Contracts Hit Halfway Mark at 305W16

31 August, 2011 posted by: CORE


Need further proof that the Manhattan luxury real estate market never takes a day off, not even in the summer? Then check out The Real Deal’s report on 305W16, the 53-unit Chelsea cond-op being marketed by CORE. The building launched sales with a show-stopping rooftop party in June, at the start of what is typically considered a slow season when it comes to buying and selling property. Less than three months later, over 50% of the building’s apartments are in contract, and closings have kicked off, The Real Deal notes. The building has a massive attention-grabbing sculpture on its roof, but CORE’s Shaun Osher tells TRD the project stands out in other ways as well:

While the aforementioned sculpture has certainly contributed to the building’s unique identity, Osher said Core is using the cond-op’s website to market the building in a unique way. Rather than a traditional website, this is a blog updated regularly by the Core marketing team with news on the building and the Chelsea neighborhood.

“It connects to the person who is buying in this building,” Osher said, noting that the budding technology scene nearby, including Google’s new office across the street, is bringing in young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs. “[The website] is a living, breathing conduit of information for people that are constantly on the Internet.”

Speaking of the tech-savvy, they can click here for more details on 305W16’s current availability.


Selling New York Epilogue: Five Things You Didn’t See

26 August, 2011 posted by: CORE

HGTV’s “Selling New York” follows along with CORE agents as they navigate the country’s most competitive—and compelling—real estate market. Here’s our behind-the-scenes look at Episode 311, which first aired on August 25, 2011. For more SNY epilogues, click here.


In this week’s episode, “Seeing is Believing,” SNY alum Maggie Kent partners with fellow CORE agent John Harrison to help a young client, Vanessa, navigate the intimidating Manhattan real estate market as she searches for her first apartment. After losing a competitive bidding war on what Vanessa thought would be her dream apartment, Maggie and John had to tackle the challenge of picking up the pieces and starting the apartment search all over again.

Continue reading for some exclusive behind-the-scenes information about what happened after the cameras stopped rolling and what didn’t make it into last night’s episode of “Selling New York!”

1) Initially, John began showing Vanessa apartments in the $700,000 range, but could quickly tell that she wanted more out of an apartment. Maggie called the apartment hunt not a process of elimination, but rather “a process of addition,” stating that the more apartments Vanessa saw, the more items she added to her wish list. CORE’s experts ended up showing Vanessa around 60 apartments in total. John said that the more options a client sees, the better able he is to meet their needs.

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Video: Inside Chelsea’s Pool House

24 August, 2011 posted by: CORE

You’ve heard of a swim-up bar, but what about a swim-up living room? It exists at 232 West 15th Street, an incredible 22.5-foot-wide Chelsea townhouse that boasts one of New York’s most unique amenities: An indoor swimming pool that’s eight feet deep and kitchen adjacent. CBS 2’s Emily Smith met up with CORE’s Maggie Kent and the house’s owner for a Living Large tour of the 5,000-square-foot property, which is on the market for $10.995 million—pool boy not included. Check out the video above for a look inside this amazing home.


Shaun Osher: The ‘Sprinkling of Higher Prices’ Explained

23 August, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

core_shaunheadshotOne positive thing the P.L.C.B.B. (Pre-Lehman Collapse Building Boom) gave us was a superior stock of well-conceived shiny new condos. Is it any wonder why these new condos are now selling for a premium, even now? A lengthy New York Times article this past Sunday explored this phenomenon, and I’d like to elaborate on my comments in the story – that product in new developments fares best even when the markets are in decline.

If you think about it, the way in which we live our lives today has changed about as dramatically as the way we communicate. (Remember the beeper and pay phone?) Buildings today are designed differently – because we live differently. To most, the layout of the un-renovated classic six on Park Avenue is not as desirable as the new loft apartment on lower Fifth Avenue. Does anyone (with a budget) in Manhattan still use a formal dining room? Certainly not as much as a playroom, home office, guest room or open kitchen.

And now that these newer buildings have amenities to match our lifestyles, their appeal is that much greater. The interesting observation to me of real estate relative to history is how it reflects our current culture. And it is changing more now than ever before. Our pipeline of new developments we will be bringing to the market in the next wave of housing reflects this. Not only as a representation of our lifestyle, but an evolution of our culture.

Shaun Osher is the founder and CEO of CORE.


Selling New York Epilogue: Five Things You Didn’t See

19 August, 2011 posted by: CORE


Top CORE agent, Tom Postilio, is at it again in this week’s episode of Selling New York – this time with an “easy bake oven” dilemma on his hands. The apartment hunters were returning clients of Tom’s, so the pressure was on for him to work his magic and find them a home with both a kitchen fit for a top chef as well as one with suitable outdoor space. Continue reading for some exclusive information on what happened after the cameras stopped rolling and what didn’t make it into this episode!

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Step Inside the Steampunk Apartment

16 August, 2011 posted by: CORE

Photos by Ian Reid for CORE.

Photos by Ian Reid for CORE.

If you build it, they will come. And in the case of the loft at 120 West 29th Street, “they” means the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, The Real Deal, Curbed, Steampunk aficionado Dr. Grymm and a decked-out group of his faithful devotees. Following last week’s launch party, one of NYC’s most unique apartments is now one of NYC’s most famous apartments. And since the event was being filmed for HGTV’s Selling New York, this retro-futuristic fantasy pad (yep, the color-changing zeppelin is included in the $1.75 million price) may soon be sweeping the nation.

See CORE’s Shaun Osher, Parul Brahmbhatt and a host of well-dressed characters plucked straight from a sci-fi flick in the photos below, and check out CORE’s Facebook page for more.

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Ten: Emily Beare on Mentors, Career Changes and Drive-In Movies with Ringo

09 August, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Welcome to Ten, CORE founder and CEO Shaun Osher’s rapid-fire interview series with prominent CORE agents. Read on to find out how this week’s subject deals with being on the hot seat.

coretalks_072611_beareI met Emily Beare five years ago when she joined CORE to work on our project at 520 West 19th Street, a high-profile West Chelsea condominium designed by Annabelle Selldorf and located steps from the High Line. She sold that project out in record time, and has built a business and reputation that is one of the best in the industry. Now she’s a busy Managing Director at CORE, but she still found the time to chat with me about her career.

1) What did you do before going into real estate?
Believe it or not, real estate is actually my fourth career! After studying art history and photography in college, I worked for several years at a museum and with photographers, before a total departure to work on the Commodities Exchange trading gold. After I got married, my husband started his own watch business. He handled the creative, while I ran the business end for 15 years.

2) Why did you go into real estate?
I was at a point in my life where I wanted to do something different and my daughter, Elizabeth, suggested I get my real estate license. I always had a passion for real estate and I was already involved with sales and marketing so it seemed to make sense. My friends and family all encouraged me…telling me I would be great at it since I loved working with people.

3) Who is your mentor?
In my personal life, I would say my mother and my grandmother. They were not only very strong career women, but also amazing mothers who knew how to do it all at a time when not many women were in the work force. In business I would have to say it is you, Shaun. You have been an inspiration in your knowledge, creativity and your focus and of course, your endless support.

4) What is your greatest daily challenge?
Trying to sleep past 5:00 AM. Read the rest of this entry »


See the Retro-Futuristic Fantasy Apartment

04 August, 2011 posted by: CORE


Even in seen-it-all New York, submarine doors, antique pulleys and large Technicolor zeppelins are not what we would call standard apartment décor, which is why the one new CORE listing sure to catch everyone’s eye is the second-floor apartment at 120 West 29th Street. And we’re showing it off!

This unique Chelsea 2-bed/2-bath co-op listed by Parul Brahmbhatt is such an attention-grabber that the New York Post and Curbed NY discovered it mere moments after it launched on the CORE website. Curbed loved the “neon steampunk aesthetic,” and for those scratching their heads, “steampunk” refers to the blending of 19th century Victorian style with modern gadgetry and science-fiction elements. Steampunk has spawned an entire sub-genre of fashion and art, and what better venue to showcase some of those creations than 120 West 29th Street? Dr. Grymm has already RSVP’d, but please note, there is limited dirigible parking available on West 29th Street.



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