December 10th, 2012 posted by CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.

15 Central Park West“Race to the Top (Price) at a Tony Address”
The Wall Street Journal

A profile on 15 Central Park West’s continuously soaring and record-breaking resale and closing prices featured Emily Beare on the pricing of her $95M exclusive, which stretches across 6,000-square feet and offers panoramic views of Central Park and the Hudson River.

“93 Worth Launches, with Revised Price-Tags”
The Real Deal

The launch of sales at CORE’s new development 93 Worth was featured in various outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Curbed, and Tribeca Citizen. Visit 93 Worth’s website for more information on this building’s residences and amenities.

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December 7th, 2012 posted by Shaun Osher

It ain’t easy…Shaun Osher

…to find an apartment! And it ain’t going to be easier anytime soon. The November Real Time Report shows us how the is market continuing to shrink, and honestly, we have a housing shortage of luxury homes in Manhattan. With less on the market, I can only predict that prices will continue to rise at an alarming rate. The extreme upper end will continue to gain strength over the next year and we can expect that a $10 million sale will be run-of-the-mill and deals over $50 million will become less newsworthy. All further proof that New York City is the strongest residential market on the globe.

Shaun Osher is the CEO and founder of CORE.

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December 7th, 2012 posted by CORE

Maggie SNYAs an introduction to Season Six of Selling New York we’ve decided to switch up our normal epilogue and take a moment to interview SNY veteran and Season Six premiere episode star, Maggie Kent. Since Maggie has been on the show from its start, it only seemed right to have her take a moment to reflect on past and present in this quick Q&A.

1. Do you remember your first day of taping for Selling New York? What was it like?

Yes! It actually turned out to be one of my favorite episodes. It was shot in a beautiful apartment on Mulberry Street and it just felt really fun and easy.

2. Looking back on being selected for the show, did you feel any hesitations about starring in it?

At that time, there was a lot of negative reality TV programming popping up and we were taking a leap of faith that we would be represented in a way that wasn’t negative. HGTV really gave us a look and sound that only made our personal brands stronger.

3. Out of your personal roster, what is your favorite SNY episode?

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December 6th, 2012 posted by CORE


Last night, CORE hosted a party at the Jimmy at the James Hotel to celebrate the accomplishments of 2012 including being named “#1 Boutique Real Estate Firm in Manhattan” by The Real Deal. In addition to CORE brokers, the night was spent with developers and creative consultants. You can view highlights below and head to the CORE Facebook page to view more snapshots of the evening’s festivities. Cheers!

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December 5th, 2012 posted by CORE
The sales office at 93 Worth

The sales office at 93 Worth

After months of behind-the-scenes preparation, in a dash to the finish line, we’re excited to announce that sales have kicked off at our new downtown development project, 93 Worth. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the market is hotter than ever in Tribeca, despite the neighborhood’s effects from Superstorm Sandy and buyers and brokers are not dissuaded.

After over a year of construction and renovations, we’re excited to share that the sixth floor model units are now ready. Buyers and brokers alike will now be able to check out the fully staged 3-bedroom, split 2-bedroom and studio model units which boast exposed steel columns, 7-foot casement windows and custom, hand-brushed patina brass fixtures throughout.

30 of the 92 units at the Tribeca development have been released and the sales office is now open. For more information, please visit

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December 4th, 2012 posted by CORE


We know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for any information on your favorite real estate reality TV show and we’re excited to share that this week, Selling New York Season 6 will premiere at a new time slot, Thursday at 6:30 PM EST. In this week’s episode Selling New York favorite, Maggie Kent, will work with her CORE colleague, David Beare, to find a larger dance studio space for a client. Can’t get enough Selling New York? Learn all about what Season 6 will bring and when it will air here.

And don’t forget to check the CORE Blog right after Thursday’s episode airs for our Selling New York Recap” which features five things you didn’t see during the show and other exclusive behind-the-scenes information.

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December 3rd, 2012 posted by CORE

This week’s question: What’s the most common distraction in a home that may turn off potential buyers?

The CORE agent verdict: Clutter!

It seems like a fairly standard and obvious answer, but agents across the board are always faced with the challenge of getting sellers to de-clutter. CORE agent Debbie Batres explains that “In New York City, space is hard to come by and walking into a space where most of the apartment is covered in ‘things’ lessens the appearance of usable square feet.”

Adrian Noriega's clutter-free exclusive at 15 Broad Street

Adrian Noriega's clutter-free exclusive at 15 Broad Street

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November 30th, 2012 posted by CORE

SNY Holiday Party Picture

CORE Agents Adrian Noriega, Emily Beare, Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon were out last night for an HGTV Selling New York event at Linen Hall. The drama and excitement continue this season so be sure to tune in to see how CORE agents manage the competitive landscape of  Manhattan luxury real estate. The new season will kick off next Thursday, December 6th at 6:30PM EST.

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November 29th, 2012 posted by CORE

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat. This week, he executed his question and answer session with CORE’s Consultant for Marketing and Branding Strategy for the past two years, Jasmine Takanikos.

1.) Before joining CORE, what sort of consulting did you do?JasmineTakanikos

I consulted clients on brand strategy and marketing in the fashion, trend and entertainment industries.

2.) What do you love most about working with CORE and its agents?

The environment at CORE that breeds creativity and originality, which I love. The agents take a tremendous amount of pride in their work and are always challenging the status quo, it makes me better at what I do.

3.) How does your background with lifestyle brands help CORE agents?

Working with different kinds of brands gives me a window of insight into consumer behaviors and trends that is very dynamic. The real estate business is a people business so my diverse portfolio is what continues to give me a fresh perspective.

4.) Who is your mentor in life?

I have several, my mentors are invaluable to me. If I have to chose one it would say Heath Gunn, he is a CPA and like a second father to me. He is constantly teaching me the art of business and life.

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November 28th, 2012 posted by CORE

While Selling New York is momentarily taking a break from new episodes, our agents have been busy putting together some helpful tips for sellers and buyers to use as go-tos when making a decision on anything from a first-time apartment buy, to sprucing up before a showing. Be sure to stop by next week to see the first post of this series!

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