Ten: Luna Vega on Websites and the Evolution of Digital Marketing

27 March, 2013 posted by: Shaun Osher

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

CORE has set the standard for New York City real estate brokerage websites. Luna Vega has been working with CORE for the past two years and is responsible for the look and feel of our webpage. She started her own business in 2006 and has been a digital strategist for the past seven years with a range of clients including Unilever, Chase, Nissan, Nokia and Verizon Wireless. Here are Luna’s answers to Ten questions:

1) How long have you been a digital marketing strategist?  LV Photo

My “digital birth”, as I like to call it, was in 2003 when I attended ITP, a NYU graduate program and immersed myself in the digital realm. I fell in love with the tech industry, so I decided to follow my passion and start my own business in 2006.

2) How did you get into the business?

While working at RGA, a digital advertising agency, I witnessed first hand the newly-found power of bloggers. The roles were shifting. Influential blogs like RocketBoom, Cool Hunting, etc. had more committed audiences than bigger publishers. Audiences were also becoming increasingly segmented, creating more opportunities for marketers to target desired demographics. I was exhilarated by all these novel opportunities and wanted to transfer this knowledge to small businesses. My goal was to empower and grow their business organically, strictly using the web.

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Architecturial Achievements: The Work of Toyo Ito

26 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture

Recently awarded with the Pritzker Prize, one of architecture’s most prestigious and coveted honors, Japanese architect Toyo Ito’s portfolio of work is a true architectural achievement. At 71-years-old, Ito is known by many within the architectural community for creating conceptual architecture, which in many ways has shaped the discipline of modern architecture today.

Ito’s rich portfolio of structures includes several public spaces, theaters, libraries, and offices throughout Asia and Europe. Ito had the privilege of designing the 2009 World Games stadium which was built by using 100% reusable materials in addition to 8,844 solar panels on its roof. Click below for an image of the stadium.

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CORE in the News

25 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.

93 Worth

Worth It! Innovative App Lures Buyers to Tribeca Luxury Condo
New York Daily News
93 Worth’s interactive app was featured on the cover of the Daily News’ real estate section.  With the use of Aurasma, the app showcases unique features that allow users to experience the history and amenities of the new development.  Shaun Osher sits with Daily News real estate Editor Jason Sheftell to discuss the innovative digital marketing campaign.

Living Large
Tony Sargent and Emily Beare take us on a tour of their $5.4 million exclusive, duplex penthouse at 39 Fifth Avenue.  CBS’ Emily Smith follows them throughout the home, complete with intricate finishes and features, including hand-painted wallpaper and walls.

Unique Homes
At 105 Chestnut Ridge Road, Michael Graves’ $17.5 million dollar listing is showcased in CNN Money’s “Unique Homes” feature.  A truly one-of-a-kind listing, this mansion is most noted for its grand entry and in-ground swimming pool in the home’s living room.


The Daily News Features 93 Worth’s Creative Marketing Campaign and Custom APP

22 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

93 Worth, CORE’s new development project in Tribeca, made today’s cover of the Daily News’ real estate section for its unique marketing campaign which includes the use of Aurasma, an augmented reality app that brings images within 93 Worth’s marketing campaign to life. Watch CORE CEO, Shaun Osher and Daily News real estate Editor, Jason Sheftell discuss this innovative marketing campaign in the video below.

CORE marked a New York City real estate first by being the first real estate group to partner with Aurasma on the marketing of a luxury new development. 93 Worth’s augmented reality campaign can be seen by downloading the free ” 93 Worth” iTunes app and will instantly allow images to come to life when your smartphone or iPad’s viewfinder is placed over any one of six trigger images that can be found throughout 93 Worth’s advertisements, brochure and other marketing materials.

You can also experience one of the videos by follow the instructions on the image advertisement below or by visiting CORE’s Twitter, @CORE_RealEstate, or Facebook tab. Read the rest of this entry »


Three of a Kind: Flatiron District

20 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

With today being the first day of spring, having this week’s feature of “Three of a Kind” showcasing the Flatiron District seems pretty fitting.  Home to Madison Square Park, the renowned Flatiron Building, and a host of outdoor activities and nightlife, Flatiron is one of New York City’s most attractive destinations and the perfect location for taking in the sites on a beautiful spring day.  Here’s a snapshot of three properties located in the area:

15 Union Square West, 5DE

Where: 15 Union Square West, 5DE
Asking: $9,170,000
Size: 3,100-square Feet
Listed by: Vickey Barron, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ralph Modica

This inviting, yet modern condo, perfectly situated in Union Square West, features all of the exquisite details that make luxury living in New York City unique.  With cast-iron arched windows reminiscent of the famous Tiffany building, you’re sure to get an unparalleled view of the Flatiron District and let in this season’s gorgeous natural sunlight.

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Tony Sargent and Emily Beare on CBS’ Living Large

20 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

Last night, viewers of CBS’ evening news were invited inside Tony Sargent and Emily Beare’s exclusive duplex penthouse at the Emery Roth-designed co-op, 39 Fifth Avenue. Located in Manhattan’s Gold Coast, which is known for classic townhouses and high profile co-op buildings, this unique property features hand-painted walls made to resemble limestone, stunning wood-burning fireplaces in the living room and master bedroom, as well as hand-painted French wallpaper in the formal dining room. Watch CBS’ Living Large host, Emily Smith, tour this $5.4M masterpiece in the video below.


Paying Homage to New York’s First Skyscrapers

19 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

New York City’s iconic skyline is currently evolving. Projects such as One57, One World Trade Center and the development of the Hudson Yards will soon be in the backdrop of new postcards and movie stills. However, embracing the old with the new is a standard practice in New York City. That being said, we’d like to recognize a skyscraper that is currently seeing a lot of traffic during the celebration of its centennialThe Woolworth Building.Woolworth Building

Constructed in 1913, the Woolworth Building was built for Frank Winfield Woolworth, the owner of the “five and dime” retail chain and was designed by architect Cass Gilbert. From 1913 to 1930, the building was the world’s tallest skyscraper, an impressive run which ended when its close neighbor, 40 Wall Street, completed construction. The building is a perfect example of neo-Gothic architecture and features vaulted ceilings covered in mosaics and a grand, stained glass skylight. Read the rest of this entry »


CORE in the News

18 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.

211Madison-30AB 07

Condo Project Makes Splash After 25 Years
The Wall Street Journal
Reba Miller is interviewed on re-launching sales at Morgan Court after units were renovated. The building, once made famous in the 1993 film “Sliver,” is now undergoing renovations and generating interest in the New York City real estate market.

Living Large
Emily Beare takes viewers on a tour of a stunning property at 407 East 75th Street.

New York City is Expensive – But Not That Expensive Compared to Monaco, Hong Kong, and Five Other Cities
New York Daily News
Jarrod Randolph comments on the buying power in New York’s high-end real estate market.  According to experts, “New York’s relative affordability for the global elite is a cyclical thing.”


Photo of the Week : Meeting of the Minds

15 March, 2013 posted by: CORE


Last night’s The New York Observer’s 25th Anniversary celebration at The Four Seasons Restaurant had no shortage of celebrities and other notable guests in attendance.  With names like Katie Holmes, Spike Lee, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump as guests, one could easily get lost in the crowd of New York’s most influential individuals.  This week’s “Photo of the Week” captures CORE’s very own Shaun Osher and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg having a meeting of the minds, taking a moment to chat as the event was underway.  Perhaps the two of them were discussing the real estate market in New York City or the latest episode of Selling New York!

CORE was a proud sponsor of last night’s event, along with several other real estate firms throughout the city.


Emily Beare Tours 407 E 75TH ST on CBS’ Living Large

14 March, 2013 posted by: CORE

This past Tuesday, CBS’ Living Large took viewers on a tour of Emily and Elizabeth Beare’s exclusive townhouse at 407 East 75th Street. The former carriage house features 8,475-square feet, making it the size of practically two townhouses. In addition to its grand size, the modernized home has two expansive terraces, two large kitchens, and state-of-the-art lighting, audio and security systems. Watch Emily Beare give CBS’ Emily Smith an exclusive tour of this $12.5M townhouse in the video below.

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