Dollars and Sense

28 June, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

The average buyer has about ten items on their wish list when they look for an apartment:

Bedroom count
Bathroom count
Architectural details (or style)
And…..the X factor

Nothing in life is “perfect”, and this remains true for apartments. There is always a trade-off.

While most buyers and brokers focus on number one on the list as the starting point, it is usually number ten that seals the deal. Buying a home is largely an irrational act, and driven by an emotional connection to the property. So, to make the search easier, perhaps you should focus more on how you feel about the home and less about how it conforms to the other list of requirements.


CORE Talks Interview: Rob Buchholz

21 June, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

CORE is proud to present an interview with Rob Buchholz, the artist of the incredible Daisy Sculpture that lives on top of our new development project, 305W16. Please check out the 305W16 blog ( for up-to-the-minute postings from CORE agents and happenings in and around Chelsea.


Spring Open House Video

14 June, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

A home is where we live…and much of how we decide on the purchase of a home is defined by how we envision our lives in that space.

The “CORE Open House Events” are a presentation of ideas and options that connect us to our neighborhood and the people who make up our community. It is a curated showcase of people, products and services that inspire us from the community and the homes we live in.


The Status Quo…

14 June, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

I never understood the purpose of doing…
Just for the sake of doing.
Why bother?
If you’re going to undertake a project, make it matter.
And make it as remarkable as you can.

If you’re going to take a photo….make it crisp!
If you’re going to launch a site….make sure it works!
If you’re going to sell a property….know the home!

Nobody wants ordinary. 
There’s an abundance of that. 
The line that separates ordinary from extraordinary is small, but the impact is large…..and the return for the small investment of time, effort, and creativity to get from one to the other is priceless.

When we push ourselves beyond this line…
We grow… 
We innovate…
We evolve…


Ten: Christian Rogers

09 June, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Christian Rogers TEN
They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but Christian Rogers is the exception to this rule. He is the most impeccably dressed man I know, and always presents himself with a style that brings a breath of fresh air to any situation.

Shaun: What did you do before going into real estate?

Christian: Define “before”! I was an architect’s apprentice, a graphic designer’s apprentice, a graphic designer, an Art Director, a waiter, a photo-illustrator, a waiter, a percussionist, Read the rest of this entry »


The Black Sheep

06 June, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Doing whats “expected” is a visceral reaction….
because it is nonsensical to follow the leader and expect to be a front runner. 

Company “A” comes out with a new product, and everyone follows.
Company “B” builds an app, and the race is on.
Company “C” advertises in a publication, and their competitor buys the back page.

Yes, there are certainly unavoidable industry advances that people need to pay attention to, (like a multiple listing service!!), but jumping off the bridge because the person in front of you does, is not a formula for success.  

It isn’t easy to separate yourself from the pack….
but it’s necessary in order to create a true identity.



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