2nd Avenue Subway Line

31 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


In light of Shaun’s latest navigational post, we thought it would be interesting to have an update on the progress of the 2nd Avenue Subway Line expected to be completed in 2016. The line will be the culmination of 75 years of planning, over $17 billion in spending, and millions of tons of extracted earth.

There is a fascinating story uncovering the social and political events that halted and later jumpstarted the construction of the line, and an even more interesting projection as to what the creation of this line will mean for the relationship between Manhattan and Harlem. Wired Science goes down below to the construction site for an up close look.


The Cyclists View of the City by Shaun Osher

31 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos

 Evening commuters on Brooklyn Bridge photo by AFP

The Real Estate Business in NYC is about consistently navigating the ever evolving landscape. The city streets tell this story well. Often the best way to see a city is by walking it. If it’s a larger city like NYC, seeing it on the saddle of a bike is the best way to go. New York is considered the eighth most bike friendly city in the US and has over 200 miles of bike lanes (thanks Mr. Mayor)!

Even though May is bike month in New York City, my favorite ride is coming up. September 12th is the New York Century. America’s only fully urban century ride. You can choose your distance and select from 100, 75, 55, 35, or 15-mile routes. I rode it last year with a few friends, and having lived here for more than 20 years, this experience was one of my most memorable. (I especially enjoyed wolfing down pizza from Rao’s in Harlem after clocking 100 miles)! In contrast to this ride, this past Sunday I rode the Northfork Century, (where we the cuisine on the ride consisted of home baked pies, and fresh grown local produce). It was a refreshing reminder of how spectacular and diverse this part of the world is – especially at this time of year. So – if you get the chance, dust off that old bike, put some air in the tires, and remember to wear a helmet.


The Persuasive Pamphlets of Another Time

30 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


Currently on display at the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library of Columbia University is an interesting collection of real estate brochures that reference how different developers approached sales and listings with in a 50 year span. This collection contains listings from the 1920’s to the 1970’s and currently includes 2,518 buildings in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

This unique literature of apartment building listing and advertising is chronicled among pages of brochures, photos, and copy. CORE Real estate understands the influence and impact that advertising has within the world of real estate. Incorporating the lifestyle possibilities a property may have into a sale is a fundamental resource to a sale and this collection at the Avery Library is a beautiful display of the growth and use of local real estate listings.


James Corner + The Highline

27 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos

Monacle recently interviewed James Corner, the prominent Landscape Architect who created the Highline. He makes some very interesting points regarding the skill of a landscape architect, they are commonly thought of as gardeners, when in fact the job requires engineering skills, and an education in city planning.

Green, public outdoor space creates a healthy city environment- the balance of green is essential to neighborhood growth. Just look at how the Highline enlivened the entire meatpacking district. Check out his interview


CORE Industry News

26 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


Temperatures may be cooling down, but rental activity levels in Manhattan continue to heat up. The Wall Street Journal covers the price increase up 4.6% from last year.


New York Now

26 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos

Join one of our star teams John Gomes and Fredrik Eklund as they take you through the first installment of their very entertaining and exciting newsletter series, “New York Now”. The duo discusses the beauty and dynamism of some of their super hot- NYC featured listings. There is a really organic professionalism and spark to the team; they keep you in the know with glimpses into the ultimate NYC lifestyle. We look forward to seeing monthly updates from the pair!


New York City Skyline Gains New Addition- 15 Penn Plaza

26 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos

A rendering of the proposed building next to the Empire State Building

A new 67 story skyscraper has won the approval of the New York authorities despite efforts from the Empire State Building.  The new building is subject to be built as 15 Penn Plaza and will stand almost as tall as the Empire State Building, only a few blocks away.  15 Penn Plaza will be the newest addition to the City’s infamous skyline, standing 1,190ft-tall.


Art is the Breath of the Home

23 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


I spent the weekend in LA with my dear friend Colin Dusenbury– Partner at Magni Design, a luxury residential interior design firm based in LA. We tend to talk a lot about space, innovation, design, and lifestyle- as we both live our work so closely.

On Friday Colin attended a dinner to welcome the new curator of the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, Franklin Sirmans- alongside his client Jillian Michaels.  Michael’s recently bought a piece by the legendary contemporary artist Ed Ruscha- also in attendance Friday. This got us talking about the idea of, “life” in the home. Does art bring all the elements of design together? But the even bigger question is- does it actually bring the interior to life? Art is energy-and has the power to hold a space like no other. It demands your attention, speaks volumes about your you/your host, and reminds you of the moments it represents. Art is the breath of the home.

Next time you are in LA- check out LACMA, as the new curator Sirman’s will be focusing on work created in the last four decades.  To get your contemporary art fix in Manhattan head to The New Museum.


Marina Bay Sands

20 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


The Marina Bay Sands hotel is located in Singapore and it currently holds the title of the most expensive hotel built till this day, as its investment by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation reaches $5 billion. Comprised of 2,560-rooms and three 55-story towers, one of its most beautifully executed design features of this hotel is its 150 meter infinity pool which lines the top of the three towers. Unbelievable!


The Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular at The Standard Hotel

19 August, 2010 posted by: Jasmine Takanikos


Last night in NYC, Target staged an innovative fashion event called The Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular at the Standard Hotel.  Each of the 155 rooms of the hotel had LED lights installed, and over 60 dancers performed in the windows in time to broadcasted music.  The creative team that brought this performance together is Mother New York, the same team that brought us the Target Harlem package.

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