Photo of the Week: Can’t Smile With Out You

08 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

barry and us edit (2)

Tom Postilio & Mickey Conlon are well-known for their star-studded closings, but the showbiz veterans are certainly no strangers to the swankiest openings in town.  The duo were guests of their friend and client, legendary songwriter and performer Barry Manilow, for the glittering opening of his critically acclaimed limited engagement, “MANILOW ON BROADWAY” at the St. James Theatre.  Beloved by a worldwide audience for more than three decades, the Grammy Award-winning superstar has enriched the American Songbook with dozens of unforgettable hits, including “Mandy,” “I Write the Songs,” and “Copacabana.”  Mickey, Barry, and Tom are pictured here at the opening night party held at (where else?) The Copacabana.

Always discreet, Tom & Mickey, who closed the deal on the pop star’s New York digs, won’t reveal where Barry calls home here in the Big Apple, but added that Mr. Manilow “has exquisite taste, so it should be no surprise that his residence here ranks among the finest in the city.”


CORE Benefits City Harvest

08 March, 2013 posted by: Adrian Noriega

CityHarvest6I was approached by my client, Amanda Timchak, about participating in a fundraising event for City Harvest, a nonprofit organization she serves by sitting on their Leadership Council. While I had a good idea about the organization’s mission, I didn’t realize the magnitude of their efforts. I learned that City Harvest works with all segments of the NYC food industry including local restaurants, manufacturers, farms, corporate cafeterias and grocers, in addition to its local food drives and drop-off points, which they do in order to collect millions of pounds of food for the City’s hungry men, women and children. They have been tirelessly serving New York City for three decades; delivering food to nearly 600 community food programs and helping feed millions of New Yorkers that face hunger each year.

Some interesting facts about giving:

  • $36 will help feed 20 children for a whole week
  • $56 will rescue 224 pounds of food
  • $83 will help feed a senior for nearly a year
  • $135 will help feed 17 New Yorkers for a full month

This particular event, A Mid-Winter Escape, which I was asked to participate, is now in its second year.After learning more about all the great work City Harvest did, I spoke to our CEO, Shaun Osher about a possible sponsorship. He, like me, recognizes the severity of this ongoing and important issue, especially given the alarmingly high number of New Yorkers who go hungry each year. The latest statistic reported that more than three million citizens struggle to afford food. It took little-to-no convincing to get Shaun on board and happily agree for CORE to participate as a corporate sponsor of this fantastic event.

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Where is Howard Roark?

07 March, 2013 posted by: Shaun Osher

Gaudi - by Shaun Osher

Gaudi - by Shaun Osher

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to architecture, I believe that there is a guideline of common sensibility that is universal. Beyond interpretation and individual artistic license,  there is fundamental good design and bad design. If you are a modernist and love the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, you

can still appreciate the integrity of the Pantheon. Much in the same way that scholars of Gaudi can appreciate the beauty of Phillip Johnson’s body of work.

But, over the past decade, in New York City, and from some of the pipeline of buildings being designed,  it seems to me that we have lost the barometer of common sense(ibility). We are witnessing some of the worlds ugliest buildings being built. Yes, there have been some gems, but in large part, our social artistic cultural conscience seems to have disappeared.

We have the landmarks preservation commission which oversees the design of new buildings being built, but this is reserved for the select neighborhoods that have historical significance. (There also seem to be some political loopholes when it comes to certain “situations”).  Where is the zoning board that oversees the design of the new skyscrapers (and low rise buildings)? Where is our social conscience? Where is the inspiration? The driving force behind most of these buildings seem to be driven by value engineering and one goal of achieving the highest dollar return on investment.

It is high time that we start to acknowledge that what we build today will become a reflection of our culture and create a fingerprint for future generations to be inspired by.

Shaun Osher is the CEO and Founder of CORE.


From the Desk of Core’s Chelsea Sales Manager…

07 March, 2013 posted by: Ryan Fitzpatrick

ryanAs a five-year veteran of the firm, I thought I knew CORE well. Well, after just one day as Director Sales for CORE’s Chelsea office,  have realized that there is a lot more to this company than meets the eye – even through the jaded eye of an insider!  I already feel enmeshed in the fabric of CORE in a new way and I am amazed by the talent here, both in the ranks of agents and the management team. I suppose I should have known this all along, but there is something about making the change that has opened – or perhaps reopened – my eyes to the depth of the real estate knowledge and expertise that we have in this ’boutique’-scale company. As we move forward, I hope to add value to our operations, bringing my own real-world experience as a practitioner to support our clients, the office and our team. I’m about to begin a “listening tour” to meet with all of my agents to understand and seek ways to add value to their approach to building and maintaining their business. I look forward to the challenge and to reporting back with tangible results.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has recently been named Director of Sales for CORE’s Chelsea office where he will oversee the brokerage’s agents and re-sale business out of this location as well as be responsible for recruiting new agents to the firm.


Three of a Kind: Outdoor Oases

06 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

Daylight Savings is coming up this weekend which means we’re officially on the cusp of spring! We’re sure you’re just as ready for the weather to turn as we are, so to cheer on the season, here are three properties boasting outdoor space that get us dreaming about springtime in the City.

166-West-18th-Street-2A terrace
Where: 166 West 18th St, 2A
Asking: $2,195,000
Size: 2-bedrooms, 2.5-bathrooms
Listed by: Emily Beare and Elizabeth Beare

166 West 18th Street boasts a massive “L” shaped southeastern terrace. A perfect home for entertaining, the open concept floor plan makes for the perfect party place – especially during the warmer months when you can open the doors off the living room and allow the fete to pour onto the terrace. With floor-to-ceiling windows, this unit is visually stunning from the inside out and is practically begging for a bar-be-que.

301 East 52nd Street PH-C 08

Where: 301 East 57th St, PHC
Asking: $4,495,000
Size: 5-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms
Listed by: Jeffrey Smith

This Midtown duplex penthouse boasts a massive, 1,400-square foot terrace on the home’s second level with three exposures and City views to the south, east and west. The outdoor space begs for a summertime soiree and even features a built-in brick bar-be-que. If all that outdoor space isn’t enough, there’s also a private terrace just off the master suite.


Where: 27 West 19th St, PH
Asking: $5,900,000
Size: 3-bedrooms, 2.5-bathrooms
Listed by: Emily Beare and Elizabeth Beare

Perched atop the white-glove condominium, The Emory in Chelsea, this penthouse offers a private rooftop terrace with quintessential New York City views of the Empire State Building. With approximately 900-square feet of entertaining space, no detail of this party pad has been spared – it even features dumbwaiter service from the home’s first floor kitchen.


From the Top Down

05 March, 2013 posted by: Shaun Osher

Ryan Fitzpatrick

The success of a business depends primarily on the people who run it. And in the case of real estate sales, even more so, because it is such a service-oriented business with many intangibles. The culture of a company starts at the top and then works its way through the people who make up the fabric of the brand. One of the most important positions in any brokerage company is the person who mentors and guides the agents. This person has to be well-respected, have a high level of integrity synonymous with the brand, understand the business model with the ability to navigate the intricacies of any deal. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a person who exemplifies all of these attributes and is an ambassador of our CORE brand and culture. As mentioned in The Real Deal, today, he is stepping into his new role as Director of Sales for our Chelsea office and this will mark a significant step in our commitment to build our company as the leader in the industry.

Shaun Osher is the CEO and Founder of CORE. Learn more about Ryan in his “TEN” interview here.


CORE in the News

04 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.

195 Bowery

Selling New York S6E13: That’s a Tall Order

CORE’s Tony Sargent made his Selling New York solo debut in last week’s episode where he successfully sold his exclusive at 195 Bowery. This recap features Tony’s marketing efforts to make sure the property sold for its best possible price. While marketing the exclusive, Tony was interviewed by the New York Post on how the Bowery has gone through a dramatic gentrification. Read the rest of this entry »


Photo of the Week: Postcard Views from Brooklyn Heights

01 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

View from Brooklyn HeightsThis week’s photo of the week was provided by CORE’s Brooklyn specialist, Doug Bowen. Taken from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and close to his new townhouse exclusive at 152 Willow Street, this image captures some of Downtown Manhattan’s architectural gems. From left to right, you can see 40 Wall Street’s green copper spire, 60 Wall Street’s post modern, neoclassical columns, and 120 Wall Street’s Art Deco-style setbacks. Recently landmarked, 70 Pine is capped with a Gothic-style spire, and progress on One World Trade Center can be seen as well.


5 Things You Didn’t See on this Week’s ‘Selling New York’

01 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

HGTV’s Selling New York” follows CORE agents as they navigate the country’s most competitive—and compelling—real estate market. Here’s our behind-the-scenes look at Episode #613, which first aired on February 28, 2013. For more SNY recaps, click here.

tony-screen02 (3)In this week’s episode, CORE’s Tony Sargent has only a few weeks to sell his client’s apartment and find a new space for her growing family.

The couple and their 3-year old daughter have just welcomed twin boys into the family. Sarah and her husband quickly realize their 2-bedroom Bowery condo is too small. Prices on 3-bedroom lofts are rising fast, but they must sell their current home to be able to buy.

Sarah and Tony begin scouting for their dream TriBeCa home while her husband is working overseas and  prepare to list their Bowery loft. If he can organize everything properly, he could have two sales on his hands in a matter of weeks. Keep on reading for some exclusive behind-the-scenes information on what didn’t make it into last night’s episode of “Selling New York” and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling!

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The Cost of Luxury: How to Validate the Insanity

28 February, 2013 posted by: CORE

15 Central Park West

For better or worse the New York City market is changing.  Morgan Brennan, a Forbes Magazine real estate correspondent, quotes in a recent tweet, “’seller’s market’ developing as housing inventory hits a 13-year low, says N.A.R. Translation: sales up, prices up.”  This low inventory and increase in prices has the educated consumer scrambling to find the right apartment at the right price with the right luxurious aspects to justify paying more.

Aside from making a smart financial play when buying in today’s market, one should look at the tangible and intangible aspects of a property that make it special.  If you are paying top dollar you want to make sure that you can eventually sell again for top dollar in the future.

To do so you have to take into consideration what “luxury” really means and how it affects value.

Building: When you find a property that you love and its top dollar you have to work in reverse.  Remove yourself from the apartment and take a look at the aesthetic of the building, hallways and lobby as you also live in those spaces.  Those areas are part of the package and should also be at a high standard of quality. Read the rest of this entry »

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