CORE and Streeteasy Team Up

27 September, 2011 posted by: CORE

The push for transparency in the real estate industry has been a big reason why the listings and real estate data website StreetEasy has become such a force so quickly, racking up over 15 million pageviews per month on its way to becoming New York City’s most-searched real estate website. That same drive for transparency has always been an important part of CORE’s view of the evolving real estate marketplace (and it’s also what made CORE an early industry supporter and friend of StreetEasy), so it was only natural for the two companies to get together and collaborate on a cool new toy. It’s called CORE Control, and it’s the first listing and client management platform built in collaboration with StreetEasy.

As StreetEasy CEO Michael Smith told The Real Deal today in its story about the launch of CORE Control, “It is clear to everyone that the role of the broker is changing; it’s about service now.” CORE Control will help bring that service to new levels. Here’s how.

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Shaun Osher: Does Size Matter? Midtown Will Soon Find Out

26 September, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

core_shaunheadshotNew developments are always hot topic of conversation, and the past few days have been no different. Both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times ran stories about new residential developments in New York City, and the uniting theme is that smaller, boutique buildings — not the big guys — have a leg up right now. That’s mostly out of necessity. Like I told the New York Times, the hurdles that developers are facing include finding a development-ready site affordable enough to purchase, then financing a project’s acquisition and construction. Lenders are out there, but they are being significantly more picky about the margins they expect, and the developer who’s building the project.

But then again, this is New York City, and there will always be opportunities for projects to come along and change one of the world’s most famous skylines — and challenge pricing records. Even though there are more boutique projects being built, there are some larger projects in the pipeline.

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Video: Two Types of One-of-a-Kind

15 September, 2011 posted by: CORE

“There are things in this home which you will never see in a New York City home,” Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller says of her townhouse in the above clip from LXTV’s Open House, and she’s right: Manhattan homeowners don’t usually drop swimming pools into their living rooms. The 5,000-square-foot house at 232 West 15th Street–listed by CORE’s Maggie Kent and David Grossmann–is certainly one of the most unique properties in Chelsea (which is probably why the television cameras can’t resist it), but it’s not the only one-of-a-kind residence in the ‘hood.

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Yves Penthouse Shows Off Its Bronze

09 September, 2011 posted by: CORE


There’s only one thing to do when the perfect nickel window latches for your Bergen County mansion don’t actually exist: start an architectural hardware company and make your own. That’s precisely what technology entrepreneur Scott A. Baxter did a few years back, and Baxter brought that same dedication to detail to his Manhattan penthouse in Chelsea’s Yves building, which also happens to be home to CORE HQ. Baxter thoroughly renovated the glassy four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom penthouse, which takes up the entire 12th floor and also features a landscaped roof terrace. But forget the great outdoors, it’s the apartment’s interiors that just caught the Daily News‘ eye. Here’s some of what the paper’s Gina Pace has to say about the space: Read the rest of this entry »


5 Things You Didn’t See on This Week’s ‘Selling New York’

02 September, 2011 posted by: CORE

HGTV’s “Selling New York” follows CORE agents as they navigate the country’s most competitive—and compelling—real estate market. Here’s our behind-the-scenes look at Episode 313, which first aired on September 1, 2011. For more SNY epilogues, click here.

Shaun Osher (L) and Centaur Properties' Harlan Berger (R) keep watch over the sculpture installation.

Shaun Osher (L) and Centaur Properties' Harlan Berger (R) keep watch over the sculpture installation.

In New York City, 45 days is hardly enough notice to get a dinner reservation, but in this week’s episode of “Selling New York,” entitled “Moving Deadlines,” that’s the brief amount of time the CORE team — including agent Maggie Kent, Chief Operating Officer Brittley Jarrell and founder and CEO Shaun Osher — is given to launch a new 53-unit luxury apartment building in the downtown Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it took almost that many people to get the building, 305W16, ready for its sales launch and grand opening party. And what a party it was! After a few weeks of intense design, staging and marketing work, 305W16 kicked off with an incredible rooftop party that unveiled the building’s massive daisy sculpture to a crowd of over 600.

Keep on reading for some exclusive behind-the-scenes information about what didn’t make it into last night’s episode of “Selling New York” and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling!

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