Hot Topic: Soho’s New Star

21 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


It’s no secret that the Annabelle Selldorf-designed building at 42 Crosby is redefining the meaning of luxury in Soho. The outstanding new development was exclusively featured on Observer last week, revealing photos of the condominium’s model apartment. Take a look at this sneak peek as you will certainly not be disappointed!

Click here to read the full article: The First Look at 42 Crosby’s Model Apartment


Dwell Diaries: 41 West 96th Street, 15AB

20 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Dwell Diaries provides a peek at a “day-in-the-life” in one of CORE’s exclusive listings. From master suites to neighborhood hotspots, our diary doesn’t spare a detail!

A morning at 41 West 96th Street, 15AB begins with a lounge in the beautiful sunlit grand entertaining room featuring south-facing windows with stunning views of New York City. Who can resist a space this large for some morning relaxation with no detail overlooked in its renovation? The designer chef’s kitchen provides a breakfast bar should a petit déjeuner at home be your morning ritual. Nothing makes an omelette more simple to whip up than a 6-burner plus griddle Wolf cook top.

Errands are made easy on the Upper West Side with conveniences such as Whole Foods and Michaels right around the corner. With easy access to the tennis courts at Central Park, everyday tasks are easily prefaced with an energizing morning workout. If your tennis racket is out of commission, a jog on the Central Park loop is an alternative for the active New Yorker. Morning chores echo cinema history with a stop at the PlantShed where Harry and Sally from When Harry Met Sally bought their Christmas tree.

Effy’s is just as satisfying for a midday break as it is for brunch on the weekend. Birch Coffee on 96th Street and Columbus is perfectly cozy should you prefer a coffee and something light for an afternoon pick-me-up. On the way home, be sure to consider your music playlist for the evening. An easy access A/V system is the perfect tool for enjoying light and relaxing tunes throughout the home while you unpack your groceries and prepare dinner. As the sun sets on your day on the Upper West Side, don’t forget peak at a sparkling view of the Empire State Building from the master bedroom. Convenience, cinematic history and breathtaking views of New York City – what more could you ask for at 41 West 96th Street, 15AB?


True Gotham: Holiday Homes

19 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Reporting from the front lines, Douglas Heddings brings us “True Gotham” – your source for NYC real estate tips, advice, anecdotes and general market insights that aim to inform and enlighten. 

There are varying opinions regarding whether or not a seller should list or keep their home listed over the holiday season. There’s no doubt that activity slows a bit during the period approaching New Year’s Eve but I question whether that slow down is more a function of decreased inventory as misinformed sellers pull properties from the market. Inventory definitely drops just as it does in August, but in the 25 years that I have been involved in selling NYC real estate, I can tell you that my experience has consistently been that properties that are listed over the holiday period often find buyers.

This year sees Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa beginning on consecutive days: the 24th, 25th and 26th, respectively. So, it’s very possible that there won’t be many showings on those three days, but I’m betting that the week following the start of those holidays will see considerable activity – only if your property is still on the market.

Happy Selling and Happy Holidays!


House Call: 29 East 22nd Street, 12S

16 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


29 East 22nd Street, 12S

Michael Rubin
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker

Offered at $4,250,000, this 4-bedroom Flatiron loft features soaring ceilings and huge arched windows, making the home warm and inviting. Not only is this propertysun-drenched and spacious with spectacular views, it’s also ideally located at the crossroads of Flatiron, Nomad and Madison Square Park. Take advantage of this Sunday’s open house to come and tour the beautiful space!

Sun, Dec 18, 1:00 – 2:30


VoiceAmerica with Matt Cohen

15 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Matthew Cohen, CORE’s renowned and experienced salesperson was featured on “Good Morning New York, Real Estate” with Vince Rocco earlier this week discussing this year’s real estate market, the impact of current interest rates, what to expect in 2017 and much more. Take a listen and hear Matthew’s interesting millennial point of view on a variety of real estate related topics.

Click here to listen to the entire discussion: Matthew Cohen on Good Morning New York, Real Estate




Hot Topic: Festive Fireplaces

14 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Looking to cozy up by a fireplace this holiday season? 53 Crosby, PH was featured on Brick Underground last week for its unique hanging fireplace, the perfect spot to gather around with family and friends and ring in the new year. This fireplaces is just one of the many features that makes this avant-garde home so special!

Click here to read the full article: Six Spectacular Fireplaces Guaranteed to Set the Stage for a Festive Holiday Season


CORE 10: Shaun Osher

13 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Welcome to CORE 10, an off-the-cuff interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to learn more about this week’s guest, Founder & CEO Shaun Osher!

  1. Who is the living person you most admire? Brittley Wise.
  2. Who is the most interesting New Yorker you know? The polite homeless man who sits on the corner every day asking if I can “spare any change.” 
  3. What is your earliest New York memory? Arriving on 48th Street to look at all the music stores and meeting Dave Sanborn at “Alex’s sax shop” on the 2nd Floor. 
  4. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Embrace failure.
  5. What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? Learning how to juggle (metaphorically speaking.)
  6. What are your three most treasured possessions? I treasure my relationships with people I know and love. But people are not possessions, so as far as inanimate objects go, I feel very fortunate to own my saxophones, a beautiful Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle and a diamond tie-pin that my grandfather left me (even though I rarely wear a tie.)
  7. Name a movie, book or work of art that changed your life. The Collection by Charlie Parker.
  8. What’s your greatest extravagance? I like to travel and explore new places as often as possible. 
  9. What’s your secret talent? I used to be a pretty good tap dancer. 
  10. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Make it so.”


Commercial Basis: Brand Meets Space

12 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Commercial Basis explores how technology, branding and demographic preferences are shaping office and retail real estate in New York City. As these forces break down the barriers from where we live to where we work and shop, Lead Commercial Specialist Alex Cohen will assess the impact on real estate values and opportunities.

Reports of the death of retail are premature and exaggerated. In fact, the challenge of e-commerce is a major driving factor for dramatic innovation in what a store represents, how space can be configured to suit a brand’s image and objectives and why branded buildings are best suited to engage consumers in a multi-channel sales environment. Below are three salient examples:

Metrograph, No. 7 Ludlow Street, New York

Millennials don’t just want to stay home, order in food and stream Hulu. The immediate popularity, particularly among millennials, of the Lower East Side’s Metrograph building demonstrates this. It features two theatres for independent films, but also much more. Metrograph includes a restaurant, curated candy shop, bar/lounge and a miniature bookstore. It’s a branded place in touch with New York’s repertory theatre tradition that rejects the prosaic multiplex aesthetic with elements like custom seats made from pine reclaimed from Brooklyn’s Domino sugar factory.

Domenico Vacca Club15 West 55th Street, New York

The Italian luxury label, Domenico Vacca, closed its three traditional Manhattan stores in favor of establishing a branded flagship presence off Fifth Avenue. What elevates the new Vacca Midtown presence beyond traditional bespoke retail is the incorporation of a private, member-only DV social club, a café, barbershop, salon, private event space and extended stay furnished apartments along with an 8,000 square foot boutique with a private V.I.P. atelier for special order collections. Particularly for the  international tourist/shopper, the Vacca building creates a power spatial context for elite luxury in New York.

Miami Design DistrictBuena Vista, Miami

In a little more than two years, the world’s leading luxury brands have nearly all made substantial retail investment in Miami’s Design District. More than a shopping center, the Design District allows brands like Dior, Tom Ford, Hermès and Bulgari to each establish a branded showcase building in a neighborhood known recently as a quiet outpost for high-design home furnishing. Many have questioned the audacity of such expenditures far from Miami’s principal tourist retail hub (Lincoln Road) and the super-high-end Bal Harbor Shopping center. But with the expansion of direct Asian flights to Miami, the importance of the city as a luxury travel outpost is clearly on the rise. Each of the major brand outposts of the Design District feature dramatic staircases and roof top lounges primed for events, photography and private shopping rooms. The performance of these stores is not measured by sales transacted on site, but by how these spectacular environments serve as settings for sales professionals to engage luxury consumers and establish ongoing relationships.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Chemollo


House Call: 225 East 79th Street, 9CD

09 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


225 East 79th Street, 9CD

Tracey Hung
Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker
Licensed as Tracey L Hung

Alice Kipperman
Lic. Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed as Alice S Kipperman

Offered at $1,450,000, this warm 2-bedroom co-op on the Upper East Side features beautiful details including beamed ceilings and original oak floors, upholding its classic prewar style. Stop by this weekend and get a closer look at this lovely home!

Sun, Dec 11, 12:30 – 2:00


VoiceAmerica with Adie Kriegstein

08 December, 2016 posted by: CORE


Earlier this week, CORE agent Adie Kriegstein was a guest panelist on “Good Morning New York, Real Estate” with Vince Rocco. The topic of discussion was closing costs and the tremendous impact they can have on a deal and the future plans of both the buyer and seller. Take a listen and find out what Adie has to say about this subject and much more.

Click here to listen to the entire episode: Adie Kriegstein on Good Morning New York, Real Estate

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