Photo of the Week: Nomad Nuance

02 July, 2013 posted by: CORE

241 Fifth Photo of the Week (3)

Today’s “Photo of the Week” features a glance at one of the new banners installed around Madison Square Park. Designed by the Madison Square Park Conservancy, the banner features the logo of our new development at 241 Fifth, relaying the excitement of the NoMad neighborhood’s newest project.  The  brand-new, twenty-floor boutique residence is noted for its proximity to Madison Square Park, the Flatiron District, and all of the restaurants, hotels, architecture and attractions located in the area, making NoMad the perfect place for potential residents with a taste for both the new and old.  Receiving extensive coverage in the media since it’s official launch earlier this month, 241 Fifth seamlessly blends into the NoMad landscape, providing classic architecture and modern design in this highly-coveted Manhattan neighborhood.


CORE in the News

01 July, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.

LXTV features Michael Graves' Saddle River Mansion Listing

LXTV Open House: Inside a State-of-the-Art French Manor House
105 Chestnut Ridge Road was featured on LXTV’s “Open House” last Sunday on NBC.  Listing broker Michael Graves gave viewers a video tour of his spectacular Saddle River listing,  which boasts an exquisite foyer area, over 25,000 square-feet and an unmatched indoor swimming pool.

Here’s the Apartment; Now Let’s Go Hang Gliding
The New York Times
CORE’s Michael Rubin is featured in this article, focusing on the unique ways in which real estate agents bond with their clients. Michael received a mention for his annual turkey hunting excursions with a previous client.

NoMad Lands
The New York Post
One of CORE’s newest developments, 241 Fifth, marketed by CORE’s Doron Zwickel, is featured in this article, highlighting the top five reasons why NoMad is now one of the most sought-after locations in Manhattan.  Recently launched, 241 Fifth is already 70 percent in pending and signed contracts.


Photo of the Week: 90210 Meets the Big Apple

28 June, 2013 posted by: CORE


Today’s “Photo of the Week” captures Emily Beare with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville during the filming of an upcoming episode of the hit television series.  This week, Yolanda and Brandi arrived to New York City in search of an apartment for Yolanda’s oldest daughter Gigi Hadid.  The photo offers a behind-the-scenes sneak peak into the duo’s search for the perfect Manhattan pad, including a unique Murray Hill townhouse on East 38th Street, which the group is pictured in above.


Ten: Keri Chambers on the Road to Success

27 June, 2013 posted by: Shaun Osher

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

Since joining CORE, Keri Chambers has quickly become known for her attention to detail and knack for design, both of which make her asset to the world of New York City real estate. Keri acknowledges, however, that it isn’t always easy to balance all that life has thrown at her. Here are Keri’s answers to Ten questions:

1) How did you get into the business of selling real estate?              photo

I was working for a pharmaceutical company and was building and designing a few speculative homes as a hobby. I realized very quickly that I could be selling the homes myself. So, while on maternity leave, I took real estate class online. I later quit the pharmaceutical company, started a design and real estate company and sold my own homes – which transitioned into selling other builder’s homes.

2) What has changed about the industry since you first started?

For starters, I am selling apartments instead of single family homes and estates. Also, I began my real estate career when the market was at its peak. So I have experienced the highs and unfortunate lows of the market.

3) What was your most favorite or challenging deal?

My favorite deal would have to be selling my neighbor’s condo. I showed it to one client that I thought would love it and got the exact figure the sellers wanted. They were so gracious and pleased with the painless process from start to finish that they doubled my commission.

My most challenging deal was selling my own condo. Being a single mother, it made it difficult with two kids in the house. It made me appreciate my clients even more.

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Three of a Kind: Multi-Level Marvels

26 June, 2013 posted by: CORE

It’s a New Yorker’s dream: a home big enough to invite friends and family over without having to worry about overcrowding. However, often times, the only homes big enough to accommodate homeowners, their guests and their lifestyles are highly-sought after, multi-level homes. Despite the competitive and low-inventory market, we’ve compiled our three favorite multi-level homes that New York has to offer.


Where: 15 West 20th Street, PH
Size: 3-bedrooms, 3.5-bathrooms
Asking: $7,995,000
Listed by: Adrian Noriega

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NYC Buying Tips From HGTV’S “Frontdoor.Com”

25 June, 2013 posted by: CORE

With a number of diverse neighborhoods, types of residences and contract variations to choose from, purchasing real estate in New York City can be both a unique and daunting process.  To better navigate the Manhattan real estate market, here are some key tips presented by our friends at HGTV’s that buyers should know before purchasing in The Big Apple.

Level with your co-op broker about your financial situation.

In the high-priced market of New York City, co-ops are the easiest way to break into home ownership. About 80 percent of the housing stock in Manhattan is cooperatives, and each one has different financial standards. It’s important to be up front with your broker so they know what you’re qualified to buy.

If you don’t have the cash to make a 20 to 25 percent down payment, some co-ops will allow you to use gift money, while others will not.

Also, some co-ops require that you have a certain amount of cash reserves after the purchase — sometimes equal to the purchase price. Putting all your financial information on the table can help your broker find a co-op that’s perfect for you.

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CORE in the News

24 June, 2013 posted by: CORE

A sampling of last week’s press coverage of CORE and CORE properties.
15 Central Park West 35S Panoramic View

Unveiled: The $85 Million Apartment at 15 Central Park West
New York Magazine
Emily Beare’s listing at 15 Central Park West, complete with “views that could induce a serious case of the envies,” is featured.

New York’s Newest Neighborhood – NoMad
The Huffington Post
241 Fifth, one of CORE’s newest developments, is mentioned as one of the new luxury properties in the coveted NoMad neighborhood.

How an Architect Couple Designed Their $399K Harlem Studio
The “impeccably decorated space” at 277 East 111th Street is highlighted in this design feature. CORE’s Parul Brahmbhatt and Winchester Brown have the Harlem listing.


Photo of the Week: Sunset at One Museum Mile

21 June, 2013 posted by: CORE

Photo of the Week June 20th

Today’s “Photo of the Week” features a candid shot of Maggie Kent during the filming of her upcoming agent brand reel, directed by Steven Penta. Taken by Jasmine Takanikos, CORE’s Consultant for Marketing & Branding Strategy, this photo captures a moment during Maggie’s shoot at one of CORE’s most desirable new developments, One Museum Mile. Located at 1280 Fifth Avenue, this luxurious building is best known for its spectacular Central Park exposures and its central location among the Upper West Side’s most renowned museums. Soon after surpassing 50% in building sales, One Museum Mile recently set a neighborhood record with its $3.6 million sale in April.


Agent Education: Steve Gallagher

20 June, 2013 posted by: CORE

1On Thursday, June 20th, CORE Madison Avenue’s third “Walking Tour” once again offered agents further insight into the Upper East Side’s real estate market. Since the opening of CORE’s Madison Avenue office in April, Director of Sales Reba Miller has been at the forefront on building CORE’s presence in the Upper East Side neighborhood; for Reba, the walking tours are an excellent way of both challenging agents to learn more about the area as well as one another.

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Ten: Elizabeth Kosich on Branding and the Future of CORE

19 June, 2013 posted by: Shaun Osher

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE figures. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

CORE has set the standard for the importance of holistic branding for New York City real estate brokerage firms. Elizabeth Kosich, CORE’s Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy, is an expert in ensuring brand alignment across all media platforms. Since joining CORE this past spring, Elizabeth has been an integral part of our success.

1) How long have you been working in the marketing industry? kosich headshot 1

I’ve been in brand marketing for nearly 20 years.

2) How did you get into the business?

In 1994, I started branding Silicon Valley start-ups and haven’t looked back since. It’s such fun work to build brands, especially the creative aspects of the process.

3) Why did you join CORE?

Besides being an exciting company, CORE is at a critical point in its brand development. CORE has achieved such a strong brand presence within a short period of time, which is truly remarkable. Moving forward, however, it’s important to anchor the brand with a strong foundation so that its identity is preserved and remains intact as the business grows. That excites me.

4) What is your greatest daily challenge?

Other than there not being enough hours in the day, maintaining a consistent brand identity is an ongoing challenge. CORE gets tremendous exposure across multiple marketing channels (print, web, press, Selling New York, etc.) so maintaining a holistic and coherent brand image requires a daily dose of discipline, focus and consistency.

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