More or Less….

30 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Dylan Thomas

….but, less is more! (more or less).

The more this technolution evolves, and information becomes readily available,
The less we seem to understand about our lineage and the things that differentiate and connect us.

T.S. Elliot to Thomas…. Thomas to Stravinsky…. Stravinsky to Bird.
(Now that’s creative social networking with major universal influence where the confluence is identifiable).

140 characters on Twitter have changed the opportunity of today’s Dylan Thomas.

“A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him”. – Dylan Thomas.

Where do we go next……?


Ten: Ryan Fitzpatrick

26 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Ryan Fitz TEN

I have know Ryan for 3 years. He is reliable, personable and a pure joy to have as a part of my company.

Shaun: What did you do before going into real estate?

Ryan: I analyzed debt issued for affordable housing at Standard & Poor’s, where I focused on military housing deals. I traveled the country to all sorts of out of the way places visiting military bases I’d never heard of, it was fascinating – I call it the parallel universe! I began my career in the South Bronx working for a community development corporation that developed and managed affordable housing and related work in human services and economic development.

Shaun: Why did you go into real estate?

Ryan: In a real sense, I already worked in real estate in various capacities, though my focus has shifted from affordable to unaffordable housing! I have a strong family background in real estate Read the rest of this entry »



26 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

It is more difficult to build something substantive
Than it is to destroy it.

Toxic behavior by one person can easily spread.
A destructive action can start a house of cards.
An ideavirus is contagious…..good ones and bad ones.

But……if a culture is strong enough, a company will build an immunity to this toxic person, thing, idea or virus.
It will be flushed out and eliminated by the strength of its foundation.
Toxins appear when you least expect them in places we sometimes overlook.
The key to eliminating them and staying healthy is to identify them as quickly as possible, and to take the action needed!


Get Unstuck

23 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Don't get stuck in the mud

Don't get stuck in the mud

There is a point in every deal that sticks
And as an agent…..
The key is to get it unstuck
As quickly as possible
Because time kills all deals


Murketing vs Marketing

20 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

MURKETING is the integration and alliance of brands that strategically co-identify.
An association that harnesses their combined strength.
It can’t be bought. It is earned.
It is the current currency.

Paul Smith and Rapha
Amazon and Kindle
Audi and Bose
American Express and LHW

MARKETING is a course you study in college.
It is what most sales companies “practice” and how most advertising agencies make money.

The $100k Print Ad
Television Commercials
Catalogue Mailings

Both have their place

Murketing takes insight and strategy.
Marketing takes money.


Ten: Michael Graves

19 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Michael Graves TEN

Michael Graves is a gentleman…..first and foremost. Beyond that, he is one of the most ambitious and hard working men I have met. He has a thirst for information and his future in the industry is bright.

Shaun: What did you do before going into real estate?

Michael: Well, this could be a convoluted answer! In the months before joining CORE, I tirelessly sought a career in music and completed Masters Degrees at NYU in the subjects of Music Theory and Scoring for Film and Multimedia. I was successful but it was not a career path that could support a family and we had just been blessed with our beautiful twin boys, Roma and Leo. Prior to my aspirations as a composer, I worked in nearly every aspect of the hospitality industry and as an undergraduate studied classical guitar performance.

Shaun: Why did you go into real estate?

Michael: I’m not sure if I got into real estate or if real estate got into me? I fell in love with New York City as a child first visiting the Big Apple as a seven year old. I am totally drawn by the art, music, culture and architecture Read the rest of this entry »



18 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher


….is necessary for growth

And is often painful.

It means you have to step out on a ledge
And have a belief in the future
With a keen understanding of the past.

Google, Amazon, Zappos, Virgin, Apple, Starbucks, Nike, ALL understand this.

Real estate brokerage is no longer about opening a door and showing a living room.
(It hasn’t been that way for years).
It is about marketing, selling, conversing, curating, educating, and creating…..


Technorati….. in Black and White

11 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher


One quick search on Technorati will show you that the most popular sites on the web are those that deliver something very specific to the reader (or consumer).
None of them are many things to many people.
They are focussed on one expertise.

Social Media Examiner shows how to maximize traffic to your blog.
(I’m going to start following this one).
Mashable provides information and reviews about websites and news.
(A blog about other blogs).
The Huffington Post is simply all the news.
(All the time).
And the list goes on……..

Most successful companies can describe their services in a sentence (or less).
Apple sells iPhones, iPads, and computers.
Starbucks sells coffee, and a few pastries.
Google is a search engine.
Victoria’s Secret sells ladies lingerie.
And the list goes on…….

Consumers want to deal with an expert.
Not a Jack-of-all-trades.


“Hello Detail, Here’s My Attention!”

09 May, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

dot the i

dot the i

There’s a reason why not everyone is doing this – successfully.
It isn’t easy!
It takes dedication.
And it takes attention to detail.
Every detail – not just a few.
Because the one detail you miss will be the detail that exposes your weakness.
Especially if it’s your “claim to fame”.

Seth Godin says that “All Marketers Are Liars”
I (unfortunately) respectfully agree with him….

“Service is our top priority” – (the voice mail picks up the phone).
“We market luxury property” – (the photography is taken with a cell phone camera).
“Our website is the industries best” – (it takes forever to load).
“We believe in transparency” – (but keep some things to ourselves).
“We are global” – (we have never left town).

Credibility is earned over time with consistent attention to detail.
It is easily lost with a broken promise.


Heartbreak into Help….

04 May, 2011 posted by: Brittley Jarrell

Photo by my cousin David Strahan in Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

Photo by my cousin David Strahan in Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

I’m Brittley Jarrell, Chief Strategy Officer at CORE.  It’s a very fancy title that just means that I steer the ship amidst all the ideas, creativity and chaos here at CORE.  I love what I do and the people with whom I work.  I love it so much that I left my beautiful home state of Alabama to come back to New York to be here.

That is why I have rarely been more heartbroken then to see the place I love completely destroyed by the tornadoes last week.  And while all of my family and friends survived, many had their homes and businesses damaged and have been left without electricity, food, water and other basic necessities.

Alabama, for all of its trials and tribulations, is a remarkable place.  It doesn’t have skyscrapers or zillion dollar penthouses.  But it does have indescribable natural beauty, the most glorious skies you will ever see and a heart and pride that shakes the earth any given Saturday during football season when two of the biggest cities in the state are merely football stadiums in two sleepy college towns.  It’s a place where people will feed their neighbor before feeding themselves.  Where family, friends and faith means more than money or status.  And on that alone it will survive and rebuild.  

But right now it has nothing.  Over 250 people have died.  Entire cities have been eliminated.  People have lost absolutely everything they own.  And what is needed most right now are the basics – water, food and shelter.  By texting “REDCROSS” to 90999, you can donate $10 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help with this.  

They deal with hundreds of tornadoes a year, but nothing like this.  This is truly catastrophic in every sense of the word.

So this is easy.  One text message.  $10 dollars.  Turn heartbreak into help.

Thank you and to those at home – Roll Tide!

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