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31 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

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150 Charles Street  – West Village Waterfront THE WHITEHALL BUILDING

DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion (not fact) on sites and sounds across the city!

One of the last great downtown loft buildings is being demolished and is being readied for new luxury condos.
Steve Witkoff  has owned this parcel for years.
The faltering economy (better known as “The Collapse of Lehman”) put a halt to this project in 2007.

Now it seems as if the demolition is back in full force (and soon the construction will be in full force).
Cook + Fox Architects has designed a building which should (by my estimate) house approximately 100 units and be approximately 15 stories high.

Expect this to be GREEN.
Expect this to be expensive.
And if they design, build, brand, market and sell it correctly…
Expect it to be a huge success!


Nobody Owns You!

29 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

(And vice versa)


“Impatience is the mark of independence, not of bondage”. -Marianne Moore. (One of the great modernist American poets).

I am very impatient.
And I am also very independent.
I know that it is only worthwhile working with and for people Who have the same devotion to the pursuit of a commonality And not the act of bondage by one over the other.

It is a client’s decision to work with an agent – or not to…
It is an agent’s decision to work with a client – or not to…

The intrinsic value of an agreement is worth the intent behind it – And the mutual understanding and desire of both parties.
Sure, our legal system can set up checks and balances to obligate one person to another.

But really…
What’s the use if the desire is absent?


Ten: A Series with Shaun Osher

25 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

Tom & Shaun sharing a musical moment on stage at Feinstein's at the Regency, November, 2010.

Tom & Shaun sharing a musical moment on stage at Feinstein's at the Regency, November, 2010.

My first installment of a new series of TEN questions I’ll ask to people I am connected with.

I have known and worked with Tom Postilio for over 8 years. He is not only a dear friend, but one of CORE’s top agents. He is one of the most charismatic people I know and a consummate professional who is well-respected by everyone who knows him. You would be hard fetched to find anyone say a bad word about him.

1. SHAUN: What did you do before going into real estate?
TOM: I made a living as a singer of The Great American Songbook. I’m still known to “doobie-doobie-do” from time to time. (I’ll be returning to the nightclub stage in NYC on May 17th for a week at Feinstein’s at the Regency.)
2.SHAUN: Why did you go into real estate?
TOM: Just like on WKRP in Cincinnati, “I got kind of tired of packin’ and unpackin’.” A function of my life as a singer was constant travel and I wanted a career that would afford me the stability to live in NYC full-time
3.SHAUN: Who is your mentor?
TOM: In music speak, it would be Frank Sinatra, of course. In real estate speak, it’s Shaun Osher. (Wipe away that tear, Shaun. You learned me good!)
4.SHAUN: What is your greatest daily challenge?
TOM: Sensible shoes. There’s nothing easy about the streets of New York.
5.SHAUN: What is the one value you admire most in a person?
TOM: Honesty. (Though a sense of humor goes a long way in business, as in life.)
6.SHAUN: Name one place you find inspiration?
TOM: Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.
7.SHAUN: What is your favorite book, artist or movie? Name just one.
TOM: The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.
8.SHAUN: What makes you choose that movie as a favorite?
TOM: I am constantly fascinated by the way that each and every one of our individual lives impact those we come in contact with, as well as the world we live in.
9.SHAUN: How would you like to be remembered?
TOM: As someone who left the world a slightly better place than he found it.
10.SHAUN: Do you have a question for me?
TOM: What is your favorite Frank Sinatra recording and why? You have five seconds to answer…
SHAUN: (4 seconds later)…Frank Sinatra live at The Sands in Las Vegas with The Count Basie Orchestra. It is a true reflection of Frank’s ability to connect to and communicate with his audience through his music.


CORE Talks Interview: Architecture, Design and Innovation with Joseph Dirand

24 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

I’m pleased to share my next CORE Talks Interview with award-winning architect, Joseph Dirand. Join me as I sit with Dirand in the masterpiece he created at 812 5th Avenue. Rooted in a rich, diverse and sophisticated French design culture, Dirand discusses how he develops an innovative expression for each of his projects inspired by location and context, as well as his own unique cultural roots. In this episode, you’ll also see us converse about Dirand’s beginnings in architecture, his collaborations with Balmain and Lanvin and his obsession with black and white.



21 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher


I will die trying…
And I think that’s the point!

Because this “whole thing” is a process.

I admire and respect the lifetime achievers.
Those who practice the art-of-the-pursuit.
Their existence is about the process and not about the end game.
They are ever-present
And constantly in pursuit of an endless task.
To hone an art, skill, relationship or craft.

When they finally find that buyer their home, they don’t remember the closing -
They remember the search.
And what they learn from that process, they take with them.

When they sell an exclusive listing, they don’t remember the final showing.
They remember the pitch and the creative process in servicing their client.
And what they learn from that process, they take with them.

When I sell out a building development, I don’t remember the last sale.
I remember the design development, the branding strategy and the marketing.
And every project deepens the understanding that I take with me.

When I hire someone, I don’t think about the interview.
I think about the brainstorming, the commonality and the values that person has.
And what I have learned and will continue to learn from them…


Let’s Get Engaged…

18 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher




How many people do you meet in a day?
I meet at least 15 new faces.
How many emails do you send in a day?
I average about 75, at minimum.
How many calls do you get a day?
I average about 30.

Now what?

I have to make a determination and a decision, to filter these connections based on a few factors.
(Because there is no way that I can effectively engage with everyone on a successful level).
I can respond, but not fully engage.
And in order to make a difference -
You have to be engaged.

Who we decide to work with will ultimately define our success.

So, an important skill to hone would be the one of determining who to pursue a relationship with…

And who not to!



16 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher

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Is powerful
And gives us confidence to make decisions.

Is debilitating
And clouds our instinct.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink he discusses our cognitive ability to immediately know the truth to its core.
I agree that we possess this innate ability.
We just need to be in touch with it and accept it.
We question our subconscious, when we should really listen to it.

When we interact, negotiate, represent and engage with others, (on every level) being certain about their intent is vital. 
And making sure they understand ours is even more critical.

Socially – we become connected.
Emotionally – we become empathetic.
Professionally – we become respected.

This instinct is at the heart of being honest!
And being honest is key to having people know you, trust you and believe in you.

It pays to “let go” and follow our instinct!


Why Isn’t it Selling?

14 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher


Why Isn't It Selling


My 5 top reasons (even though I dislike “top” lists), with commentary:

1. It is way too overpriced!
This is usually the number one reason.
How does it compare to the other listings that just went into contract?
If something is slightly overpriced, you should still get offers. If it is way overpriced, it will be dead quiet.

2. It needs to be staged!
Get rid of the clutter and hire a stager.
Paint it. Furnish it. Eliminate anything that detracts or distracts.
The furnishings should add to the experience.
Get your home ready for showtime so a buyer can fall in love.

3. It isn’t being shown!
Is your agent bringing in the right traffic?
How many brokers have seen your home?
How many clients have seen your home?
Make sure you hold open houses for both the general public and the brokerage community.
If people don’t see it, they cant talk about it and buy it.

4. You have Uncle Fester as your agent!
Your agent is your face to the community.
This person needs to roll out the red carpet.
They need to know and love your home – more than you do.
This person is your your means of communication.
Make sure they can connect to you and your buyers.

5. It isn’t being marketed properly!
Placing a listing in a database and waiting for the phone to ring is not marketing.
Has it been photographed – beautifully?
Has it been written about – thoughtfully?
Has it been publicized – conscientiously?
Has it been distributed – socially and virally?


Who’s Got Your Back?

11 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher


An open letter to my staff and agents:

The key to building and effectively running a successful business is making sure you have the right people.

Nothing is more paramount.

Not all people are created equal in the eyes of a business, because people (just like companies) have different goals and values.

My staff and agents ARE our brand.

We have common interests.
We share our ideas.
We embrace our culture of transparency.
We innovate.
We understand that our business has evolved.
We respect integrity.
We work for the client. Tirelessly.

The power of a brand is more adversely affected by a lack of one these things than it is strengthened by the presence of some of them.
Knowing that someone is there in your corner, representing a common interest and vision is powerful.

Thank you for having my back!



04 March, 2011 posted by: Shaun Osher


You only get ONE opportunity to make a first impression.

So, make one that lasts!
If you don’t, you will easily be forgotten -
And someone else will be remembered.

Without a lasting impression,
you are a face,
a name without significance,
or a distant memory.

Ask yourself…
How do you want to be remembered when you leave the room?
If you think of people who are remarkable,
It is usually for ONE thing.

So find yours.
Embrace it.
Show it off.
Sell it.

And that will lead to success…

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