street might just transport you to a sunset dinner along the Mediterranean. A short walk to the heart of the West Village to wrap up the evening provides some reprieve after a busy day in Chelsea. Culture, proximity and space – what more could you ask for at 151 West 17th Street, 3G?


Commercial Basis: Time. Space. Workplace.

17 October, 2016 posted by: CORE


Commercial Basis explores how technology, branding and demographic preferences are shaping office and retail real estate in New York City. As these forces break down the barriers from where we live to where we work and shop, Lead Commercial Specialist Alex Cohen will assess the impact on real estate values and opportunities.

There is no single prototype for the workplace of the future. With that said, below are two unmistakable and disparate trends that are currently driving the planning and design of office space:

  1. Technology, advertising, media and information (TAMI) firms are creating all-encompassing work facilities with an array of amenities intended to not only engage their employees but also encourage them to work on-site and collaborate with each other to develop the branded products, designs and content that generate revenue. For example, Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters includes not only the largest open plan work space in the world but also an array of employee perks including bike repair, a barber shop and multiple dining choices. These perks are designed to increase productivity and ensure the staff doesn’t clock out at 5 PM. When a smaller TAMI company is looking to lease office space in a multi-tenant office building, the available services and facilities, including dining, recreation and shopping within the building and immediate neighborhood, are critical to selecting the most dynamic and creative functional environment.
  2. Professional service companies (consulting, accounting, insurance, finance, real estate) are employing technology to cultivate a mobile and flexible workforce and de-emphasizing fixed and dedicated personal work spaces in favor of work settings for team and client engagement. At the management level, firms like the accounting and consulting giant PWC have eliminated the concentrated “headquarters executive office floor” in favor of a decentralized management team, spread amongst geographies and connected by technology like Google Hangouts and face-to-face interaction as permitted by travel schedules. Thanks to technology, independent contractors and small business owners can work almost anywhere. Co-working environments like WeWork and The Grind offer not only flexibly designed work spaces with the attractiveness of short-term occupancy commitment but also the opportunity to benefit from interaction with similar firms and professionals.

At Working Mothers Media’s 2016 Work Life Congress: Time. Space. Workplace. (, I will be speaking and conducting a seminar for corporate leaders to assess the impact of these key workplace trends on company culture, talent acquisition and employee engagement. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: For the Love of Chairs

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