You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City

27 September, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


In the world of NYC real estate stakes are high and deals move at lightning speed. Can you imagine if there was the ability to measure the intensity of your transactions and how they impact NYC on a collective level?  Pratt is exploring this concept in a new exhibition titled, “You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City”.  The exhibition features a selection of contemporary artists that map the emotional terrain of the world’s most famous and influential urban center, exploring the affect of the city’s powerful moods on those who live and work there. The exhibit runs September 24 – November 6, 2010 at Pratt Manhattan Gallery.

144 West 14th Street, 2nd Floor
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.Public Reception: 6–8 p.m.
For more information, please call 212-647-778 or email


Sperone Westwater Gallery

24 September, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


Architecture firm Foster + Partners has opened up an art gallery in New York this week at 257 Bowery. The gallery features a moving exhibition space that connects the floors of the gallery. Using the gallery, viewers are able to move to other floors to extend the spaces. The red glass façade of the gallery was created to drown out street noise and control the temperature and light. The exhibition is a first for Foster + Partners, but considering the innovative and creative nature of the exhibition, it might not be their last. Check it out here.


Re:Form School

23 September, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos

Screen shot 2010-09-23 at 4.43.35 PM

After its closing this past June, there are new temporary plans for Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral School located on 233 Mott street in SoHo. As the Transfiguration School grew too large for the building, it was vacated at the end of the school year with no plans for permanent future residents. Today we toured the building and got some insight about an event that will be housed in this space, the oldest school building in New York, from October 9th through the 11th. Redu Projects will be hosting a new event, “Re:Form School”, in which hundreds of artists from around the nation will gather to celebrate and raise awareness about the role and diversity of arts in the public school system. The program is a high profile group art exhibition, event series and public awareness campaign all rolled into one, featuring the likes of artists such as Shepard Fairey, Scott Campbell and Chris Johanson.


Merging Art and Architecture

21 September, 2010 posted by: CORE


We love interior design! Judith Selkowitz, President of Art Advisory Services does too. In the article, “Merging Art and Architecture: a Collaborative Process”, Selkowitz shares her thoughts on the influence of art and design in the home through interior design. She discusses the importance of the relationship between the architect, designer, consultant and client in the effort to provide the most aesthetically pleasing home décor here.


CORE in the News

16 September, 2010 posted by: CORE


Wall Street Journal (September 15, 2010)

Kirk Rundhaug’s 50 Gramercy Park North listing was named “House of the Day”.

Emily Beare

New York Post (September 15, 2010)

Emily Beare was quoted in an article about how only 41% of open house attendees are serious buyers.


LentSpace: The Sustainable, Transportable Environment

15 September, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


With the weather in transition from summer to fall, daylight is fading fast and New Yorkers are in search of great outdoor spaces to relax and watch the leaves change. LentSpace, a temporary outdoor urban park is designed to do just that. The space, located in Tribeca, is a vision of sustainable design which is slated to thrive until the lease is up and future development for the space begins. The park is comprised of trees that will be incubated until they can be permanently planted in the area once it’s developed. LentSpace would not be possible without the support of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) and their partners, who value the environment and plans for a sustainable urban culture and strive to create welcoming outdoor environments for city-dwellers and visitors alike. Those interested in visiting the temporary park can enjoy it at Hudson Square in Lower Manhattan between Canal, Varick and Grand Streets at 6th Avenue.


Live Blog with One of CORE’s “Selling New York” Stars!

14 September, 2010 posted by: CORE

Sherry, Maggie Greets Tom, Action

HGTV Canada recently interviewed our very own rock star agent, Maggie Kent, about the ins and outs of what it’s really like to be a heavy-hitting New York City real estate agent. You can check out Maggie’s take on the New York City real estate industry here.

Be sure to log onto to catch Maggie blogging live during Selling New York Wednesday, September 15th at 9 PM ET. This week’s episode, “Time is Money”, highlights Maggie’s rationality, a reason for her success as an agent. Grab the opportunity to chat with CORE’s resident Canadian about life, the show and real estate in the big city. Maggie is poised and excited to speak with you, so get your questions ready!


Just do it

14 September, 2010 posted by: Shaun Osher

Just Do It

“What you are will show in what you do” – Thomas A. Edison

More than a century after Edison’s quote, Nike came up with their brilliant 1988 campaign turning them from a mere contender in the athletic industry to a leader, increasing their share of the domestic sport-shoe business from 18 percent to 43 percent. Their message – “Just do it” – clearly struck a chord with consumers.

The simplest advice I can give to anyone, especially a person in a commission-based business like ours, is to stop thinking about all the wonderful, magical things you are going to do, and to get off your ass and do them!

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the insurmountable mountain of brilliance in your brain. Do these things one at a time and you’ll soon find out that when you accomplish one task, many other accomplishments will follow. Success is like a virus: extremely contagious.

Our profession, more so than many others, takes commitment, discipline and self-motivation. Agents generally don’t have anyone continually micro-managing them. The bill collector doesn’t sit next to you during business hours and I’m guessing that neither does the owner of your company nor your sales manager. You may have a mentor, but no matter how motivating that mentor is, it is ultimately up to you to hit the ground running.

I have personally sought advice from many industry leaders (and continually do so). Most of them have been incredibly gracious with it and this advice has planted seeds in my brain that were never there. Those seeds had to germinate and work their way into my DNA to ultimately spark something in me to act. If you should only see the smorgasbord of eclectic garden-variety ideas growing in there now! ;-)

I don’t know physcologically what drives us to ultimately get off our asses and “do it”, (and I’m not going back to school anytime soon to study the psychology of fear, desire and ambition or the relative affect chemicals have on the brain to that make our bodies go into action). What I can tell you is that when you do “it”…….. “it” feels GREAT!

So, here is my simple advice:

1. Don’t feel overwhelmed.

2. Pick ONE of your magical ideas that you know will grow your business.

3. Write it on a big piece of paper on your desk, then tape it somewhere you’ll always see it.

4. Get to work on that ONE task and nothing else.

5. Don’t be paralyzed by the fear of the unknown outcome.

6. Get off your ass and do it!

7. When you’re done – pat yourself on the back, and go back to number 1.

If you don’t do this, then none of the magical ideas you will need to build your business will ever materialize.

Don’t be “one of the many” people in our industry who are quick to criticize “the people who do it”. It is clearly much easier to sit on the couch and Monday morning quarterback then to ACT. Any schmuck can do that. And my words to those people are “if you think it’s so easy – go ahead and show me how to do it. If you do it better than me, thanks for the lesson”.

Take a look in the mirror (preferably after a cup of coffee and shower) and be honest with yourself. You will find that the people in this business who you admire and respect are all committed to their businesses and have discipline and self-motivation. And they “just do it”.

It’s interesting that Thomas A. Edison didn’t say,
“What you are will show in HOW you do it”.


The Beauty in Everything – See You at Fashion’s Night Out!

10 September, 2010 posted by: CORE


Fashion’s Night Out is back – so many events, so many clothes, so little time to do it all! The transition from a fashion/beauty publicist to a luxury real estate publicist was an easy one for me. My artistic background gives me an appreciation for all things beautiful – whether it’s the color and ruching of a gorgeous garment, or the perfect juxtaposition of historic pre-war crown molding against a modern, zebrawood kitchen.

Since I’m in the Real Estate business, I can’t help but be excited about tonight’s events to not only check out the fashion, but also to scope out more of New York’s most spectacular locations. Call me crazy, but clothes are only as good the décor and layout of their store, fashion shows are only as grand as their runway and the after parties are only as fun as the space hosting them.

One of the best parts of my job is being able to visit the most dramatic and stunning residential properties in New York City. I refer to it as “window shopping” – just as a gal window shops at Saks, Prada and Bendel, she can daydream about glorious homes, right? So tonight, I will slip on my strappiest pair of cage heels and hit the town that I love. So come join me and spoil your senses – whether it’s out and about at Fashion’s Night Out, tuned into Selling New York, or just perusing

I don’t know about you, but I’m a glutton for punishment.


New York Fashion Week

10 September, 2010 posted by: CORE

nyt logo

From September 9th through September 16th, the well-heeled will be out on the town for New York Fashion Week!

I call this press “fashionably on time”! Today, the New York Times composed a feature article in their “Big Deals” section highlighting CORE agent, Christian Rogers’, recent sale to Rita Magli of the Bruno Magli footwear brand . Magli purchased her new home at The Cammeyer, a historic building that once housed the world’s largest shoe store, A.J. Cammeyer and Company in the famous Ladies’ Mile District! How “fitting”. You can read more here.

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